Monday again!

First of all big congrats to Andy Murray for winning Wimbledon!! As you can  imagine this has been great news for us in the UK:-) So last night we had a little BBQ to celebrate that and the warm weather. It was crazy hot and I didn’t get as many sneaky treats as I was hoping:-(

Mummy has been going overdrive trying to keep me cool, but instead of buying me a stylish cooling jacket at the dog show yesterday, she decided that a wet towel would do just as well. Hmmm not quite the same is it?

2013-07-07 15.25.37Luckily daddy is home with me this week so he has the job of keeping my paddling pool and water bowl fully topped up. And if he fancies giving me some frozen treats, well I won’t say no:-)

In the meantime, thank you to Sammy for giving me this cool award!


All I have to do is thank the blogger who nominated me Thank you Sammy! And tell what my six favorite things are then pass it on to whoever I want to!

My six favorite things are:

  1. Food, in any shape or form. As long as its edible I’ll eat it:-)
  2. Bellyrubs – can get enough!
  3. Wrestling with daddy:-)
  4. Playing with friends
  5. Did I mention food??
  6. Blogging!

Who will I pass this on to?

I’d like to give this award to both The Chronicle of Woos and also Hutch A Good Life. Both have lost a special member of their families recently so I’d like to give this to them with a big hug xxx

Busy weekend

Oh my dog, what a busy weekend! I haven’t had a chance to read any blogs or reply to any comments…sorry! But will make a start soon – looks like a late night for me bol.

Yesterday I had my first mani/pedi which wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, especially as I got lots of cuddles and treats:-) But it was crazy hot! Mummy and daddy got the paddling pool out but its too much like having a bath for me so I hid bol.

Then today we had a BBQ for my mummy’s litter mate – aka uncle Andrew’s birthday! I managed to get some snacks this time, plus loads of cuddles and I gave out lots of doggie kisses. It was a good day all round 🙂

While he was here, grampy designed a tattoo for mummy’s arm, I think she should get it done, don’t you?



The morning after

I am exhausted!!

all tuckered out

Daddy’s birthday was lots of fun though. First of all, Auntie Els came \o/ was soo excited to meet her in person and I gave her lots of doggy kisses.

Then lots of other people came and I spent the night greeting them all and making sure they were having a good time. It was tiring but I was determined to be the ‘hostess with the mostess’.

While making sure everyone had the opportunity to pet me and give me bellyrubs, I stood strategically by the food table and next to anyone eating. I gave them all my best starved dog look, but they were all very selfish and didn’t give me anything – so rude, especially after all my efforts! Daddy snuck me half a sausage but other than that my food consumption was very low. The rumours of the spoils of BBQs are grossly exaggerated.

Despite the severe lack of food, it was a good night. And most of all, daddy had a good time:D

Happy birthday Daddy!

Today is my daddy’s birthday so:


me using my dog tongue jutsu ❤

We’re having a BBQ later and I’m so excited. I’ll be putting into practice my best starved dog look. Do you think it will work??