Failed selfie

Mummy wants a new profile pic for her facebook page and of course I have to be in it. Trying to be trendy, she thought she’d take a selfie of me and her. It didn’t quite go to plan!


2014-05-21 20.43.07 2014-05-11 11.29.45

2014-05-25 12.40.17

Have you had much success taking selfies with your humans? They fidget a lot, don’t they 😉

Fun and friends on friday

Mummy and daddy have been off work for the past few days and have been super lazy. I’ve done my best to motivate them but it’s been hard. This has meant I’ve been going for walkies much later than usual. Surprisingly this has been great because I actually got to meet up with some of my buddies. Ben and Henry were my first ever friends but they go to the park around mid-morning meaning I usually miss them.

2013-11-14 12.18.26

Ben (with the ball) and Henry

Then I bumped into Rio, a 4-year-old husky. We’ve met a few times before but usually in passing, today we got to have a nice play together.

Then we came home and daddy gave me a good brushie. I was in heaven:-)

2013-11-15 14.32.40

that’s it daddy, don’t stop

And to top off the day, we’re off to nanny and grampy’s for dinner. I wish everyday could be like this one:-)

Sorry I haven’t been round to visit anyone, mummy’s laziness has extended to my bloggy. But I hope to catch up over the weekend.

18 months

Today I’m 18 months old:-)

Mummy says this means I’m not longer a puppy. I think that’s pretty sad, ideally I’d like to be a puppy forever! But apparently I have to ‘grow up’. Though being adult sounds pretty boring to me! I may be heading for adulthood, but inside I’ll always be a puppy:-)

I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos from the past 18 months.

Daddy’s home:-)


I’m so happy you’re home…but you need a good wash!

A Ladylike walk:-)

Today for our Sunday walk, I took mummy and daddy to a park we haven’t been to before, and we met up with my friend Lady from doggie class! It was soo much fun: we played bitey face, did some zoomies, made some new friends and got a bit muddy:-) All in all it was a good day!

We were both on long leads which got nice and tangled, I especially liked circling round mummy and Lady’s daddy hehehe! I was also very brave and took my first dip in the stream! I’m normally not a fan of anything deeper than a puddle so mummy and daddy were shocked when I waded in without any persuasion.

I hope we get to meet up again soon!

What’s wrong with this picture??

When I went to my nanny and grampy’s at the weekend, I met this fella:

Do you think they are trying to replace me??

Wordless wednesday

My arctic fox impression:-)

My arctic fox impression:-)

Wordless Wednesday


Getting some much earned rest after all that playing in the snow!

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Farm frolics

As you know, on Sundays we try to go somewhere different for our walks, so today we went to visit one of daddy’s friends. He lives near some farmland and we went for a lovely run around the fields. Or at least I did. They just did their best to keep up BOL.

There was no one around, but there were signs of rabbits, deer and loads of birds. It was soooo much fun! I hope we go back there soon.


Last night mummy and I were having a cuddle and she thought I looked so cute she picked up her phone to take a pic. But it came out too dark to see, plus I moved. She changed the settings to ‘action’ to counteract my last-second evasion technique and took it again. It turned out like this!

Misaki or Orthrus??

Daddy tried to recreate what she’d done but his came out normally. Did mummy capture my inner demon??

Apparently in Greek mythology two-headed Orthrus was the brother of Cerberus and was slain by Hercules. Or was he?? Perhaps ‘he’ was really a ‘she’ and escaped to live in the UK??

All I want to know is: if I have two heads, does that mean I get twice as many treats??