FF: First belly Rub

I thought I’d join in on Ranger‘s Flashback friday again. Here’s a pic of my very first bellyrub:-) I’m sure you’ll agree that bellyrubs are the bestest!


_fridayflashback badgeWhy don’t you join in too? Just head over to Ranger‘s for the list of blogs connected to this hop.

Have a great friday everyone!


88 Comments on “FF: First belly Rub”

  1. South Bound says:

    Misaki you had such a cute little belly, I could tap tap tap it and give it a big smooch!

  2. fozziemum says:

    Oh Misaki…that’s a belly full of soft mushy live right there my friend..beautiful 🙂
    Have a great day hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. OMG Me and Nellie thinkyou look so little and adorable.

  4. Awww I just love tummy rubs 🙂

  5. Awwwwww – what a gorgeous, cute puppy you were. That tums needs kisses!

  6. It’s like magic how fast such a small and cute pup becomes such a beautiful Lady :o)

  7. finnhoward says:

    OH YES! Happy Flashback Friday!

  8. Oh Misaki you were such an adorable baby! Bellyrubs were great THEN and NOW right???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Dalton says:

    How unbelievably tiny were you?!

  10. speedyrabbit says:

    Awww look at how sweet and cute you were,xx Speedy

  11. Emmadog says:

    Look at that chubby little belly…who could resist giving it a rub! Way to cute!

  12. Nikitaland says:

    Man oh Man, do I love belly rubs too! I just lay there with my feet up in the air and enjoy the belly time!

  13. Amy says:

    Misaki you were a fluffy puppy! Cute and sweet and still are!

  14. Uber cute Misaki. OMD just cuddly. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Aweeeeeeeeeeee. I love your baby pics. My linkylist is broken this morning and I’m trying to fix it. Sorry about dat.

  16. Awwww. What a furry cute fluffy belly! ^_^

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  17. PigLove says:

    aaaww – how adorably cute you were and still are my friend!! XOXO – Bacon

  18. I’ve never been a fan of the belly rub but my kitty brother LOVES THEM!

  19. RAHUSKY says:

    Yeah for puppy tummys! Play bows,


  20. You was soooo tiny x

  21. You were so cute and tiny! We love belly rubs too! Lee and Phod

  22. Kyla says:

    In those days you were an Alaskan Minimute.

  23. Kuruk says:

    Oh Misaki, you were (and are) such a cutsie baby pup! Sistah Nalle is a huge huge huge fan of tummy rubs. She says the are vital to existence! Wooooowooooooo, Ku

  24. Shiva & Jaya says:

    Agreeings! Them rubs is bestest. I luvs them.


    P.S.: This Jaya. That be quite a belly rub in Shiva’s case. MOL!!!

  25. Awwww, who’s a cute widdle MisakI?!

  26. Kuruk says:

    Helooooowoooooo again Misaki. I’ve nomated you for an award! http://haikubyku.com/2013/07/26/my-favorite-things-award/
    woooowooooooo! Ku

  27. Will and Eko says:

    Haha that look on your face saying – “This is the most amazing discovery! I shall never stop wanting more!”

  28. Oh Misaki, you were such a cute little puppy! Who doesn’t love a good belly rub?!? have a great weekend!

  29. Gizmo says:

    oh my dog you were a heartbreaker Misaki…cutest puppy gurl ever!

  30. Oh, we totally agree sweet Misaki and you look adorable getting your first belly rug. You all have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. rubytheairedale says:

    OMD!!! OMD!! Just lookey how CUTE you are!!!! I loves the baby pics!!
    I wanna rub your belly too!!! (is that too weird?????)
    Ruby ♥

  32. ScottieMom says:

    You look so small there, misaki! What a flashback! And thanks for introducing us to Ranger. Always nice to meet fellow Scotties. They aren’t all too common. Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  33. Nylabluesmum says:

    “Puppie Puppie…oh what a cute widdle puppy….” Diz iz what Mum keepz sayin over n over again. Me haz to agree ya waz da cutest fluffy puppy….n you iz a beeuteefull grown poochie n we LUBZ ya madly!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen ❤

  34. Zena says:

    You are so good looking Misaki and you were the cutest puppy.

  35. cecilia07 says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh you are so tiny but just as precious as today
    Madi your bfff

  36. Wow! You were such a cutie!

  37. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Awwwwe…you were absolutely adorable!!!!!

  38. Aw you’re so tiny! Looks like a great belly rub!

  39. Rachael says:

    She looks so adorable here! What a lovely memory 🙂

  40. spittythekitty says:

    OMC! My Human is almost weeping just looking at how adorable you were when you were a pup–of course, you *still are*! XOXOXOXO

  41. Just look at that big soft puppy belly!!! What a lovely photo memory Misaki, thanks for sharing it with us!

    Ps. If you noticed that I randomly started “following” you today… AGAIN it’s because once more while blogging from my phone I managed to accidentally click unfollow….. am I the only one this happens to constantly?
    *hides eyes with hands*

  42. Clowie says:

    You were very cute!

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