Although I know humans are pretty silly, some of the things they do still amaze and confuse me.

Usually in the evenings we all make ourselves comfortable in the lounge on the sofa in front of the TV thingy. Its my favourite time of day because I’ve had my dinner and a nice walk,  so I can relax with my humans and slowly drift off to dreams about rooms filled with bonios.

But last night just when I was getting settled, they decided to go out and watch someone else’s TV thingy, which they had to pay for! We have a perfectly good one at home and it’s free to watch. But apparently this was at something called a cinema and they show films we can’t watch at home. Sounds like a waste of money to me. And worst of all, dogs aren’t allowed so I got left behind on guard duty:-( Talk about selfish!

I did get lots of cuddles when they got home, but even so they are both in the cat house. It will take quite a few bonios for me to forget this!