Today I met up with mummy’s friend K and her dog Toby. He’s a chew toy Chihuahua. Mummy wasn’t sure how it would go and said I had to be on my bestest behaviour. Mostly because Toby doesn’t socialise with other dogs much and also because he barks ALOT. And as I rarely bark, sometimes I get freaked out by vocal dogs.

2013-04-20 09.54.25

can you guess which one is me bol

But overall it went well, we didn’t actual wrestle, although I would’ve liked to, but I did show him round my park and introduced him to a few friends.

2013-04-20 11.33.26

me, K and Toby

Afterwards they came back to ours for a bit. Mummy said I was good for not making a fuss about letting him in. He growled at me a few times but mummy said not to take it personally, he was obviously a bit nervous.  And I didn’t mistake him for a toy, so all went well:-)

Although it was fun, I’m meeting up with my friend Lady tomorrow for a proper romp about:-)

new toy

We were at my favourite supermarket, Jollyes, where they were having a human socialisation evening. I attended with 4 other dogs who had brought their humans, the idea was for the humans to interact in a controlled environment. Overall my humans were very well-behaved. They obviously remembered their training from last night.

Anyway, while they were playing nicely, I found a toy there that was amazing! I just wish I could have one. It must be very expensive as it was somekind of robodog but so lifelike it could jump and bark a little, but most of all it was really playful. It was perfectly bitesized and I had such fun.

Afterwards, my humans tried to tell me it was a REAL dog, but I’m not that gullible!