I had the most fantastic breakfast this morning, you can probably guess what it was 🙂 And this is how it happened.

Every morning Bella, my bestie, and I meet at 6.30am and take our peeps for their morning walk. It’s pretty dark so we wear lights on our collars and the peeps have torches. We have loads of fun together: we chase, we play, we wrestle and sometimes we just sniff.

The only downside is that most mornings we bump into a couple and their four dogs. These dogs aren’t friendly and we have had a few close calls, especially since neither they nor their peeps carry lights so they are difficult to see.

So this morning we decided to avoid them completely by taking our normal walk in reverse. This was fine until we got to the carpark. Usually I’m put on the lead to walk down the path alongside it as being so dark mummy worries about cars pulling in, its not usually busy but better to be safe than sorry. However, this morning mummy not thinking let me off as soon as we reached it. But as I trotted straight up the path she thought it would be OK. In the meantime Bella had sniffed out a box which smelt amazing. It was just lying there on the ground. But being good, she returned to her mummy when called.

But I soon got a whiff and decided to check it out. I managed to flip the lid up with my nose and a heavenly smell wafted over me. There it was: one slice of pizza all for me.


Bella may be my bestie but I don’t share food with anyone, so I gobbled it up in two glorious mouthfulls! I was still swallowing it when mummy finally caught up with me.

I was threatened with going with having to go on a diet, with never getting any treats, not being let of the lead again…but I wasn’t really listening as I was still in heaven after my wonderful morning treat. It was definitely worth it.

Did you get any yummy surprises for your breakfast?

AKA Sandwich Stealer

On Friday daddy made mummy me a nice ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.


He left it on top of mummy’s bag which was on the floor. Clearly he meant it for me and not for her. So while she went for her shower, I decided to have my lunch for breakfast, it looked far yummier than my boring kibble. I took the sandwich into the garden so I didn’t leave any crumbs on the carpet and carefully unwrapped the foil. As suspected it tasted very nice so it gobbled it down:-)

When mummy reappeared she seemed surprised I had eaten it and acted like it was hers. Ever since she’s been calling me the sandwich stealer – how rude it that! It was MY sandwich afterall. And I was thoughtful enough to leave behind the foil so it could be reused, who could ask for more??

Peeps are so unreasonable at times!

Have you ever been unjustly accused?

Forgetful Thursday

Mummy  ‘forgot’ to put up my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday! I really wonder about her sometimes. It was going to be a pic of me laughing:

2014-08-09 21.44.36

Then you know what else happened?? They forgot my dinner – can you believe it!!! Mummy was sorting out some washing and daddy was making their dinner and they both thought the other had fed me. I tried to make it clear I was hungry but they both thought I wanted a walk, so started to get themselves ready to go out. It was only that at the last minute mummy thought to check with daddy that they realised that I was literally starving!

I guess it was fitting that my photo of mummy eating MY treats won Bacon and Fozzie mum’s Spies Like Us Contest!


I need to watch out otherwise she’ll be eating my food next!

Harrington’s food review

Recently Harrington’s sent me a bag of food to try out. And you know me, I never say no to food, so of course I said ‘yes please!’

uk_dog_products_turkey_vegI tried the turkey and veg, it contains:

  • No artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya, no added wheat.
  • Kelp – a natural source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Yeast to help maintain a healthy digestion.
  • With Turkey, a good source of protein.
  • Citrus extracts and added vitamins help support a healthy immune system.
  • Balanced ratio of Omega 6 and 3 fats for a glossy coat.
  • Yucca to help reduce unpleasant odours from flatulence.

The packaging is very attractive, and it comes in a variety of bag sizes. The 15kg bag is just £23.99 which is really good value and considerably lower than my usual brand. It is available in most supermarkets and pet stores. And now available in France as well as in the UK.

2014-05-03 17.48.47

I wasn’t so fussed on posing though, who wants to sit around next to food rather than eating it??

2014-05-03 17.48.58-1

can I eat it yet??

When I eventually got some I absolutely gobbled it up, it was really tasty. I ate it over a few days before writing this, just to make sure it agreed with me, and all was fine in that dept. I definitely give Harringtons four paws up:-)

If you are based in the UK or France and are interested in reviewing Harringtons food – whether dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig then drop them a line to and tell them I sent you! I’m sure you’ll love it:-)

Harringtons provided me with one bag of dog food for review, but did not otherwise compensate me for this post. The views and opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are entirely my own.




TT: Oggi’s Oven

I thought I’d join in on Tasty Tuesday today to tell you about a product I recently discovered through a Groupon offer. It’s called Oggi’s Oven and they are packet mixes to make dog treats. I wasn’t asked to write this, but I really liked the idea of Oggi’s Oven and wanted to share.

