Pets on Vacation: Traveling with your Furry Family

Recently I was contacted by Kendra who some of you may know from her twitter account @KendraThornton She invited me to collaborate on a post about travelling with pets. So half of the post is by Kendra and the second half by me. Hope you find it useful.

Travel tips by Kendra

Our best family trips have always included our dog.  While it takes extra effort and planning, it is always worth the time spent to include the dog on our vacation.  Next month we get to host some family as they visit Chicago, and I have shared some of my proven tips to make their trip more memorable for everyone.

Use a Dog Crate

While you may feel guilty at the thought of using a crate, don’t let yourself go down that road. Crates, when used regularly, become a dog’s home and allow her to feel comfortable in all situations. Our dog is used to sleeping in her crate at night, so when we travel I don’t worry about her being anxious and pacing in the new environment. When we crate our dog during long travel days, we make sure to give her plenty of exercise prior to leaving. After an extended game of fetch, she’s likely to sleep in her crate while we travel.

Travel by Car

Planes make travel easy for people, but for dogs, flying is very stressful. Most dogs fly in the cargo hold where it is cold, and they are not monitored by anyone during the flight. In addition, each airline has several strict rules, and a plane ticket for your pup can end up being more expensive than your ticket! I recommend only flying your pet when relocating. It’s important to start planning early and to follow all guidelines.

Research Pet Requirements

Many states have different requirements for pets crossing into their jurisdiction. Before you go, research necessary vaccines and obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian. Make sure that your destination doesn’t require quarantine. I also recommend a microchip for your dog in case she gets away from you during travel. Micro chipping is a quick, pain-free procedure that will let the authorities know that your dog belongs to you should she get lost.

Bring Home With You

Like kids, dogs appreciate a piece of home to travel with them. Bringing a favorite blanket or toy helps dogs feel more comfortable while away from home. Make sure the items fit into the crate easily to avoid packing an additional bag. Another calming trick is to apply lavender oil to your hands before petting your dog. A spinal massage helps our dog to relax when she’s feeling anxious. These tricks will certainly make your dog feel much more safe and secure.

Vacationing is so much fun, and making everyone feel comfortable while we’re away from home makes the trip fun smoothly. Finding a great hotel for both your dog and family makes everyone feel more comfortable. That’s why I suggested the family stay in a hotel right in downtown Chicago. Not only are many pet friendly but they are close to all the sites! By following our same feeding and exercising routine, for both the kids and the dog, we avoid unnecessary travel anxiety. It takes a little extra time to incorporate daily walks, but the enjoyment we get from traveling with our dog is more than worth it.

Travel tips by Misaki

Are you ready?

Before making a long car journey make sure your dog is comfortable travelling. Many dogs only go in the car when they visit the vets so they are stressed as soon as the engine starts.
I used to hate travelling in the car, (which I suspect had more to do with daddy’s driving than anything else lol) and would refuse to even get in. So mummy and daddy fed me in the car a few times. We didn’t go anywhere, we just sat in the car while I ate and then we got out again. Then they tried without the food and just made some short journeys. And gradually I got comfortable with travelling. Now I just settle down and fight off sleep.

Buckle up

Make sure your dog is restrained in your car. Whether in a crate or by a car harness. This will help protect in the case of an accident. I have a hammock which covers the back seat. It prevents me from jumping into the front of the car and also stops me from falling down the seat-wells (although don’t think I’d really fit lol). I’m also restrained by my harness.
If you like to have the windows open, it’s worth thinking about getting a window guard to prevent them from sticking their head out or even jumping out – I have some experience with this!

Regular stops

When planning your journey add some extra time to make some planned stops along the way. Allowing for a wee and water break and letting your dog stretch his/her legs will make them more comfortable during the trip. Although tbh I find that it’s mummy who needs to use the bathroom more than I do lol!


