Wake up!

Mummy has a cold and is being very grumpy. She didn’t seem to appreciate this view first thing in the morning.

DSC_0568 But sick or not, I still needed my breakfast. After begrudgingly sorting that out she then went back to bed again, forgetting about my morning walk! So I had to wake her up again. Somedays I wonder what she’d do without me.

As well as needing to stretch my legs, I figured some fresh air would be good for her. We had a good walk and I even made friends with a Sibe called Oz, who I totally beat at wresting:-) But afterwards did she thank me for motivating her? No. Talk about ungrateful! I’ve spent the whole day doing my best to make her feel better: earlier I even curled up next to her on the sofa and kept her feet warm – something I NEVER do!

I hope she hurries up and feels better, not sure I like this grumpy version of mummy! The good thing is Grampy is coming over tomorrow, and I know he appreciates me 🙂

Fun with the grandparents

I had such a great time with nanny and grampy yesterday. We had a lovely walk in the forest, I played in the garden, and literally bowled my nanny over with all my love and attention BOL.

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I also got lots of treats and cuddles:-) Perhaps it should’ve been grandpup day!

Quiet afternoon

I’m having a nice snooze this afternoon. I’m still recovering from Litchi’s fabulous party!!!

Tomorrow is Grandparents day in the UK. Its not widely celebrated, but I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and send mine cards:-)

My nanny and Grandpa Roy are going on holiday in the sun – lucky them! – hope they have a good time. So tomorrow I’m going to see my other nanny and grampy, there are rumours of bonios and jambones waiting for me – woohoo!!

Have a good saturday all xxx

What I do when I’m home alone

Every morning when I’m home alone, I play with my kong, my other toys, check the house for hidden treats, take a nap or two, check my blog and generally keep an eye on the house till daddy gets home. But I have a secret. As well as blogging I’m an online gamer!  I make myself comfortable in daddy’s den and spend my time levelling his characters. He’d still be level 1 noob without me!

What’s my password again??

He hasn’t quite figured it out yet, and always gives me a funny look when he logs on his account to find that he’s gone up a few levels, but old age and a few too many beers have made his memory unreliable, so he doesn’t question it too much.

OK let’s play!

Anyone want to game with me??


It seems to be a trend atm for humans to dog-shame, there’s even this site for photos: http://dogshaming.tumblr.com/
Examples of dogshaming include:


And even:

How rude is that!!

So I have decided to subvert this and start human-shaming instead! Starting with my mummy. I think this is rather apt:

If you could shame your humans, what would you shame them for??

The morning after

I am exhausted!!

all tuckered out

Daddy’s birthday was lots of fun though. First of all, Auntie Els came \o/ was soo excited to meet her in person and I gave her lots of doggy kisses.

Then lots of other people came and I spent the night greeting them all and making sure they were having a good time. It was tiring but I was determined to be the ‘hostess with the mostess’.

While making sure everyone had the opportunity to pet me and give me bellyrubs, I stood strategically by the food table and next to anyone eating. I gave them all my best starved dog look, but they were all very selfish and didn’t give me anything – so rude, especially after all my efforts! Daddy snuck me half a sausage but other than that my food consumption was very low. The rumours of the spoils of BBQs are grossly exaggerated.

Despite the severe lack of food, it was a good night. And most of all, daddy had a good time:D

Happy birthday Daddy!

Today is my daddy’s birthday so:


me using my dog tongue jutsu ❤

We’re having a BBQ later and I’m so excited. I’ll be putting into practice my best starved dog look. Do you think it will work??


Driving lessons

Today daddy gave me my first driving lesson 🙂

Ok let’s get started!

better check my blindspot

buckle up, here we go!

Maybe next time he’ll let me turn the ignition on 🙂

Present wrapping

Its my grampy’s birthday on monday and my daddy’s birthday next weekend. So after training mummy and i started wrapping their presents. I’ve discovered I am rather good at it 🙂

mum, where are the scissors?


are you going to help or just take photos?

I’m so excited about their birthdays. I hope they like their presents!



I’m off…

…to my daddy’s dam and step-sire’s for the day, aka nanny and grandpa Roy.

my bag is packed with my favourite things 🙂

This will be their first time watching me so its going to be fun! Grandpa Roy says he wants to take me for a walk later – err grandpa Roy I don’t think you understand how this works. I’LL be walking you hahaha!!!!