How to be a good guest?

Hey guys, you may have seen over on Mollie‘s bloggy the other day that I’m going to visit her this weekend. And I’m super excited! We’re going to play on her beach, maybe take a dip in the sea and most of all have loads of fun. Once we’ve had a good play, the plan is to head back to her house for a gourmet meal – nom nom!

Mummy says I have to be on my bestest behaviour. The only time I’ve visited with another doggy was last christmas when my doggy cousin Dizzy was at my nanny’s house. We were a bit excited and we played rough through the house, but it was fun. Overall we got on really well although she keep nipping my ruff and I accidentally stood on her paw (whoops), other than that it was all good. But this time its at Mollie’s house so I have to be REALLY good. I’ve looked online for some tips on how to behave and I found the following suggestions:

1. Arrive on time, don’t be late: I’m planning to set the furry alarm extra early so mummy and daddy have plenty of time to get us there. I’m thinking 4am. Do you think this is too early??

2. Take a gift. I’m thinking I could take Winnie and we could see how fast we can tear him apart. Great idea, right?

3. Offer to help clean the dishes – now that I can DEFINITELY do, its my favourite chore:-)

4. Don’t drink too much. Hmmm…

drinkingOK maybe that’s good advice.

Is there anything else I should or shouldn’t do??

71 Comments on “How to be a good guest?”

  1. Hate to say it Misaki but you should avoid mud 😦 Mollie loves it but her Ma might just be a little less keen on two muddy girls in her house πŸ˜€ Bet you have the bestest time!

  2. Me and Nellie don’t think the furry alarm is being set too early at 4 am. After all is that not the best time to have a little woofathon and let your family know that they should be awake at this time. Early to bed and early to rise say Me and Nellie.

  3. Dalton says:

    I bet you two are going to have the most amazing time!!! I can’t wait to read about all your adventures!

  4. fozziemum says:

    Misaki…go for the ripping of Winnie…I have my reasons bwaaahahaaha I alluded to in the post about Winnie..may do a post on it one day baaaaaaa so I say throat the thing!! but of course in a ladylike manner πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx

  5. dougalldog says:

    I bet you’re gonna have a ball! (Maybe you could play with one too!)

  6. Gizmo says:

    Two of my favorite gurldawgs getting together and I can’t be there…Darn! I’d say watch out for Gaylord…teasing him too much might get you into trouble…And no picking up stray guys on the beach, that could only lead to trouble…Have a super great time and take lots of pictures

  7. Well Misaki, I definitely think Mollie’s Mom should get the word out that she and you are gonna be two girls on the loose so everyone can lock their doors, close their windows and bring their boy dogs inside where they are safe! Tee Hee Seriously though, I’m sure the two of you will have an unforgettable visit and I can’t WAIT to hear allllllllllllllllll about it (and I do mean ALL!) πŸ˜‰

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    pee ess One thing you should avoid is getting so excited that you pee on Mollie’s Mom’s carpet. That might be a BAD idea.

  8. Don’t eat Alfie.

  9. Have fun!!! That is so awesome you guys are meeting.

  10. Misaki it sounds as if you are quite polite so I think you have nothing to worry about! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. Coccolino says:

    Misaki I am so jealous you get to have a playdate! I’m sure you will be such a good guest, cleaning up everything, no tearing apart animals, no mudbaths…best behavior πŸ™‚

  12. We know you’ll have lots of fun, Misaki! One time we had a guest who piddled on our floor. Mummy didn’t seem to mind but that’s because it wasn’t close to HER food bowl!

  13. We too are so looking forward to reading all about it and seeing the pix. We know Mollie will be a gracious host and you will have a swell time. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. We can play ” LET’Z CHAZE ALFIE” all day bawahwhahhwhahhaha xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. Be just you, Misaki – then all will LOVE you! :o)

  16. Frankie and Ernie says:

    Mollie was tellin us all about this exciting Meet in the FURS thingy.
    WE think that 4 AM might be a BIT early… How about 4:05 AM.
    We would suggest that you have your peeps Stop a WEE bit Before you get to Mollie’s house… and let you PEE… We are offering this bit of advice… out of PAWSONAL Experience… BLUSH …

  17. The drinking advice is a good one that I should follow too!!! Lol!! You both are so awesome!! Hugs, Francesca

  18. Kyla says:

    Poo right before Mollie’s front door to announce to the world that you arrived safely and are there now.

  19. Will and Eko says:

    You should make sure to take lots of photos to remember the fun.

  20. When you are up late having some girl talk…. make sure you tell her dat she is sooooooooooooo lucky to have a hunky boyfriend like ME.

  21. You are funny! Maybe don’t chase her cat?

  22. Kuruk says:

    4 am sounds like a good time to get up. Definitely plenty of time. Have fun with Mollie! Woooowooooooooo!

  23. It seems you have covered all the proper etiquettes, Misaki. I sure hope you and Mollie have a BLAST!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  24. How exciting! I think it would be bad manners to snigg Mollie’s butt. Well, wait a minute, this is Mollie, she might like it – BOL!!!!!! OK, don’t snap her bra straps. We know that would be bad manners!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. Oops, IDK what snigg is, it should have said “sniff”.

  26. Another good rule is, “Play bitey face, but not too much!” Have fun!

    Love and licks,

  27. Hmm I think you’ve got the basics covered there… will be cool to see how you two get along!

  28. Mollie might not agree, but we suggest you be nice to Alfie.

    Have a great visit.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  29. Offer to help out – like offer to help her rip up her toys. Lee and Phod

  30. Now this is exciting! I am so happy for you guys that you are going to meet and have a wonderful romp! I will be waiting to see allllll the photos and videos πŸ™‚ You two have a wonderful time!!!

  31. please remember your table manners and don’t speak with your mouthful:)

  32. Have agreat time. I hope you don’t get blown away in the hurry cane!! xx

  33. speedyrabbit says:

    Might be best to leave Alfie alone to as he will feel a bit put by all you girls,have fun,xx Speedy

  34. I hope you have a super duper time. Please take a video of the fun!

  35. Nylabluesmum says:

    4 A.M.??? Ya iz gonna get yer Hu’manz up on da wrong side of da bed…make it 4:30 A.M. MOL/BOL. Defo take a Winnie or sumfing dat eedz a guud shreddin…maybee bring a box of Milkbonez or whatever Mollie’z fave crunchy treet iz. Avoid da mud n stinky water….
    Cuddle Alfie n give him a guud bath….eat lotz n use yer mannerz…..dat shuud werk…oh n if dere iz any tuna-tuna about; it iz YERZ!!!! πŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue n Mum (who sayz me iz a knotty gurl?)

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