Windy trip to the beach

Yesterday mummy, daddy and I went to the beach. Mummy had planned out our journey in advance, trying to find a good sandy beach and checking the tide times so we could make the most of it.  We purposely went out of season so we could avoid any dog restrictions and sunbathers. Mummy was confident that we were going to have a fab time.

But it didn’t quite go to plan. When we arrived it was so windy I nearly got blown away! And secondly the tides were high – err mummy great research there! But we did manage to find a small patch of sandy beach which connected to an area of sea surrounded by some railings, presumably for kids to play in. Although it wasn’t deep enough to swim in, I was able to wade in it safely without getting dragged out to sea.

I tried to make a few friends but no one seemed that interested in playing with me. But we had a good time all the same.

Do you ever get to go to the beach?


Meeting up with Mollie

This weekend mummy, daddy and I took a trip to see my bestie Mollie🙂

We had a lovely walk to the beach where Mollie showed off her swimming skills. I wasn’t too sure about the waves so only paddled my feet. Daddy decided to show me how it’s done and went for full immersion! Only he forgot that his phone was in his pocket and it drowned – whoops

After that we took a walk to a french market were we took in all the smells and I tried to get daddy to buy me some smelly cheese.

Then we headed back to Mollie’s where I was hoping to play chase with Alfie, but he wasn’t interested.

The evening ended with the two mummy’s on the sambuca giggling away while the two daddy’s chatted and watched TV.

Thanks for a lovely day Mollie, hope we get to meet up again soon.

Getting ready for the beach!

If all goes to plan then tomorrow I’m off to the beach. And meeting up with a special friend:-) Can you guess who it is??

I’m getting all my bits together for my trip. I think I have everything apart from my treat box, I hope we’ll be able to fit that in the bag!


Poo! Daddy your flip-flops pong!

Do you have nice plans for the weekend?

Fun with Mollie

As you know mummy, daddy and I went down to visit Mollie and her family yesterday!

We had the best time playing on the beach near her house. Mollie chased her ball and I chased Mollie:-) Not being a fetch dog, my ball kept ending up in the sea BOL.

Then we went back to Mollie’s for dinner, which was nomalicious:-) We had such a great time. Mollie and I behaved ourselves and I didn’t eat Alfie, so all in all it went really well. The person who embarrassed herself was mummy who got completely off her face BOL. It you want to see the state she was in, head over to Mollie‘s to find out!

I had the best time, and can’t wait to meet up again soon:-)

ps. Bad storms are due today, so please stay safe if you live in the UK.

How to be a good guest?

Hey guys, you may have seen over on Mollie‘s bloggy the other day that I’m going to visit her this weekend. And I’m super excited! We’re going to play on her beach, maybe take a dip in the sea and most of all have loads of fun. Once we’ve had a good play, the plan is to head back to her house for a gourmet meal – nom nom!

Mummy says I have to be on my bestest behaviour. The only time I’ve visited with another doggy was last christmas when my doggy cousin Dizzy was at my nanny’s house. We were a bit excited and we played rough through the house, but it was fun. Overall we got on really well although she keep nipping my ruff and I accidentally stood on her paw (whoops), other than that it was all good. But this time its at Mollie’s house so I have to be REALLY good. I’ve looked online for some tips on how to behave and I found the following suggestions:

1. Arrive on time, don’t be late: I’m planning to set the furry alarm extra early so mummy and daddy have plenty of time to get us there. I’m thinking 4am. Do you think this is too early??

2. Take a gift. I’m thinking I could take Winnie and we could see how fast we can tear him apart. Great idea, right?

3. Offer to help clean the dishes – now that I can DEFINITELY do, its my favourite chore:-)

4. Don’t drink too much. Hmmm…

drinkingOK maybe that’s good advice.

Is there anything else I should or shouldn’t do??

Off to the seaside

We’ve had beautiful weather this bank holiday weekend, so much so that mummy (who is permanently pasty white) has actually caught some sun! Today we decided to head to the seaside. We’re about an hour’s drive from the sea and mummy had been told about a beach with no dog restrictions, so we were pretty excited about the trip. However, when we arrived there was a big sign saying no dogs on the beach between 1st May and 30th Sept! So the trip didn’t quite go to plan.

The photos below are a bit deceptive, they make it look like we had the place to ourselves. That couldn’t have been more further from the truth: the whole area was packed with sun seekers, and every other person had their dog in tow. We managed to find a few quieter spots for a dip but I must confess I was a bit suspicious of the sea. Daddy bravely waded in to encourage me but I wasn’t too sure.

I hope I get to go back to the beach again but maybe next time we can find somewhere quieter without any restrictions.

How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

Stuart and Ranger’s beach party!

Today I’m at the beach to celebrate Stuart and Ranger‘s birthdays!! Here’s a pic of me and my boydawg Gizmo having loads of fun together:-)

Misaki and Gizmo's beach party photo

I had quite a journey to get here but I will tell you all about that on Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy the party!

Wedding blues

Today mummy and daddy are abandoning me to go to a wedding. I’m pretty sure I’d make the whole affair much more interesting. But apparently no doggies allowed – how pants is that!

The good thing is that nanny and grampy are coming over to keep me company. And there are rumours of treats…:-) So I guess I can’t complain TOO much.

As well as lavishing grampy with affection, I need to start thinking about my beach outfit for Ranger and Stuart’s joint barkday party! Gizmo has asked me to be his date – how exciting is that!

Just a quick note: a lot of peeps are put off by photo parties and competitions because of not having access to photo editing software like photoshop. And if that’s the case for you, its worth checking out which allows you to create some fun photos without having to download or install anything.

Anyway, have a good weekend all!