Fun and friends on friday

Mummy and daddy have been off work for the past few days and have been super lazy. I’ve done my best to motivate them but it’s been hard. This has meant I’ve been going for walkies much later than usual. Surprisingly this has been great because I actually got to meet up with some of my buddies. Ben and Henry were my first ever friends but they go to the park around mid-morning meaning I usually miss them.

2013-11-14 12.18.26

Ben (with the ball) and Henry

Then I bumped into Rio, a 4-year-old husky. We’ve met a few times before but usually in passing, today we got to have a nice play together.

Then we came home and daddy gave me a good brushie. I was in heaven:-)

2013-11-15 14.32.40

that’s it daddy, don’t stop

And to top off the day, we’re off to nanny and grampy’s for dinner. I wish everyday could be like this one:-)

Sorry I haven’t been round to visit anyone, mummy’s laziness has extended to my bloggy. But I hope to catch up over the weekend.


Why is it that just when you get comfortable on the sofa watching TV and almost on the verge of sleep, humans decide you need to be brushed? I admit I do like to be brushed, when my fur gets loose it sometimes itches. My humans have a good comb that helps to get rid of the excess hair and I always feel better afterwards. But seriously, pick your moment people!

They also have a habit of dabbing me with this gooey liquid which I definitely do not like. Its cold and slimey. They say it stops me from getting fleas, but its so sticky and horrible I’m sure its more likely to attract them!

I don’t think I’ll ever understand humans, I just hope I can train these silly habits out of them!