Frosty mornings

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes. It’s lovely to hear from you all. All your messages really cheered me up.

I hope you are enjoying the cold weather as much as I am, it’s so frosty and lovely in the mornings. Mummy is so funny, she looks like she’s about to climb Mount Everest when we go out, but I definitely don’t need a coat 🙂 I have been loving running through the crunchy grass and getting my cost covered in frost.


For those of you who don’t have double coats, I hope you are keeping warm.

Dreaming of…


It’s far too hot for me. It’s been well in the 30s (centigrade) for the past few days and I’m melting! We have had some rain but it hasn’t cleared the air at all, it’s still humid and sticky. The only thing that’s seeing me through is dreaming of lovely cold snow. I’m thinking of moving to Australia where it’s winter – Fozziemum if I pack myself up in a box, can I stay with you till Spring??


Crazy hot!

We’re in the grip of a mini heatwave here in the UK and I am sweating my fur off! I’ve been sleeping on the kitchen floor where it’s cool and dipping my toes in the paddling pool as often as I can.


So this is just a quick reminder to keep cool. Drink lots, stay in the shade and eat lots of frozen treats:-) I am to milk it for all I can lol.

Keep cool everyone!


Yesterday was a glorious sunny day. By the time we headed back from our walk over Hatfield Forest it was 17°C. Mummy was excited about this as it meant she could get some washing out on the line. Not something I really care about tbh but she was happy. The washing machine was whirling around, and in and out of the garden she went with bundles of wet clothes. I supervised of course. I may have found a nice sunpuddle to sit in while I did it, but there’s no reason to not be comfortable:-)

The weather forecast looks good for the rest of the week too.

Has spring come to your neighbourhood yet?


Guess what our local paper said:

weather report

OMD snow??

I am SO excited that we might get snow today!!!! Mummy thinks we’ll just have rain (as usual) but I have faith in the white stuff. I’m just going to lie here and wait till it comes.


is it snowing yet??

Come on snow fairies start sprinkling those flurries, I’m waiting for you!

Rainy trip to Greenwich

Today mummy and Bashful set out to visit Greenwich. Only the weather was awful. Typically now they are home it’s brightened up, but when they left it was miserable.

Anyway, mummy hooked Bashful up with an Oyster card and they jumped on the DLR to Greenwich. As soon as they got out of the station, mummy was soaked to the bone, which meant she wasn’t keen to hang around. On a nice day Greenwich is a lovely place to explore so it was a bit of a shame. Had daddy been there they would have likely spent their time in the Union pub, where according to him they make a mean eggs benedict. But instead, mummy and Bashful checked out the Cutty Sark, took a soggy stroll round Greenwich Park and then walked up the very steep hill to the Observatory. The view from the top is pretty amazing but as it was so grey you can’t see much from the photos. You can just make out The O2 (formerly the Millennium Dome) if you look closely.

I do feel bad for Bashful, but I guess it wouldn’t be a proper trip to the UK without some good old-fashioned terrible British weather lol.

Mummy is back to work on Thursday and is planning to take Bashful into London to play tourist before he heads home next week. Is there anywhere in particular you would like Bashful to visit? We’ll try to fit your suggestions into his trips.

Christmas Eve!

The weather was horrible yesterday with heavy rain and strong winds, so mummy has had to abandon her trip into the big smoke. We’re only half an hour by train, but as with all British transport, as soon as we have ‘adverse weather conditions’ everything grinds to a halt. And typically our trainline has been plagued with fallen trees on the line which has disrupted the service. But she’s promised to take Bashful in the new year. Instead we took him for a walk in the park. We made him a small rain hat so he didn’t get too wet, but luckily it only drizzled a little and it’s not that windy anymore.


We don’t have many rocks in the park, but I showed him our Newfoundland one:2013-12-24 08.27.29

And also introduced him to the stone turtle:

2013-12-24 08.42.43 2013-12-24 08.42.49

When we got back we helped mummy ice the christmas cake. She made Bashful a marzipan friend so he wouldn’t get lonely.

2013-12-23 10.45.07-2

But when Bashful wasn’t looking she took a bite out of him – what a meanie! 2013-12-23 10.45.20

Guess I’m going to have to think of some way to cheer him up…Maybe he’d like another wash?

Anyway, we’ll be taking a break for a couple of days while we’re at nanny and grampy’s, so have a lovely Christmas from me and Bashful xxx

bashful and misaki

Once a month

Once a month mummy has to get in work early for a meeting. This is a massive pain as it messes up my routine. And mummy,  who isn’t really a morning person, ends up going into work like a zombie.

This is the first time we’ve had to do an early morning since the clocks changed and we were both a bit shocked just how dark it was in the park


Admittedly Mummy thinks her camera made it look even darker than it was, but i think you get the idea. Although I had a light on my collar (which I managed to loose on this walk) and she had a torch, we decided to stick to the cycle paths which are usually better lit than the park, but makes for a boring walk. Luckily it was raining and that makes any walk fun!  I love to splash in the puddles:-)  Mummy said it was the icing on the cake. I’m pretty sure cake icing is yummy so I guess that means it was good, right?

The only thing is when we got home she tried to dry me with a towel. Daddy and I always play bullfights when I’m wet: I’m the bull and he waves the towel around and makes silly noises. It’s loads of fun. But mummy didn’t want to play and got stroppy when I kept running off wanting her to chase me. I said she was grumpy in the mornings!

I’m sure glad it’s back to the normal routine tomorrow. Early-morning mummy is no fun!


Never happy!

Last night it was pretty cold, as you can see from mummy’s phone. Well cold for her, not for me LOL

Screenshot_2013-11-10-22-45-47Mummy said her feet where like ice blocks so she snuggled up in the duvet on the sofa. I decided to help her out and curled up on her feet like a hot water bottle. I got so comfy that I feel asleep. Mummy was in heaven for the first five minutes. But you can’t please some people, and it wasn’t long before she was moaning that she couldn’t feel her feet anymore. Well at least they weren’t cold, right?


me curled up next to mummy

After she rudely removed her feet and ruined my snooze, I then decided to head upstairs and warm her pillow for her. When she came up to bed, she found me like this:

2013-11-10 22.28.19

me on mummy’s side of the bed

By this time I was so comfortable I didn’t want to move. Life is so unfair at times. You do something nice for someone and all you get is kicked off the bed:-(

Misaki, aka the unappreciated hot water bottle.

Keep warm everyone.

SW: long walk with Lady

Today we went on a lovely long walk with my buddy Lady. We walked in the pouring rain, we got chased by scary cows, we stomped through farmer’s field (on a public footpath) and overall got nice and muddy!

Although there were some breaks in the weather, when it rained, it came down pretty heavily. Mummy and Lady’s daddy dressed appropriately for the weather, while daddy wore shorts and a tshirt lol. And he says I’m silly.

Because of the rain, mummy didn’t take the camera and the photos she took on her phone were pretty poor, but here are a few anyway.

Did you go for a nice walk today?
sundya walks