Before you travel, check your dog’s microchip details are up to date and they are wearing ID tags. Also have a recent photo with you just in case they do get lost. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

First Aid

It’s worth taking a first aid kit with you for that just-in-case scenario. You can either buy one ready-made or make up one yourself. And worth looking up the number of the nearest vet to where you’ll be staying, in case you need it in an emergency.


So there you go. Thanks to Kendra for inviting me to join in.

Silly Cooper

Where I’ve been having a mid-morning walk with daddy I’ve made loads of new friends recently, and one of them is Cooper. He’s a 5 month old boxer-mastiff cross. He’s all legs and likes to play loads.

2013-12-26 11.15.48

me and Cooper playing chase

Anyway, Sebastian, Cooper and I were walking past the duck pond the other day and I decided to take a dip. I was taking advantage of being with daddy as mummy NEVER lets me go in.

Anyway, Cooper decided to follow me in, but he couldn’t get out again – eeek! It is pretty deep in places, I may have had a similar issue once or twice before;-)

Anyway, they had to coax him to the side of the pond and then Daddy ended up having to lie on the muddy ground and pull him out by his collar. Lol Daddy was NOT impressed! I don’t think Cooper will be doing that again. I don’t think it will stop me though:-)

How to be a good guest?

Hey guys, you may have seen over on Mollie‘s bloggy the other day that I’m going to visit her this weekend. And I’m super excited! We’re going to play on her beach, maybe take a dip in the sea and most of all have loads of fun. Once we’ve had a good play, the plan is to head back to her house for a gourmet meal – nom nom!

Mummy says I have to be on my bestest behaviour. The only time I’ve visited with another doggy was last christmas when my doggy cousin Dizzy was at my nanny’s house. We were a bit excited and we played rough through the house, but it was fun. Overall we got on really well although she keep nipping my ruff and I accidentally stood on her paw (whoops), other than that it was all good. But this time its at Mollie’s house so I have to be REALLY good. I’ve looked online for some tips on how to behave and I found the following suggestions:

1. Arrive on time, don’t be late: I’m planning to set the furry alarm extra early so mummy and daddy have plenty of time to get us there. I’m thinking 4am. Do you think this is too early??

2. Take a gift. I’m thinking I could take Winnie and we could see how fast we can tear him apart. Great idea, right?

3. Offer to help clean the dishes – now that I can DEFINITELY do, its my favourite chore:-)

4. Don’t drink too much. Hmmm…

drinkingOK maybe that’s good advice.

Is there anything else I should or shouldn’t do??

Buddy :-)

Just a quickie today. I’m desperately behind on visiting all your bloggies and replying to your comments so hope to spend some time today catching up. While I’m doing that I’d like to introduce you to a new friend: Buddy. He’s actually the little brother of my friend Freddie. He’s just over 3 months old. I met him briefly at class on Wednesday but at the weekend we bumped into him at the park and we got to have a little play. Isn’t he a cutie, he looks like a little bear:-)

2013-08-11 10.50.33

I think this is my favourite pic, it looks like Freddie and Buddy have merged into one dog BOL

2013-08-11 10.51.08

Did you get to play with any friends today?

new park friends

Most of my park friends are alot older than me and aren’t fond of playing anymore. Occasionally I see my buddies Ben and Henry who will chase about with me a bit while their sister Mia sits and watches, but I haven’t seen them for a few weeks and  recently the park has been very quiet.

Ben, Henry and Mia

Ben, Henry and Mia

However, today I made a new friend, plus saw my buddy Sebastian who I haven’t seen for AGES!

First of all here’s Daisy a little Staffy, she’s super cute and although I sat on her face a few times she kept coming back for more:-)

2013-06-10 17.59.22 We had superfun together.
2013-06-10 18.00.36

And here’s my buddy Sebastian, he’s a Landseer. He’s also younger than me, makes me look small right BOL.

2013-06-10 18.05.57 Isn’t he handsome!
2013-06-10 18.05.44I hope I get to play with them both again soon:-) Did you see any friends today?

