Back to class

For some unknown reason, the street lights in the park have been switched off for that past few weeks. This means that even with the cool headtorch I bought mummy, it’s still crazy-dark in the mornings and evenings too. Instead we’ve been sticking to the cycle paths for our walks – boring! There are no other regular dog walkers when we go so I haven’t had a chance to make any new friends. And when I do get to go to the park on my afternoon walk with daddy, none of my park friends have been about. So I’ve been feeling pretty lonely of late.

I was soooo happy when I realised training class started up again last night. My humans have started to fall into bad habits and could do with a brush-up on their heel walking, plus I got to see my friends again woohoo!!

Although Lady wasn’t there I did manage to have a little play with my buddy Ezio, he’s like Easy’s little bro:

And also with my friend Sophie:

I’m so happy to be back at class! Can’t wait till saturday so I can see my friends again:-)