WW: Tug of pig!



70 Comments on “WW: Tug of pig!”

  1. Dalton says:

    my money is on you!!

  2. We’re with Dalton on this!

  3. So who won? I just HAVE to know!!!

    Hugs, Sam

  4. Emmadog says:

    If you don’t have a fur sibling, a human is a good substitute in a game of tug a war!

  5. you sure have a fun dad lucky!
    retro rover

  6. We hope you sometimes let Dad win!

  7. Clowie says:

    I think you won, Misaki!

  8. Yep our money is on you Misaki. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Theo Dog says:

    Looks awesome. Don’t tell Dad just yet, but if he doesn’t bite the right end next time, he’ll get covered in slime 🙂

  10. BOL! That looks like FUN Misaki!
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. I bet one Greenie (just slightly chewed) on you Misaki :o)

  12. fozziemum says:

    We for sure have our money an you Misaki 🙂 no offence to dad but you got the muscle on your side 🙂 hugs fozziemum xx

  13. PigLove says:

    OMP (oh my piggy!) That is too fun I was just thinking about your piggy the other day. Me and dad were talking about it. I need to show him your post playing with your daddy and piggy. I guess I did have it wrong the other day when I was trying to play with daddy. I didn’t have a toy and I was pulling his shirt – snorts. My bad. XOXO – Bacon

  14. That looks like a fun game!

  15. Frankie and Ernie says:

    M. Your DAD is the BESTEST GOOD SPORT EVER EVER to be !!! Love it.

  16. Kyla says:

    Misaki, you take care with your Daddy. No pulling out facial fur and be careful with Him, He’s got glasses on.

  17. Our wags are on you, Misaki. But, your dad is putting up a grrrrrrerat tug!

  18. Will and Eko says:

    Haha, I foresee a Misaki victory…or a trip to the dentist!

  19. My money’s on you!

  20. Two French Bulldogs says:

    BOL who won?
    Lily & Edward

  21. Ruby and Angel Pip says:

    I’m pretty sure you got this one. Just don’t let go!!

  22. Jane Y. says:

    so cute! who won? 🙂

  23. Earl Lover says:

    Hahaha! BOL! Yeah, who won Misaki?

    Lots of Woofs from Earl an I at Earl’s World!

  24. ok have to ask who is the real dog 🙂 LOL had to be said ha ha xxx

  25. The OP Pack says:

    BOL – we think we know who won this one!!!

    woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Who won??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS – Murphy has a new Facebook Page to replace his timeline that the Facebook Police vaporized. He is at: https://www.facebook.com/murphyandstanley

  27. pawedblog says:

    uh oh!! Who won!! Come on Misaki!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  28. dezizworld says:

    MOL Wes’ weally needed dat tuday. You’s boff vewy sweet. Hope yous had fun. Hav a Pawsum day!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀


  29. HaHa!!! What a wonderful Dad!

  30. OMG! That is a brilliant pic. Your dad rocks.

  31. Nylabluesmum says:

    yow me putz megreen papurrz on da poochie Mistur Loic!! Butt we admire ya fer tryin!!\Go Misaki go!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  32. You know, you look like your Dad.

  33. Nylabluesmum says:

    Me nose me Misaki can out tug da best of dem……
    Well dun Gurlfurend 🙂
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

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