In theory mummy would like to make more treats for me, but let’s face it she’s not the best cook and she doesn’t always have the time. Using a mix makes her feel like she’s making them herself. When she’s really only bunging them in the oven LOL:-)

Oggi’s Oven have mixes for biscuits, cakes and scones. All are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. The mix also comes with a bone-shaped cutter.


are they ready yet??


back of the packet for info

We tried making the biscuits. Which were super easy, though I have to say we had to add more water than was suggested on the packet. After 15 mins in the oven, they were ready:


We made the plain version, but the box does suggest alternatives like adding cheese or a meat stock in place of the water.

But the question is, did I like them?



What do you think? LOL.

We’ve also bought the scone and cake mix so will be trying those too. I really think this is a great idea. But have to say they are a little tricky to get hold of. ATM none of the big pet stores or supermarkets seems to stock them and they are only available through Amazon as an ‘add-on’ item. Their website does have a list of stockists but they are mostly small outlets. I’m just hoping they’ll become more popular and more readily available so we can buy some more!

Dog biscuit heaven

Mummy has been so slack helping me with my bloggy but I hope to get round to visit everyone today.  Before I start, I quickly wanted to tell you about something pawesome that happened last night.

As you know mummy hides all the good stuff on top of the freezer, and balancing precariously on top was an open box of Wagg’mms biscuits (liver flavour, my favourite). Anyway, she opened the freezer door and down they tumbled.  It literally rained dog biscuits:-) And then it became a race of how quickly we could pick them up. But as I don’t have thumbs I had to use my mouth hehehe.  I think I won *burp*.

Things went downhill later on though as mummy and daddy  decided to watch a film in bed on the laptop. Apparently I was in the way of the screen though so they turned it into a dog top:

I don't think so

Aren’t they meanies!?

Anyway have a great friday all.

Homemade treats

At the weekend, mummy decided to make me some treats. She has made some before, but not for aaaagggeeees, so I was pretty surprised and impressed.

Nanny had given her a dog treat recipe book and she chose to make one of the easiest ones, which were apple and honey bites. It was just a case of mixing apples, wholegrain flour with an egg and some honey and then baking them. They came out like this:


Once they’d cooled it was the taste test. I was determined to be honest and critical.


Have to say she did a pretty good job and I would happily eat them all in one go. But as usual she was a meanie and I only got 1:-( At this rate they’ll go moldy before I get to eat them all!

Does your mummy ever make treats for you? And if, so, what’s your favourite?

Today is fireworks night, so stay safe everyone. We’ve had almost constant banging over the past few nights, and I’m pretty cool with them now. The odd extra loud makes my ears prick up but other than that I’ve just ignored them. That’s not to say I won’t be pleased when they stop though.

Spoiled? Not likely!

I’m often accused of being spoiled. Yes, I find it hard to believe too! Apparently I have too many toys (debatable), I get too many cuddles and bellyrubs (is that even possible??) and too many treats (NEVER!!).

But the thing is, if I’m soooo spoiled and well-loved, then I’d like to know how you intend to feed me, cos my food box is almost empty and there’s not a bag in sight.

2013-10-16 19.25.18

The dregs in my food box

I hope I’m not expected to starve?? Oh the horror. I think its time to engage the puppydog eyes.

2013-10-15 20.54.05

Daddy I’m sooo hungry…feed me!

After what felt like 87 millions hours daddy finally went out to the car and brought back a new bag of food – yay! You had me worried there for a while.

2013-10-18 18.36.26OK maybe I’m a tiny bit spoiled 🙂

What did you have for your dinner today?

Eating out

Daddy needed to pick something up from a friend so they arranged to meet up at a pub. Mummy and I went along for the ride. Luckily the weather was nice so we were able to sit outside and a few people came up to me to say hello. I just love making new friends, especially when they say nice things about how pretty I am:-)

But after a little while everyone seemed to forget about me:-(

2013-09-01 17.36.12

bored now, is it time to go??

And then they decided to order food, which meant I’d have to sit and watch them – how mean is that! But mummy produced a filled hoof from her bag – yummy! I sat and crunched away while various people walked past me and I didn’t even blink in their direction. Gotta love a nice smelly hoof:-)

2013-09-01 18.16.27

now this is more like it

Did you eat out today?

As usual I’m behind reading all your bloggies. Mummy has been crazy busy at work, plus she’s at a conference over the next couple of days so not sure how much she’ll be able to help me. Please bear with me though and hopefully I’ll be able to resume visiting you again soon.

Christmas in July

I joined in on Finn and Sprinkles‘s Christmas in July present swap, or fakemas as I like to call it:-)

As there were only 3 of us participating in the UK, we each passed our gifts to each other, so I sent my pressie off to Mollie and received my gift from Molly the Wally.  Thank you Molly.

Notice there are 4 presents here:


Now there are only 3…


This is because as mummy went to take the picture *someone* ran off with the veggie croc into the garden. Luckily I caught the perpetrator but as it was already half eaten I figured i might as well finish it off.


what? wasn’t me!

This is the cute keyring that Molly commissioned from Mollie for me. Thank you both:-) it’s going to look great with mummy’s keys on it.


And this is me with my new toy:-)DSC_0373Thank you so much Molly. And thanks to Finn and Sprinkles for hosting the event:-)