The Importance of Treating your Dog for Fleas

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 A flea infestation is more than just some mild discomfort for your dog. Left untreated, fleas can be a serious health hazard. While it would be nice to ignore the problem and just let it go away, the reality of the situation is that without a proper dog flea treatment, these pests will stay around for a long time. If you’re wondering how to approach a flea treatment for dogs in your household, consider the information below before making your final decision.

Symptoms of a Flea Infestation

 Contrary to popular belief, flea infestations in pets aren’t always easy to identify. Dogs scratch for a variety of reasons, including dry skin and certain types of allergies. Despite that, scratching is still the first sign that your dog might have a flea infestation. Chewing can also be common, where the dog seems to spend a lot of time nibbling at the hindquarters or paws. Other signs include red pimples or bumps that weren’t there before. These are usually located along the underbelly, near the groin, and at the base of the tail. These bumps are flea bites and indicate that the dog might have an infestation you need to deal with.

The Dangers Posed by Fleas

 Fleas are more than just an itchy nuisance. Without a proper flea treatment for dogs, these parasites can cause some major health problems. This can include making the dog more susceptible to other dangerous parasites, such as tapeworms or heartworms. The skin irritation caused by an infestation can cause rashes and hair loss. Because the fleas are feeding on your pet’s blood, there is a risk of anaemia, which can cause additional health complications and even death. The threat posed by fleas isn’t restricted just to dogs, either. While fleas don’t nest in humans, other parasites caused by the fleas can go from pets to their owners. Tapeworms, for example, can be passed from dogs to humans.

Treatment and Prevention

 There are multiple goals for any flea treatment for dogs. Adult fleas need to be killed, their eggs need to be removed, and any eggs or dander in the home must also be removed. Several flea treatment products are available to help this happen. Products such as Frontline and Revolution are extremely popular, although other similar products can also be effective. It’s important to keep applying the flea treatment on a monthly basis for at least six to nine months. This will ensure that all the fleas are dead and that any newborn fleas from eggs that might have been missed get killed off as well. You should also vacuum frequently and wash your pet’s bedding to eliminate flea dander and eggs.

Fleas are a problem that almost every dog has to deal with. However, you can limit the damage done by these parasites if you use preventive care, keep your pet’s environment clean, and stay vigilant. Finding the right flea treatment for your pets will also help keep them healthy for years to come.

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27 Comments on “The Importance of Treating your Dog for Fleas”

  1. It is very important to treat regularly for dogs and cats.

  2. fozziemum says:

    Great post Misaki…guess what ..we have only had to treat the animals here once!! in the last 17 years of pet ownership we have had fleas once..from foster kittens…and Cleo had them once from a rabbit hole (hers were sticky fleas and not spread to the other pets) ..we have no idea why but never had a flea…we must be very lucky indeed…and every vet check…no fleas…I wonder why? Hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. Rachael says:

    Great share, Misaki. Flea treatment is SO important. We’re always really on top of this with Del. We’re determined that he never gets fleas!

  4. Sharing as very good points x

  5. Thanks Misaki for taking time to make sure everyone gets the message: NO Fleas! Thanks!

  6. She religiously worms and treats us with anti flea stuff. Good to remind us all. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. speedyrabbit says:

    hehehe mummy did me this week too,xx Speedy

  8. This is a very good and informative post , we will pop up on this site 🙂

  9. Fleas are the devil… which is why we make sure to be covered here!

  10. paws2smile says:

    Thank you for sharing, very important information!

  11. Kyla says:

    We are fortunate that fleas and ticks don’t like our desert and treatment is unnecessary.

  12. p.m.terrell says:

    Wonderful post, Misaki! Our peeps hate fleas as much as we do, so they are diligent about treating us. Have a great weekend! Love from Simone the collie and Eddie & Lucy the JRs.

  13. Two French Bulldogs says:

    What is scary is that we know someone who over treats there pup. Nutty
    Lily & Edward

  14. Excellent post, It’s very important to keep on top of it. we do the house twice a year aswell to be on the safe side. Would you mind if I re blogged it sometime next week.

    I’ve just done a guest post on Oral health.


  15. I agree with you Misaki! It is important and I had my frontline on wednesday ( btw: we will stay in a hotel named: Hotel the Lice(s), so I think I’m well prepared) Have a great friday and a super weekend!

  16. It is so good to keep our most loved ones flea free.

  17. Thank you for the important post. Don’t want to see our fur babies miserable from those narly fleas.

  18. Fleas are awful but I admit I am very leery of the chemicals in front line. I use frontline only in the smmer and spring months when fleas are a problem here and I also use natural sprays when I can

    retro rover

  19. That was really great info! Flea prevention and treatment is super important thats for sure!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  20. Very important Misaki!! I am allergic to the little buggers, so I take an oral flea med (I wipe the drop stuffs off too easily!). Plus, who wants to be itchy anyhu?
    Ruby ♥

  21. Nylabluesmum says:

    Ohankz fer da bloggie about da fleez!! Me haz onlee had sem once n dey waz nastee. Mum flee treetz me frum May til Tocktoburr….
    Last 2 yeerz she started in March caus e we had earlee Spring n stopped in Sept. or Oct. As we has alot of cold weather here we nott plagued wif fleez as much as sum other placez!!
    Mum haz me flee treetmint ready so once me iz able to go out in Condo she will do da ‘spot-on’ fer me!
    Why did KAT|GOD creeate fleez?? Dey iz nuffin butt irritatin!!
    Lub ya Misaki frum me Nylablue =^,,^=

  22. dougalldog says:

    I am ashamed to admit this… But I had fleas last month… So embarrassing… Lucky the peeps noticed and got on top of it right away!

  23. Shiva & Jaya says:

    This is Purrime Ministerettes. Does we has to depurrting flees to Pole down South?

  24. Judy & C.A.T.S says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s important for both dogs and cats to get treated for fleas. It’s much easier to get treated for fleas than to get rid of an infestation. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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