Pond fun

The last few times I’ve been down to the pond I’ve made loads of new friends. This week there was a group of collies and a lab cross. They were all fixated on chasing a ball. Not being that way inclined I just practised my doggy paddle and let them get on with it. I even belly-flopped into the water a few times and daddy said I might make a dock dog afterall! Well, that’s presuming that I don’t actually have to fetch anything lol.

2014-07-27 11.23.47

The only downside of having a good swim, is being called ‘stinky’ afterwards. I wish my peeps had a better sense of smell.


Auction fun!

My bestie Mollie is hosting an auction to raise money for her friend Mabel from CreekHiker. She has gone over the bridge but her mummy has been left with huge vet bills to pay. Mollie is calling on donations, so I’ve decided to offer up my daddy’s mankini! You may remember it from my recent trip to the beach.


Sexy, right?! Anyway, if you want to get your paws on it, it’ll be up for grabs in Mollie‘s auction. You can find out more over at her bloggy.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few pics of me from over the weekend playing in my nanny’s garden

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I had loads of fun rolling around in the grass:-) What did you get up to this weekend?


Have you ever lost your favourite toy? Whether under the bed,  behind the sofa, or in the bushes in the garden? Well, that’s what happened to me. This is a picture of my blue ball from October 2012.

2012-10-11 21.19.50

I’m not a huge fan of balls unless they squeak, which this one did when I first got it. I loved chomping on it over and over again.  Anyway, it went missing for ages and I thought it was gone forever. But then the other week it reappeared from whatever alternate dimension it had got lost in. And since then I’ve been playing with it constantly. It doesn’t squeak and it’s more ‘hole’ than whole lol. But it’s great fun to chew on, and I love it when mummy or daddy chase me for it:-)


Did you ever notice that discovering old toys is almost like getting a new one? That’s how it is for me anyway. I hope it doesn’t get lost again anytime soon.

Have you ever lost and then found one of your toys?

SW: Ball games

When we were in the car on the way to our walk this morning, we saw a beautiful black and white mallie walking along the road (with his owner ofc). Mummy squee-ed:-) A few moments later we then saw a huge fluffy red and white mallie. Daddy wondered if there was a mallie meet-up that we didn’t know about. So he pulled over as soon as he could and we headed to where we assumed they both must have gone. It turned out to be a pathway into a section of forest. Only by then we’d missed the mallie party and instead found ourselves at the edge of a field where a rugby match was taking place.

Daddy quite likes rugby so we stopped to watch for a bit and then took a walk around the field. We found a quiet spot and decided to have our own game. As you know, I like to chase a ball, but I don’t fetch it, so it kept getting lost in the long grass hehehe.

Not the most exciting walk we’ve been on and a shame I didn’t get to join the mallie meet-up, but was nice all the same.

Did you go for a nice walk today?

sundya walks

WW: Let’s play ball!

2013-11-15 12.15.07

Or rather, throw the ball, I’ll chase it then abandon it and you have to find it LOL 🙂

Scariest costume!!

OK guys, so today is the finale of the howl-o-ween ball!!!! We’ve had a superfun time and hope you have too. We have loads of great food for you to nibble on:

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Hope you’ve all been practising your dance moves moves. We sure have been! Check it out:

The sheep are doing a fab job keeping an eye on everyone, and so far no squiggle invasions – good job!

guard sheep

And another round of voting. This time you’re voting for SCARIEST COSTUME, and you can vote both here and at Mollie’s too, so double the chance to win. And don’t forget there are real prizes up for grabs! We’ll announce all the winners on monday.

Ok here we go:

halloween ball

Most Original Costume!!

Welcome to the second day of the spooktacular howl-o-ween ball!! Before you come in, you need to practice our Thriller dance for tomorrow’s big finale, so get your dancing shoes on and join in:

Hope you had loads of fun voting for the Best Dressed costume over at Mollie’s yesterday. Today you’re voting for the Most original costume.

I’m hoping that polldaddy is going to behave, it has taken several tries to get this to work, so am keeping my paws tightly crossed it doesn’t let me down.

Unless the name was added to the actual image, I haven’t included any names, I’ve just numbered them. The idea is that you vote for your favourite picture rather than it being a popularity contest.

So, without further delay, here are all the wonderful contestants!

Happy voting.

Pop back tomorrow to vote for the overall scariest costume, for that you can vote both here and at Mollie’s. We also have a halloween-themed buffet prepared for you:-)

halloween ball

Storms…and the voting begins!

Yesterday the UK was battered with ridiculously strong winds causing loads of disruption. Mummy’s trainline was suspended due to so many trees falling on the line so unfortunately she couldn’t go to work – woohoo!!

This was probably a good thing as she was still recovering from our trip to Mollie’s. I took her to the park to help clear her head and we found loads of fallen branches.

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The Halloween ball is now in full swing!! We have our security sheep on watch making sure no pesky squiggles get in to ruin the party.

guard sheep

And everyone look amazing.

The voting begins for the best dressed at the HOWL-O-WEEN ball over at Mollie‘s today. And tomorrow pop back here where you can vote for the most original costume. Then on the 31st you can vote on both of our blogs for the overall Scariest picture! Soooo exciting!!

halloween ball


Fun with Mollie

As you know mummy, daddy and I went down to visit Mollie and her family yesterday!

We had the best time playing on the beach near her house. Mollie chased her ball and I chased Mollie:-) Not being a fetch dog, my ball kept ending up in the sea BOL.

Then we went back to Mollie’s for dinner, which was nomalicious:-) We had such a great time. Mollie and I behaved ourselves and I didn’t eat Alfie, so all in all it went really well. The person who embarrassed herself was mummy who got completely off her face BOL. It you want to see the state she was in, head over to Mollie‘s to find out!

I had the best time, and can’t wait to meet up again soon:-)

ps. Bad storms are due today, so please stay safe if you live in the UK.

Looking for Love: Bailey the boat cat

Can you believe that Bailey doesn’t have a date for the ball? Neither can I!

BaileyIs there a single lady out there who would like to accompany this handsome gent to the ball? No doubt he’ll arrive by boat to whisk you away on a thrilling high seas adventure before you even get to the ball.

Form a queue ladies!


Ball news: you may have seen over at Mollie‘s blog that we’ve changed the categories slightly, this is because a few of you are going stag and we want to make it fair. So they are now: Best Dressed, Most original photo, Scariest photo. You only need to send in one picture as all the pictures we get will be entered in these categories, and we’ll have the voting over 3 days. Hope that makes sense.

halloween ball