I’m so late posting about this, but recently I was invited to share my training tips on Animal Health along with other bloggers, and the post is now live: http://animal-health.co.uk/news/dog-training-tips-uk.html

This post is a great resource for new dog owners, I hope you will get a chance to stop by and take a read.

I was struggling to find a way of illustrating this post, so here’s an early pic of me on an early walk.


What is your top training tip for new pet owners?



hot thursday

This week has been very quiet for me, it’s so hot I’ve spent most of the days sleeping in front of the fan (as you saw from yesterday’s post). Last night there was only 6 of us in class, where usually there are at least 15.  We had most of the lesson outside but had to go in for our recalls. Here’s me and my buddy Oz. The dog who’d been sitting between us was doing his recall so we tried to reach each other to have a play, sadly our peeps stopped us. They spoil all our fun.


A little camping update: We set up our tent in a friend’s garden and I didn’t try to escape or freak out in anyway – always a good sign. But it was as hot as hell inside so we’ve decided to postpone our overnight trial until we get cooler weather. Thanks for all your tips and advice though, they’ll certainly come in handy:-)

It seems many of our buddies aren’t well at the moment. So first of all big healing hugs to my bestie Mollie who’s hurt her paws. My thoughts also go out to Nylablue who’s very poorly, love to you. Please get well xxx

Quiet thursday

I haven’t been up to much over the last couple of days. Daddy took me to class by himself last night as Mummy stayed home to fix the dishwasher. Though I don’t know why we even need a dishwasher when I’m perfectly capable of washing the dishes. And with me on washing duty there’s no need for dishwasher tablets so they save money too. Aren’t humans silly?

Anyway, one of the other doggie mummies posted these pics on fb today of our out-of-sight sit and down stays. Can you spot me??

down stay

mummy says I look like I’m on the look out for someone to distract in this pic lol

sit stay

shame my buddy Autumn (the boxer) is so far away…

Anyway have a great day everyone, and if anyone needs a new dishwasher I’m available 🙂


The other day Something Wagging wrote a post about training cues and I thought I’d share a few of mine with you:

Tree – this is mostly used when I’m on a long or extendable lead and we’re approaching a tree or lamp post, as you can see below:

Daddy, you've tangled us up again!

Daddy, you’ve tangled us up again!

Daddy says ‘tree’ as we walk up to whatever the obstruction is to remind himself to walk on the same side as me. But he still gets this muddled up and often walks on the WRONG side!! Maybe one day he’ll learn *sigh*

Careful – this is also a cue for when I’m on the extendable lead, mostly used by mummy. She says this as I dart ahead to chase a squirrel or pigeon and am coming close to maxing out the lead. She says ‘careful’ to remind herself to be wary in case I decide to pull forward taking her with me. She tried to explain that this was a warning for me, but that’s just silly!

Wee-wee – When I was being toilet-trained, mummy and daddy would encourage me to do my business in the garden by saying ‘wee-wee’. They didn’t think it out very well though as now when they let me out before bedtime or if they want me to go outside before training class, they have to say ‘wee-wee’ – how silly do they sound!! Sometimes I sniff around a bit and drag out the process so they have to say it when people are walking past – hehehehehe!

Do you have any funny cues for your humans?

My week…in pictures

This week has been crazy busy with the pancake party and the Valentine’s Ball. And now we’re straight into the circus – think I’m going to need a week to recover from all the excitement!

Outside of all that we had some snow, I had to go for my annual check-up and I got a new friend. Instead of waffling on I thought I’d show some photos instead. So here’s a taster of what I’ve been up to:-) Hope you had a good one too!

double time

This morning it was -6°c when mummy and I went for our morning walk. But silly mummy forgot her gloves!! She was moaning and groaning something terrible, so I decided we should just walk extra fast:-) At first mummy wasn’t too impressed, but soon she was trotting along beside me quite happily, she could feel her fingers again and had nice rosy cheeks. I wish we could always walk at double time, but mummy is getting on a bit so I don’t want her to overdo it.

With all the fist clenching and grumbling, mummy didn’t take any photos. So instead here’s a photo of me and daddy at class last night. Notice he’s wearing shorts BOL.

2013-01-16 20.43.52

Now I’m home again I’m daydreaming about Mollie and Ranger‘s Valentine’s ball. I’m so excited!! Gizmo and I have decided on our outfits so we’re all set. Roll on 14th Feb! Who are you taking? If you’re in need of a date, head over to Mollie or Ranger and they’ll help you find one! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Back to class

For some unknown reason, the street lights in the park have been switched off for that past few weeks. This means that even with the cool headtorch I bought mummy, it’s still crazy-dark in the mornings and evenings too. Instead we’ve been sticking to the cycle paths for our walks – boring! There are no other regular dog walkers when we go so I haven’t had a chance to make any new friends. And when I do get to go to the park on my afternoon walk with daddy, none of my park friends have been about. So I’ve been feeling pretty lonely of late.

I was soooo happy when I realised training class started up again last night. My humans have started to fall into bad habits and could do with a brush-up on their heel walking, plus I got to see my friends again woohoo!!

Although Lady wasn’t there I did manage to have a little play with my buddy Ezio, he’s like Easy’s little bro:

And also with my friend Sophie:

I’m so happy to be back at class! Can’t wait till saturday so I can see my friends again:-)

Saturday stuff

Saturday’s are always a busy day for me. In the morning I have to wake mummy up early so she can do lots of housework. She would feel terrible if she just stayed in bed all morning and missed the opportunity to hoover and tidy-up after me. So even if she tries to go back to sleep after she’s given me my breakfast, it’s important for me to keep nudging her and jumping on her until she gets moving. What a good pup I am!

Then I have to take her to training class, which is always loads of fun.

While I’m doing all that, don’t forget to pop by and comment on Doggy‘s Movember post, just to recap, he’s donating 50 cents to this fantastic cause for every comment left on his post, found here. He’s hoping to get to 100, so if you haven’t done so already, please leave a comment.

While you’re at Doggy’s you can also vote in the Greatest Contest of All Time. The competition is fierce, but I would like to give you a gentle nudge in the direction of LLCD‘s entry as she has kindly offered to donate her prize to Battersea Dog’s Home.

Have a great saturday!!

Thursday things

Doggie class was interesting last night. I got to play off lead with Lady again and then while everyone was doing their recalls, Finn and I had a bit of a snog! I’ve been on cloud nine ever since<3 As you know, I’ve always liked Finn, but I backed off when I realised he was with Lady. Obviously this complicates things and my friendship with Lady could now be in the balance. I’m not sure what I’m going to do!

Anyway, while I contemplate the muddled state of my lovelife, don’t forget to enter mine and Mollie‘s Halloween costume contest! You have till the 28th to submit a photo. Your costume can be real or  photoshopped.

You can catch up on the details here

Can’t wait to see your entries!


We got to training class early last night and as only me and Lady were there, our humans let us off our leads so we could play together:-) I think I’ve mentioned Lady before, but to recap: she’s a sleek husky-shepherd cross. She didn’t used to like me as I had a crush on her boyfriend Finn, but since I’ve lost interest, we have become friends.

Anyway, here is a video of us playing. This is not for the fainthearted, we play rough:-) It may look like we’re trying to eat each other but I promise no dogs were harmed in the making of this footage!: