post mother’s day

This weekend was a bit crazy. We had both sets of grandpawrents over for dinner for mother’s day so Saturday was a flurry of activity, with cleaning and shopping and prep work. Then Sunday I had to supervise the cooking, and then when everyone turned up I had to play welcome committee, washer, hoover and entertainer. It was a very busy day for me. I also kept an eye on everyone through dinner to see if they needed any help with their food. Unfortunately they all seemed to manage just fine:-(


don’t mind me

I am pretty knackered now and definitely need to have a good snooze to recover


I am sooo behind in reading on your bloggies, but will really try to get round to see you all today.

The Importance of Treating your Dog for Fleas

Today’s post is from The Pet Medicine Company

 A flea infestation is more than just some mild discomfort for your dog. Left untreated, fleas can be a serious health hazard. While it would be nice to ignore the problem and just let it go away, the reality of the situation is that without a proper dog flea treatment, these pests will stay around for a long time. If you’re wondering how to approach a flea treatment for dogs in your household, consider the information below before making your final decision.

Symptoms of a Flea Infestation

 Contrary to popular belief, flea infestations in pets aren’t always easy to identify. Dogs scratch for a variety of reasons, including dry skin and certain types of allergies. Despite that, scratching is still the first sign that your dog might have a flea infestation. Chewing can also be common, where the dog seems to spend a lot of time nibbling at the hindquarters or paws. Other signs include red pimples or bumps that weren’t there before. These are usually located along the underbelly, near the groin, and at the base of the tail. These bumps are flea bites and indicate that the dog might have an infestation you need to deal with.

The Dangers Posed by Fleas

 Fleas are more than just an itchy nuisance. Without a proper flea treatment for dogs, these parasites can cause some major health problems. This can include making the dog more susceptible to other dangerous parasites, such as tapeworms or heartworms. The skin irritation caused by an infestation can cause rashes and hair loss. Because the fleas are feeding on your pet’s blood, there is a risk of anaemia, which can cause additional health complications and even death. The threat posed by fleas isn’t restricted just to dogs, either. While fleas don’t nest in humans, other parasites caused by the fleas can go from pets to their owners. Tapeworms, for example, can be passed from dogs to humans.

Treatment and Prevention

 There are multiple goals for any flea treatment for dogs. Adult fleas need to be killed, their eggs need to be removed, and any eggs or dander in the home must also be removed. Several flea treatment products are available to help this happen. Products such as Frontline and Revolution are extremely popular, although other similar products can also be effective. It’s important to keep applying the flea treatment on a monthly basis for at least six to nine months. This will ensure that all the fleas are dead and that any newborn fleas from eggs that might have been missed get killed off as well. You should also vacuum frequently and wash your pet’s bedding to eliminate flea dander and eggs.

Fleas are a problem that almost every dog has to deal with. However, you can limit the damage done by these parasites if you use preventive care, keep your pet’s environment clean, and stay vigilant. Finding the right flea treatment for your pets will also help keep them healthy for years to come.

Many thanks for the information The Pet Medicine Company

My Scarf

Yesterday I used a picture of me in a scarf for the Wordless Wednesday bloghop. And you were probably thinking WTD?? It’s (supposed to be) Spring AND you’re a snow dog. Why do you need to wear a scarf? Do you have a cold? Did you shed ALL your fur??


Does this scarf make my ears look big??

No, I’m not sick or chilly.

But you may remember that a while ago mummy had some of my fur spun into wool. Some of it was used to make my mini-me. But mummy gave the rest to nanny and she mixed it with another wool to knit this pawesome scarf!

It’s going to keep mummy nice and warm in the winter. And I’m hoping when it rains it’ll smell of me hehehehe!

How do you keep your peeps warm in the winter?

Sorry for not being around so much the last few days, mummy has had a big deadline at work. But we should be back to normal service soon.

WW: Scarf


You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing a scarf. Pop back tomorrow to find out!

TT: Oggi’s Oven

I thought I’d join in on Tasty Tuesday today to tell you about a product I recently discovered through a Groupon offer. It’s called Oggi’s Oven and they are packet mixes to make dog treats. I wasn’t asked to write this, but I really liked the idea of Oggi’s Oven and wanted to share.

In theory mummy would like to make more treats for me, but let’s face it she’s not the best cook and she doesn’t always have the time. Using a mix makes her feel like she’s making them herself. When she’s really only bunging them in the oven LOL:-)

Oggi’s Oven have mixes for biscuits, cakes and scones. All are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. The mix also comes with a bone-shaped cutter.


are they ready yet??


back of the packet for info

We tried making the biscuits. Which were super easy, though I have to say we had to add more water than was suggested on the packet. After 15 mins in the oven, they were ready:


We made the plain version, but the box does suggest alternatives like adding cheese or a meat stock in place of the water.

But the question is, did I like them?



What do you think? LOL.

We’ve also bought the scone and cake mix so will be trying those too. I really think this is a great idea. But have to say they are a little tricky to get hold of. ATM none of the big pet stores or supermarkets seems to stock them and they are only available through Amazon as an ‘add-on’ item. Their website does have a list of stockists but they are mostly small outlets. I’m just hoping they’ll become more popular and more readily available so we can buy some more!

Frankenstein’s Monkey

For Christmas I got this cool monkey toy. He makes the most amazing jungle sound, just like Tarzan!

2014-03-22 10.03.41

But one night I left Tarzan Monkey out on garden patrol during the rain, and because of that mummy insisted on washing him. After that torture he wasn’t the same. He went a bit, well, strange. He no longer made a noise when you squeezed him BUT he started to make his jungle call in the early hours of the morning. At first mummy and daddy thought I was playing with him, but they saw I was sleeping on the floor in their room. Perhaps we had an intruder? No, Tarzan Monkey was just loosing it. After a few days of these random and rather loud late night calls, mummy decided it was time to act.

2014-03-22 10.04.57

Yes my friends she gutted him! Oh the horror. :

2014-03-22 10.05.21

But she then replaced his faulty speaker with a spare squeaker. Great idea, eh?

2014-03-22 10.10.36

He now has a nasty scar but he’s recovered well and is happily living back with my friends in the toy house. And he has a nice new squeak too.

2014-03-22 10.29.00

Do you have any Frankenstein toys?

Friday round-up

Yay it’s Friday!


I thought I’d do a kind of follow-up Friday thing today.

First of all I thought it was really funny that so many of you thought it was mummy talking on the video I posted on Sunday: It was actually daddy LOL

Also you may remember I mentioned Sandy, the dog with wonky legs a few weeks ago. I’ve been following his progress on fb and he’s coming on leaps and bounds. There have been various articles in the national news, but there are some fab photos of him on the Mutts in Distress website:

Thanks to Mollie and Easy for hosting the pets in pants bloghop, I think we all had a good laugh over that.

And lastly I’m trying out a new look. What do you think?


I think I’ll leave you with this dogword search. Good luck!

Dog Search


One thing I really love about blogging is the constant flow of information. Whether it’s about training, health, grooming, recipes, toys or treats, I feel like I’m always learning something new. One thing that really made me sit up and listen was last month’s dental health awareness campaign, which many of my bloggy friends took part in.

Cleaning my teeth is something that mummy and daddy have thought about alot, but hadn’t quite got around to doing. Up until now they’d been quite proud of my teeth, although lately they’d noticed my pearly whites weren’t quite so, well, white. At long last they decided to invest in a doggy toothbrush. Having not done this before they weren’t sure what type to get, so they just bought a bumper pack that contained a bit of everything, Who knew Arm and Hammer made doggy toothpaste?!  And it was beef flavour too – yum!


Daddy drew the short straw and got the job of dental hygienist.  He started off with just some paste on his finger and then moved to using the finger brush. Now the thing is the paste tasted so good I spent the most of the time trying to lick off, which made the process quite interesting to say the least.


I wasn’t too impressed by the actual brush, but as a first attempt this went quite well I suppose, especially as it was followed by a dentastix🙂 Now the hard part is to try to hide remind them everytime my teeth need to be cleaned.

Do you have your own toothbrush? And what flavour toothpaste to you use?


Today I’m joining in with Mollie and Easy’s ‘Pets in knickers’ blog hop. So here are mine LOL



Will you be showing yours too??

Pet Theft Awareness week

The increases in pet theft is unbelievable. Where I live dogs are often stolen to be used in illegal dog fights. It’s awful to think that someone would take another’s beloved pet at all, but to think they then might be mistreated is unbearable.

This week is Pet theft Awareness week in the UK and have produced the following information which I’d like to share:

A5_PTAW_viovet_dogunion_v4If your dog is stolen then here’s some advice of what to do:

  • Act quickly! The quicker you act, the greater the chance you have of getting your dog back
  • If your dog is micro-chipped, which he will need to be by law in 2016, report your dog as missing with immediately
  • If your dog is snatched from you, try to take photographs of the person or vehicles used in the crime. Write down as much info as you can straight away
  • Contact the police immediately
  • Contact friends and start an immediate search of the area
  • Consider areas where you think thieves might take your dog
  • Put a message out on all your social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – along with a recent photo of your dog and ask friends to share and spread the word. Never underestimate the power of social media!
  • If you have not done already activate your dog’s microchip details on and visit their site for help and information
  • Put a poster up in your police station – maybe one of the police officers will see it and recognise your pet
  • Contact your local dog warden, as there is a chance that thieves might dump your dog if they think they’re close to getting caught
  • Post details on Petlog’s Lost & Found page on Facebook

More information can be found on their website: