Our garden isn’t very pretty. Despite mummy and daddy’s poor efforts to tidy it up, it’s still a bit of a disaster zone. Admittedly being small there’s not a lot they can do with it. I help as best as I can of course, but even that’s not really enough.

The other day they decided to get some plants for our planters, which were happily growing weeds in them. These got unceremoniously dug out and in their place they put funny smelly herbs. I decided to dig them up check them out.


Apparently my gardening skills were not required and my help went completely unappreciated.

But now we have a bud on one of the fuchsia’s they don’t seem to mind as much.

2014-06-16 18.26.59

Do you like gardening?

Cat Watch

Apologies to my kitty friends, but the cats in my neighbourhood are taking the fur!

For the past few nights they’ve been trespassing in my garden and I am not a happy doggy. The worst thing is as soon as daddy lets me out to explain the property rules to these disrespectful  moggies, they run off like they are playing knock-down ginger!

So I’ve decided to sleep in the garden tonight with a spotlight and a water pistol to teach them a lesson. Now I’ve just got to convince daddy to let me stay outside and to find a water pistol that doesn’t require thumbs to operate it. Any ideas where I can get one??


Mummy can you bring my bed out to the garden please? I could be here a while

Have you ever had trespassers in your garden??



Yesterday we had a lovely spring day. It was a little chilly (approx 7°c), but it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t overly windy. It made such a nice change from the horrible weather we’ve had of late. When lazy mummy and daddy finally took me to the park it was teeming with kids and fair-weathered dog-walkers.

When we came home, I disappeared. I wasn’t in any of my favourite spots. When mummy eventually found me, I was in the garden like this:


Soaking up the sun

OK yes, I might be snowdog but I can’t resist a good sunpuddle:-) Mummy and daddy are always saying that I’m part cat, well I guess this proves it BOL

They then went out and I had to stay home. But as a parting gift they left me half a loaf of bread – wasn’t that nice of them! When they got back there was some moaning about how I’d eaten it all. But they obviously meant for me to have it as they put it on the kitchen counter within easy reach. I think they are both loosing the plot lol.

ps. Barkarama currently have a competition to win 2 tickets to Crufts. You can enter here:

FF: Baby Misaki in the snow

Here’s my third and final baby video. Sadly mummy’s terrible film-making skills made her give up and she didn’t take any more videos till I was older. So we’re back to photos as of next week. But here’s me having some snow fun 🙂

_fridayflashback badge

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Last year it was so wet and rainy that our garden became THE holiday destination for slugs. Mummy went on a rampage with salt but as soon as one wave was defeated the next bus load of slug holidaymakers turned up. I didn’t mind, I kinda like the little fellas. So much so that mummy would often come downstairs to find one of my new friends on the carpet. She was not impressed.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking about lungworm. Mummy and daddy were such noobs that they didn’t know anything about lungworm and naively believed the shop assistant in the pet store when they were told it wasn’t a big issue and it was fine to give me a treatment that didn’t contain any protection against it. You can imagine the panic when they went home to read an article all about how lungworm is spread by slugs and snails and is a huge threat to dogs! You’ll be relieved to read that they now get me a decent treatment from the vets to make sure I’m completely protected.

Anyway to get back to my story, as we’ve had crazy hot weather lately the slug community decided to have stay-cations instead of visiting us so mummy relaxed her anti-slug campaign. But one or two extreme thrillseekers decided to visit Hotel Misaki despite the weather. The other night one slug decided he liked me so much he hitched a ride on yours truly for a tour around our house! Mummy was too freaked out to take any pics so this is a reconstruction:


Daddy kicked Mr Slug off the tour for not paying for his ticket and mummy got the job of brushing his slime out of my fur. Sadly I think Mummy is going to war with the slugs again. Sorry slug friends, but Hotel Misaki is closed for business.

WW: in the garden


Mean mummy

Mummy spoils all my fun. She stops me from rooting round the rubbish the the park (and just lately there’s been LOADS), she won’t let me chase the neighbourhood cats (sorry bloggy kitty friends but I am a dog afterall) and most recently she’s confiscated some of my favourite toys:-(

I often need to use the ‘little girl’s room’ around 5.30/6am so mummy heads down to let me out (after I’ve stuck my nose in her face to wake her up). Now I tend to leave a few toys in the garden and on some occasions while doing my business I have ‘accidentally’ trodden on some of my squeakier toys which apparently isn’t allowed at that time of the morning.  Especially since one of our neighbours is a bit grumpy. And so she’s them taken away:-(

They are currently on a shelf in the conservatory which is too high for me to reach.


all my favourite squeaky toys 😦


to put it in perspective you can just see the top of my chair in the bottom of the photo

Does anyone have any growing powder I can borrow to help me get up there?? Or maybe a pogo stick??

is your mummy mean too??

taking a dip

I used to hate the paddling pool mostly because to fill it up the evil water snake would come out. When I was finally brave enough to get out of my hiding place, I tended to use it as a giant water bowl rather than to paddle in!


But it was pretty hot yesterday so I decided to paddle my feet. Mummy and daddy were completely shocked.


This isn’t so bad:-)

Maybe next time they’ll fill it up a bit more though.


I could get used to this!

Do you like to paddle your feet too??

Wasn’t me!

Uh oh! Those naughty sneaky birds have been up to their old tricks again. Look what’s happened to mummy’s pansies:

2013-04-02 19.18.58  2013-04-02 19.19.04

Mummy seemed to think I was to blame!! How rude is that! I was way too busy with my new pal to do any gardening. He came all the way from the US!

DSC_0431Yep, I was having far too much fun with this guy to bother with mummy’s silly plants.

My sock monkey was from Sammy! He was part of my prize for winning the campfire poem contest. Thank you Sammy, me and sock monkey are besties:-) This is what else came in my parcel:


How cool is that!

Cats on a wet shed roof!

The other day two cats decided to have a catgress on our neighbour’s shed. I knew it was a catgress because Nerissa mentioned these special meetings cats have in a post the other day.

I was very interested in what they had to say, but they very loudly meowed me away – how rude!

Daddy took this picture of me trying to dog-wig on their convo. Sadly it shows the woeful state of our garden which has been devastated by me the amount of rain we’ve had recently.

misaki stalking cats