WW: tongue action

2015-01-25 17.22.30


WW: Comfortable

2015-01-04 20.55.23


WW: Snuggled up

2014-11-16 13.17.38


Sword dancing!

Thanks to everyone for joining in with the sword dancing event for Kyla’s highland Games. You all look amazing. Let the dancing begin!

Kyla, Kaci and Kali

Kyla, kaci and Kali trying to get the swords to dance!


jack and Tricky getting in the spirit of the games

Speedy Sword dancing (2)

Speedy, lord of the dance!

Scylla and Turien

Scylla and Turien’s highland fling!


Check out the concentration on Sammy’s face


Ruby the dancing queen!

Nylablue Sword dancing (2)

Nylablue has got some moves


Madi’s Arrow dance


Mika keeps it cool


Lexus strikes a pose



frankie and ernie

Frankie and Ernie flash their tighty whiteys:-)



Easy’s fancy footwork

abbe&anne highland games (2)

Abbe and Anne show us how it’s done

Well done everyone, you are all so nimble!

Don’t forget to check our all the other events the the Highland Games.

WW: Pumpkin


Any ideas what I should carve in it?


WW: Morning gossip

2014-09-22 06.54.27


WW: Furbaby

2014-07-28 20.27.06

This week I gave birth to a furbaby, and looks like it’s going to be a big litter as the fur is flying in chez Misaki lol!

Happy (almost) wordless wednesday


WW: happy in the sun

2014-07-04 18.09.28


WW: Water play

2014-06-29 11.03.21


WW: Bella

2014-06-25 07.04.27

This is my new friend Bella. She’s been adopted by Bud’s parents. You may remember that my friend and mentor Bud died last year. And I just know Angel Bud is watching over her as she has his lovely temperament.



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