Random Thursday

The weather has been lovely of late so I’ve been spending lots of time doing this:

I’m also super happy cos my buddy Sebastian is home from his 2 week holiday. We’re back to wrestling and having loads of fun together on our walkies. Yay!


But afterwards I was so pooped I decided to make myself comfy on mummy’s feet and took over the bed so daddy couldn’t get in  LOL

2014-04-01 23.41.41



On a totally different topic there’s been loads of stuff on facebook recently about the banning of pinch collars in the UK. I must confess I’d never heard of these before, but I’ve seen some photos and they look horrible. If anyone is interested in getting involved, there’s a fb group dedicated to the campaign which you can find here https://www.facebook.com/groups/377732549034419/ and a petition that you can sign here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/58850

SW: Hatfield Forest

Today we headed out early and met my friend Lady for a walk in Hatfield Forest. This forest is pretty vast, it’s not somewhere we’ve been before and it will certainly take a few return visits to explore it all. We found sheep, chased bunnies (or they may have been hares) and saw some deer (wanted to chase those too!). But most of all there were lots of muddy puddles:-)


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SW: Ambresbury Woods

Today I took mummy and daddy for a walk in Epping Forest where we discovered Ambresbury Banks. Local legend has it that this is where Boudica fought her last battle against the Romans, although having checked Wikipedia just now, this seems unlikely. Either way, it was an interesting place to explore. And the best part was there were lots of muddy puddles to play in:-)

Did you go for a nice Sunday walk today?

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Winter Walkies

Well the day finally came! Before we started I got to meet up with my friends Autumn and Ezio and we had a bit of a play. I also made some new friends, it was amazing seeing so many dogs in one place and everyone was really well behaved.

Luckily it wasn’t raining but it was really muddy. 5km isn’t really that far but I set quite a punishing pace. Mummy and daddy are so unfit that by the time we were 2/3rds round I had to ease up to let them catch their breaths. Which meant sadly I wasn’t first back, but I wasn’t too far behind.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me, I really appreciate your support. I’ll leave the widget up on my sidebar for a few more days in case anyone else wants to contribute.

sundya walks

SW: Ball games

When we were in the car on the way to our walk this morning, we saw a beautiful black and white mallie walking along the road (with his owner ofc). Mummy squee-ed:-) A few moments later we then saw a huge fluffy red and white mallie. Daddy wondered if there was a mallie meet-up that we didn’t know about. So he pulled over as soon as he could and we headed to where we assumed they both must have gone. It turned out to be a pathway into a section of forest. Only by then we’d missed the mallie party and instead found ourselves at the edge of a field where a rugby match was taking place.

Daddy quite likes rugby so we stopped to watch for a bit and then took a walk around the field. We found a quiet spot and decided to have our own game. As you know, I like to chase a ball, but I don’t fetch it, so it kept getting lost in the long grass hehehe.

Not the most exciting walk we’ve been on and a shame I didn’t get to join the mallie meet-up, but was nice all the same.

Did you go for a nice walk today?

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SW: horses

My walk today wasn’t that interesting in terms of where we walked. But it was grrreeat because there were horses!

As you know, Monday to Saturday we usually walk in the park near our house, but on Sunday’s when we have more time we try to go further afield. Though today we couldn’t decide where to go. All of mummy’s suggestions were vetoed because Daddy didn’t want to go anywhere muddy, which is hard as it’s been pretty damp of late and even the park is swampy in places.  Mummy had to run an errand (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow) so in the end they decided to take me with them and just stop somewhere on the way back. We found ourselves on the common, but at a different end to where we’ve been before. You may remember that there are tethered horses on the common, and horses are mobile food dispensers. I was in poo heaven! Daddy wasn’t too impressed though BOL. Apparently I’m not allowed to give out any kisses. But it was worth it!

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SW: Nanny and grampy’s

Today we went to Nanny and grampy’s for dinner, which meant loads of treats and cuddles:-) After they’d eaten I took them all for a nice walk in the forest near their house. Nanny and I take it in turns to lead our walks, so we compromised and she held my lead for a bit. She said she just needed roller skates and she’d be set BOL.

The great thing is the forest opens up to a field which is usually full of other dog walkers, but today it was completely empty – amazing! So I got to have a good run and chased the crows. I’m thinking of getting a job as a scare crow, I think I’d do a great job:-)

sundya walks

For those of you in the UK, I hope you’re not too scared by the fireworks. We had loads go off last night and tonight was our town’s display which takes place in the park near our house. At one point it sounded like we were back in the Blitz! But as mummy and daddy stayed calm, I took my cue from them and was pretty chilled through the whole thing. My new toy also helped take my mind off the noise.


Stay safe everyone xxx

SW: long walk with Lady

Today we went on a lovely long walk with my buddy Lady. We walked in the pouring rain, we got chased by scary cows, we stomped through farmer’s field (on a public footpath) and overall got nice and muddy!

Although there were some breaks in the weather, when it rained, it came down pretty heavily. Mummy and Lady’s daddy dressed appropriately for the weather, while daddy wore shorts and a tshirt lol. And he says I’m silly.

Because of the rain, mummy didn’t take the camera and the photos she took on her phone were pretty poor, but here are a few anyway.

Did you go for a nice walk today?
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SW: forgot the camera!

I woke mummy and daddy up nice and early so we could go for a lovely walk. They didn’t seem to impressed with me jumping on the bed and licking them endlessly though. They kept grumbling about me not having a snooze button. I’m not sure what that means.

2013-10-06 08.42.00

time to wake up!!

After waiting aggggges for them, they finally got up. We decided to go to Cheshunt and re-visit the agility course and the river.

You may remember that I went there a few months ago with mummy, nanny and grampy but as we’d gone by train I had to wear the evil halti. But this time as daddy took us in the car, I was able to go without it:-)

As the title of this post suggests, mummy forgot the camera – doh! So the pics are a bit hit and miss as they were taken from both mummy and daddy’s phones.

Did you go for a sunday walk today?

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SW: Dog where’s my car??

Daddy decided not to go out as planned and instead we took a trip to High Beech. High Beech is basically the heart of Epping Forest, its a popular place for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. And legend says it was home to notorious highwayman Dick Turpin.

The only thing is we parked up the car, started walking and then they realised that they didn’t actually know the name of the section of the forest we’d parked by! Mummy had seen a pub nearby but couldn’t remember the name of it. At first it was OK as we followed a fairly straight path and they figured that as long as we returned the same way all would be well. But the path took us down a steep hill and after descending it daddy couldn’t handle the idea of having to walk up it again. He decided to take us on a scenic route to avoid it. As you can guess, it wasn’t long before we were a tiny bit lost. Google Maps didn’t have a clue where we were and it was hard to ask for directions from fellow walkers when you don’t actually know where you need to get to. Oh dog!

After crashing around in the forest for a while my excellent sense of direction eventually brought us back to the car. Sometimes I wonder what they would do without me!

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