WW: A Frame

A Frame

All About Dogs

Today I went to the All About Dogs show in Brentwood.

We got there early and only stayed a couple of hours as it started to get hot and was crazy busy. But I had loads of fun. I made lots of friends, most of all with a giant malamute called Mick – seriously he was twice the size of me! I also had a go at an agility course. I wasn’t too sure at first but by the end of it I started to get the hang of what I was supposed to do, I think daddy was more tired than me lol.

We had such a great time, apparently there’s another in July so am hoping we can go to that one too:-)

What did you get up to today?


I’m now (hopefully) halfway through my confinement, so this is the home stretch 🙂 Am counting down the days!

To keep me busy until I’m free again, daddy has bought me a hurdle jump for the garden. It is basically an adjustable bar which he seems to think I should jump over. I am not so sure about that.

Mummy and daddy are talking about me taking agility classes when I turn 1 (apparently I’m not allowed before then). So this is just a taster. The bar is set quite low so I could step over it easily if I wanted to. I say ‘if’ because, to be honest, I don’t want to. I’d rather watch him step over it while I walk round it.

Thing is, mummy and daddy are always saying that they need to loose weight and do more exercise, so I figure if I pretend to be stupid and not get the concept of the hurdle, they’ll spend lots of time stepping over it and therefore will get bags of exercise. Great plan, eh?

In the meantime, they are getting desperate and have started waving treats around to encourage me. Its a win-win situation 🙂