50 unread emails

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and opt to receive new posts by email, whether directly or through Bloglovin. Some days I open my emails and zoom through all the posts and the comments on my blog. But over the past few days, my inbox has remained at 50 unread messages. I’m pretty sure I’ve read thousands of posts and replied to hundreds of comments. And I STILL have 50 unread emails. GAH!

So while I attempt to catch up, don’t forget to pop over to see Henry at My Three Moggies, its his 6th birthday today and is having a contest to find the perfect birthday cake!

And if you get a chance, check out Cat’s post about wonderful doggies, you might see a familiar face in the line up 🙂

And lastly there are some photos of me on the BIG GSD forum from the funday I went to at the weekend. You can see them here: you many have to scroll down a bit. This one is my favourite:

misaki looking scaryHow scary is that lol. Luckily I didn’t scare Autumn off, as you can see she’s poking her tongue out at me:-)

Have a great Friday everyone!


All About Dogs

Today I went to the All About Dogs show in Brentwood.

We got there early and only stayed a couple of hours as it started to get hot and was crazy busy. But I had loads of fun. I made lots of friends, most of all with a giant malamute called Mick – seriously he was twice the size of me! I also had a go at an agility course. I wasn’t too sure at first but by the end of it I started to get the hang of what I was supposed to do, I think daddy was more tired than me lol.

We had such a great time, apparently there’s another in July so am hoping we can go to that one too:-)

What did you get up to today?


Today I met up with mummy’s friend K and her dog Toby. He’s a chew toy Chihuahua. Mummy wasn’t sure how it would go and said I had to be on my bestest behaviour. Mostly because Toby doesn’t socialise with other dogs much and also because he barks ALOT. And as I rarely bark, sometimes I get freaked out by vocal dogs.

2013-04-20 09.54.25

can you guess which one is me bol

But overall it went well, we didn’t actual wrestle, although I would’ve liked to, but I did show him round my park and introduced him to a few friends.

2013-04-20 11.33.26

me, K and Toby

Afterwards they came back to ours for a bit. Mummy said I was good for not making a fuss about letting him in. He growled at me a few times but mummy said not to take it personally, he was obviously a bit nervous.  And I didn’t mistake him for a toy, so all went well:-)

Although it was fun, I’m meeting up with my friend Lady tomorrow for a proper romp about:-)

Mallies vs Sibes

I’m often mistaken for a Sibe and after a few months of repeating ‘she’s a malamute’ and explaining the differences between the two breeds, mummy and daddy have now got bored of the speech and sometimes they just nod and smile.

The main difference between us is that I’m bigger as I’m built for endurance while Sibes are sleeker as they are built for speed. Most people don’t appreciate the difference till they see Mallies and Sibes next to each other. This was posted on fb a while ago by It’s a Malamute and it really highlights the difference (although that Mallie does seem particularly big to me!):

example of a Mallie and Sibe

which ones which?? lol

The funniest times have been when I’ve met Sibes and the owners have assumed I’m also one and the reason I’m the bigger of the two is that I must be a boy (I’m not!) and/or I must be fully grown (nope – I still need to grow into my ears!).

While randomly looking up something yesterday I stumbled across the below infographic, which is a great representation of the differences between us and inspired me to write this post. I’ve wanted to write something about Mallies and Sibes for a while and the below illustration really sums up everything I wanted to say.

I’m not Sibe-bashing, they are lovely too. But I’m a Mallie:-)


Apologies for stealing this infographic to whoever created it, but am happy to give credit to whoever you are.

ps, don’t forget to keep voting for Rumpy in the World Spay Day Pageant – he’s a mallie too:-)

Me and Dizzy

I mentioned before that on Boxing Day I was due to meet my new doggie cousin Dizzy!

We started off like this:

Then like this:

Had a bit of a rest

Then some more of this
And finally

We are now besties:-) I hope I get to see her again soon!