WW: Daddy love

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Friday cuddles

Yesterday I showed me curled up with mummy on the bed, so today here’s me and daddy having cuddles. Can you feel the daddy-doggy love?

2014-04-01 20.44.53

2014-04-01 20.44.58

I’m hoping to have a bit of an adventure this weekend, but don’t want to reveal too much in case it doesn’t happen. Do you have fun things planned?

In the meantime, here are some funnies from pinterest:

OMD it's Cupcake and Bacon!

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Have a great weekend!

WW: Daddy Cuddles


Ps, don’t forget to send in your pics for the Howl-o-ween ball! See Monday’s post for details!

FF: Auntie and Uncle


In celebration of their big day tomorrow, here’s a pic of me with Uncle Andrew and Auntie Harriet! As you can see they were getting some baby Misaki love:-)

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Flea treatment

Yesterday was a bank holiday in the UK which meant mummy and daddy were both home from work. As we had a busy day on Sunday we decided to stay home and chill (well apart from a few trips to the park). I spent most of the day catching up on all your bloggies. But I took some time out to have some cuddle time with daddy and then he gave me a nice brushie.





Now the only thing is this brushing session had an ulterior motive as it was followed by my flea treatment which I hate. We use Advocate which gets squeezed into my fur. Its cold and slimy and I usually try to run away when they do it, so mummy bribes me with a treat while daddy attacks from behind. It’s so unfair. I don’t think one treat is anywhere near enough! And I definitely need more bellyrubs to make up for it.

Did you like your flea treatment??


The best thing about this recovery lark is the amount of cuddles I’m getting – I can’t complain at all! Last night mummy brought some covers downstairs and we all cuddled up on the sofa together. Now I that I have a bald belly and sides I am feeling the cold a little, so the extra warmth was appreciated. Here’s me snuggled up with daddy. But look away if you’re squeamish as you can see my scar.


Today we went for a little walk and when we came back I got a nice veggie treat, it was in the shape of a toothbrush! Here’s a pic of me giving it a ‘good hiding’ as my grampy would say!

All in all I am feeling loads better and I’d like to thank you all again for the lovely messages, I’ve never had such good friends!

All’s well again:-)

After wrestling all my toys from mummy’s evil clutches (literally):

She finally apologised for her wicked deed

sorry for washing all your toys even though they were all very smelly and dirty because you keep leaving them in the garden

Now that my toys are safe I think I’ll have a nice chilled day:-)

have a good day all!