Rabbit Hunt

Last week after my WW post a lot of you wondered if I hadn’t been around because I was lost in the long grass. I wasn’t lost, but I have been stalking about a lot as it’s rabbit season and I’m on the hunt!


I’m going to get you little bunnies

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see them, but there were loads about!

I’ve been having so much fun chasing them! Bunnies of Essex watch out, I’m after you. Sorry Speedy but they live in the park so the way I see it, they’re fair game!

Do you like chasing rabbits?

Failed Squiggle hunt

Sorry I haven’t been around that much of late. But I’m back and what better way to celebrate it with than one of mummy’s dodgy videos of me.

Mummy says it’s a failed squiggle hunt, but I call it an exercise in restraint and focus 🙂

Did you chase any squiggles today?


Yesterday when I was out walking with my buddy Sebastian we met up with Alfie, a rottweiler puppy. I’ve seen him before when I was out with daddy but I got to introduce him to mummy too.  He’s grown twice as big since I saw him last. He’s absolutely adorable with massive paws and is such a well behaved little guy. I know we’re going to be great friends when he gets bigger.



2014-02-02 10.02.15

wanna join our pack??

He was a bit wary of playing with me and Sebastian at first, so hung back to watch.

am I brave enough to join in?

Not sure I’m big enough to play like that yet

But he started to get a bit braver, first by taking a small dip in the stream and then joining us for a game of ‘chase me, I have the stick’ 🙂

2014-02-02 10.17.37I know Rottweilers haven’t always had the best reputation, but we all know it’s about the owner. I just wish that anyone who is nervous about rotties could meet Alfie as they couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Daddy was close to pupnapping him lol.

Did you make any new friends today?

WW: Running with friends

I'm going to catch you Harry!

I’m going to catch you Harry!

Fun with Mollie

As you know mummy, daddy and I went down to visit Mollie and her family yesterday!

We had the best time playing on the beach near her house. Mollie chased her ball and I chased Mollie:-) Not being a fetch dog, my ball kept ending up in the sea BOL.

Then we went back to Mollie’s for dinner, which was nomalicious:-) We had such a great time. Mollie and I behaved ourselves and I didn’t eat Alfie, so all in all it went really well. The person who embarrassed herself was mummy who got completely off her face BOL. It you want to see the state she was in, head over to Mollie‘s to find out!

I had the best time, and can’t wait to meet up again soon:-)

ps. Bad storms are due today, so please stay safe if you live in the UK.


This morning a cat walked along the back fence of my garden. Apologies in advance to my kitty friends, but that cat was trespassing! And I couldn’t have that.

Instead of moving on quickly, this cat decided to taunt me by giving me an evil glare, poking its tongue out*  and nonchalantly tip-toeing across the fence and onto our shed. The gall!

Mummy was too slow with the camera, so here’s a pic of me afterwards watching in case it came back

I was outraged at its behaviour! So I took a mighty leap intending to follow it and force it to apologise. But the shed is quite high and I misjudged the jump. I fell straight into mummy’s planter. Ouch!

Sorry mummy, looks like your flowers got a bit squished

And worst of all the cat got away!

You better not come back into my garden Mr Cat. I’ll be watching for you!!

*this may not be entirely accurate