Dock dog? I don’t think so!

Today we went to the All About Dogs Show in Southend but it was crazy hot so we didn’t stay long. We got there really early and I had a quick go at the agility course before it got busy. I’ve almost got the handle of jumping over the hurdles now. But my favourite part is the A frame, I didn’t need any prompting to run over that:-) Daddy took loads of pictures of that part so I’ll show some more at a later date. I just hope mummy and daddy will get themselves organised and sign me up for an agility class soon.

I made a few friends and was pleased to see that the Inuit dogs who were at the previous event all recognised me. Everyone watching was amazed that as soon as the dogs saw me they rushed over to say hello and one tried to play with me through the fence:-)

The Dock Dogs people were there too. The were hosting an event where you dive into a big swimming pool and the dog who could dive the furthest won a prize. As I’m new to swimming daddy didn’t think I’d even try it but as it was hot it seemed like a good way to cool down. I didn’t dive in as you’re supposed to but I did cautiously go down the ramp and even did a bit of a doggy paddle. I tried to get out of the side of the pool though which made everyone laugh. Needless to say I didn’t make it into the actual contest.

I hope you’re all keeping cool. I’m in front of the fan covered in a wet towel lol. We might have a BBQ later – yum:-)



All About Dogs

Today I went to the All About Dogs show in Brentwood.

We got there early and only stayed a couple of hours as it started to get hot and was crazy busy. But I had loads of fun. I made lots of friends, most of all with a giant malamute called Mick – seriously he was twice the size of me! I also had a go at an agility course. I wasn’t too sure at first but by the end of it I started to get the hang of what I was supposed to do, I think daddy was more tired than me lol.

We had such a great time, apparently there’s another in July so am hoping we can go to that one too:-)

What did you get up to today?