Trip to Wales!

This weekend we went camping in Wales. On the way down it rained. Lots. So our journey looked like this:


Camping in the rain can be OK if you are prepared with extra towels and waterproofs etc, but putting the tent up in the rain is no fun at all. By the time we reached the campsite it had stopped raining luckily, but the ground was very muddy. Daddy was not impressed, and apparently didn’t appreciate my pawprints everywhere BOL. But lucky it soon started to dry up and once the tent was pitched, we took some lovely walks into the hills around the campsite. We also met up with mummy’s friend  auntie Ruthie and went to the top of Caerphilly mountain. Which is slightly cheating as you can drive most of the way to the top!

It was a shame it was such a brief trip as there was lots more to explore, but hopefully we can go back again soon. Here are a few photos from the walks we took 🙂

Did you have a nice weekend?

Mini Camping trip

Hey everyone, how was your weekend?

I spent mine camping! Here is me outside our tent.


I wasn’t too impressed with having to stay on a tether line all weekend and frequently got tangled up. But apparently I’m wasn’t trusted to roam freely with so many people cooking sausages around us. I was hugely insulted if I’m honest, as if I was going to steal them! So I preferred spending time in the tent with my new squirrel toy.


It was also crazy hot and I spend alot of time covered in a wet towel trying to keep cool.

DSC03174My wasp hunting skills were needed loads because silly mummy had a yellow cup and was drinking fizzy drinks so as you can imagine, it was a party for the wasps round our tent.

I got to watch some of a falconry display but there was a vulture hopping around and it looked like walking dinner to me, so mummy thought we’d best take a walk at that point.


You might just be able to see a barn owl in this pic

She’s such a meanie!

The camping weekend was actually a geocaching event and although I don’t really cache, having come home I’ve now set up my own account and I’m trackable. So if anyone would like to ‘track’ me, let me know and I will pass you the details.

The campsite wasn’t too far from home and was a good trial run for our next trip when we go to Wales in a few weeks.

Did you go camping this weekend?

camping prep

Mummy hates camping, she has ever since she went camping with the Girl Guides when she was young. Then about 8 years ago she tried going with daddy. They went to see a friend of daddy’s race his motorbike but it rained the whole time and the friend fell off his bike on the practice lap so they spent most of the time in A&E. The friend was fine and went on to win an amateur championship a few years later. But mummy’s opinion of camping was not improved.

So she’s currently wondering how daddy managed to talk her into buying a new tent and why they are planning a trip.

The idea seems to be for them to have some freedom to travel about while being able to take me with them. Now obviously the flaw in this plan is I’ve never slept in a tent before. And the tent they’ve bought won’t fit in our garden for us to try out doh!

Luckily the camping shop near us is dog friendly as amazing as that sounds. They even had a bowl of water and treat bowl at the entrance – they obviously knew I was coming. They have an outside area where all the tents are set up, so we had a walk round so I could get used to them. As we stepped inside one, daddy closed the flap to see how I’d react. But as he was standing outside I obviously wanted to be with him. Duh Daddy! Mummy took a couple of quick snaps of me looking at the tents.


2013-07-13 17.13.51

I think we should’ve got a red one

2013-07-13 17.14.37Phase two of this process involves us trying to find somewhere with enough space to put the tent up and spend some time inside it together. Then once I’m comfortable with that (and daddy’s figured out how to actual put it up) we’re going to arrange a night at a local campsite to see how we get on. If that all goes OK then we’ll book a mini break to the Lakes, or Cornwall or Wales or Scotland or all of them:-)

But that’s jumping ahead. In the meantime if anyone has any advice on camping with dogs, or surviving camping at all (for mummy) or even recommendations of places to stay we’d be glad to hear them.

Off to camp!

This is a special Sunday walk post. I took an extra long trip this week and thought I would share it with you today: I journeyed to the US!!

As you know, it’s camping time in Blogville! Sammy has organised a great trip for us all and it’s going to be super fun. I packed all my bags and set off, my plan being to head to Stuart and Ranger‘s beach party and then on the campsite.

off to sammy's camping trip

However, in all the excitement to leave, I forgot my map and compass. And I sort of headed in the wrong direction – whoops! I ended up re-creating some of Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round trip! So my journey took a bit longer than expected.

First of all I saw Paris. I ate lots of nice baguettes and croissants there:-)


Then I trekked through the Black Forest. But I didn’t find any gateaux, only a chateau! Unfortunately it’s not edible (I did try!)

black forest

So I carried on till I got to Saint Petersburg. I didn’t see any saints though.

From there I found my way to the Road of Bones, this sounds yummier than it is. For those who are tempted to go there, it is sadly NOT made of bones:-(


After a lot more walking, I finally made it to Alaska! And I caught some of the Iditarod. Kyla and Kaci were taking part this year, but I didn’t see them so I guess they’d already made it home by then.


Then, as you know, I finally made it to the beach party on Friday! It was as close call and I had to walk extra fast to make it in time.

I had a wonderful day and I definitely needed some time to rest after all that walking. You can find out all about the party over at Ranger and Stuart‘s. Then I headed off to Canada for the Camping trip!

It was good to finally unpack my bags, they were starting to feel a bit heavy. Do you think I took too much stuff with me??

Misaki's tent

Anyway, you can find out the latest about the camping trip over at Sammy’s!