Silly Cooper

Where I’ve been having a mid-morning walk with daddy I’ve made loads of new friends recently, and one of them is Cooper. He’s a 5 month old boxer-mastiff cross. He’s all legs and likes to play loads.

2013-12-26 11.15.48

me and Cooper playing chase

Anyway, Sebastian, Cooper and I were walking past the duck pond the other day and I decided to take a dip. I was taking advantage of being with daddy as mummy NEVER lets me go in.

Anyway, Cooper decided to follow me in, but he couldn’t get out again – eeek! It is pretty deep in places, I may have had a similar issue once or twice before;-)

Anyway, they had to coax him to the side of the pond and then Daddy ended up having to lie on the muddy ground and pull him out by his collar. Lol Daddy was NOT impressed! I don’t think Cooper will be doing that again. I don’t think it will stop me though:-)