Silly Cooper

Where I’ve been having a mid-morning walk with daddy I’ve made loads of new friends recently, and one of them is Cooper. He’s a 5 month old boxer-mastiff cross. He’s all legs and likes to play loads.

2013-12-26 11.15.48

me and Cooper playing chase

Anyway, Sebastian, Cooper and I were walking past the duck pond the other day and I decided to take a dip. I was taking advantage of being with daddy as mummy NEVER lets me go in.

Anyway, Cooper decided to follow me in, but he couldn’t get out again – eeek! It is pretty deep in places, I may have had a similar issue once or twice before;-)

Anyway, they had to coax him to the side of the pond and then Daddy ended up having to lie on the muddy ground and pull him out by his collar. Lol Daddy was NOT impressed! I don’t think Cooper will be doing that again. I don’t think it will stop me though:-)

A walk in the rain

Today mummy and daddy were impressed with me, as for once I remembered it was Sunday. Although they always give me my breakfast at normal time, they usually head straight back to bed. And because I worry they’ll be late for work etc, I wake them up at regular intervals – not that they appreciate it! But today I let them sleep in and ended up snoozing on mummy’s feet which she seems to like.

When we finally got up we got ready to go out. We were supposed to be meeting up with my friend Ellie for a walk in the forest, but Ellie’s daddy wasn’t well. Although daddy suspects it was the rain that really stopped them from coming. Being the type of dog I am, mummy and daddy can’t afford to be fair-weathered dog walkers (as much as they’d like to sometimes!) so we headed out into the rain regardless. We didn’t go to the forest in the end, but instead stuck to the park. As I go to the park all the time this doesn’t sound very exciting, but they took me on a different route and we stopped by Pet’s Corner, where there are various animals and I made friends with a sheep! We also went to the duck pond, but sadly they wouldn’t let me play with the ducks:-(

Hope you are all having a nice snoozy Sunday and keeping warm and dry.