Just recently I’ve heard alot of talk about something called the Olympics. It seems to involve lots of people running or throwing balls around. And the one who runs the fastest or throws the ball the furthest, gets a medal.

This makes no sense to me: the medals aren’t edible, the contestants don’t get treats when they do their recalls or fetch the ball back, and most of all no doggies are taking part (apparently Usain Bolt isn’t the Bolt from the film like I first though). How silly is that!

I think there should be an Olympic event for eating the most bonios, I could definitely win that. Nom nom nom.

So my bloggy friends, what doggy-style Olympic  – or dog-lympic – event could you excel at? Running? Jumping? Digging? Destroying toys? Perhaps we should start our own version. I’m sure it would be lots more fun.

where did the Bonio go??

I know its around here somewhere…

Growing powder

My Grampy is a genius! He’s managed to put some kind of growing powder on my bonios to make them even bigger!!! They are now so big they don’t fit in my special ball BOL. But I don’t mind cos it means more bonio to eat 🙂

I don’t know how he did it but my paws is he brilliant! Dog tongue jutsu coming your way Grampy 🙂

Bonio heaven

I may have mentioned, in passing, that I’m rather partial to bonios. And yesterday I was in bonio heaven 😀

When mummy put a bonio in my special ball as she does every morning before she goes to work, she left the box on the table rather than back on the top of the freezer. At first I thought maybe it was a test to see if I could resist them, afterall she must realise how easy it would be for me to get them down?  But when it comes to bonios, I have no resistance. So after a moment of hesitation, I stretched up and grabbed the box! It was almost full so I was in bonio heaven 😀 Nom nom nom.

When daddy came home, he didn’t realise. He thought I’d chomped up an empty box BOL. But when Mummy came home, she told me off though. It was worth it and if had to make the decision again, I’d definitely make the same one:-)