camping prep

Mummy hates camping, she has ever since she went camping with the Girl Guides when she was young. Then about 8 years ago she tried going with daddy. They went to see a friend of daddy’s race his motorbike but it rained the whole time and the friend fell off his bike on the practice lap so they spent most of the time in A&E. The friend was fine and went on to win an amateur championship a few years later. But mummy’s opinion of camping was not improved.

So she’s currently wondering how daddy managed to talk her into buying a new tent and why they are planning a trip.

The idea seems to be for them to have some freedom to travel about while being able to take me with them. Now obviously the flaw in this plan is I’ve never slept in a tent before. And the tent they’ve bought won’t fit in our garden for us to try out doh!

Luckily the camping shop near us is dog friendly as amazing as that sounds. They even had a bowl of water and treat bowl at the entrance – they obviously knew I was coming. They have an outside area where all the tents are set up, so we had a walk round so I could get used to them. As we stepped inside one, daddy closed the flap to see how I’d react. But as he was standing outside I obviously wanted to be with him. Duh Daddy! Mummy took a couple of quick snaps of me looking at the tents.


2013-07-13 17.13.51

I think we should’ve got a red one

2013-07-13 17.14.37Phase two of this process involves us trying to find somewhere with enough space to put the tent up and spend some time inside it together. Then once I’m comfortable with that (and daddy’s figured out how to actual put it up) we’re going to arrange a night at a local campsite to see how we get on. If that all goes OK then we’ll book a mini break to the Lakes, or Cornwall or Wales or Scotland or all of them:-)

But that’s jumping ahead. In the meantime if anyone has any advice on camping with dogs, or surviving camping at all (for mummy) or even recommendations of places to stay we’d be glad to hear them.


81 Comments on “camping prep”

  1. ummm hello *waves paw* meeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. Hmm whee don’t know anything about camping really but whee does has our own little tents which whee like to snuggle in so whee can tell you there’s nothing to be scared of!

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  3. Dalton says:

    Typist takes her dog camping! They went to france last summer – that was an experience for her! – they stayed in one of those campsites with shower blocks and stuff but the one mr typist took her too didn’t have any loo seats! BOL

  4. We tried it with the two Huskies once. But Chipy disliked it and installed an illegal “emergency exit ” on the tent at night. The result was, that we searched her for two hours, the tent was a ruin and the air beds were damaged. We had to spent the rest of the night together in the car – but that was much better than the tent :o) We will try it this year again – but we have no clue about the perfect location. Think we should use Sammy’s campsite – thats a good place :o)

    • Misaki says:

      OMD that sounds eventful to say the least!! Chipy sounds like quite a character.
      I think Sammy’s campsite sounds like a good plan too:-)

  5. Clowie says:

    I think you’ll be very excited at first, but will love going camping, Misaki!
    Your mum and dad might find a large cork-screw dog tie-out useful, especially if it’s too hot to close you in the car while they put the tent up.

  6. No camping for us moggies, but you should absolutely love it Miskai x

  7. You must be very excited Misaki – how lovely for Mummy & Daddy to think of you! Do hope the test run goes well 😀

  8. fozziemum says:

    Start with a pup tent Misaki perhaps hehe…I think you will love it..and yes have a run type set up outside so if mum wants put she can hook herself up and leave you and dad in the tent…I think if you maybe practice small moments you will be fine…as long as mum has a comfy bed she should be fine…no beans!! could be nasty on the nose of an evening 🙂
    Have fun Misaki ..big hugs Fozziemum 🙂 x

  9. Misaki I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it but I sort of think if you’re with your parents you’ll love being snug inside a tent. Besides, you’ll mostly be out and about running and walking and hiking…..then snuggling at night with Mom and Dad. My Mom used to go camping with her cat many years ago and he LOVED being in the tent. If Mom needed to go somewhere she’d just zip the door up and Ricky (the cat) stayed inside and napped. I think it will be fun for you once you’re used to it Misaki……….It can be a HUGE adventure!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. Camping tips..Make sure they have the BBQ and lots of sausages for you. and pick the biggest sleeping bag Misaki..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. finnhoward says:

    Cascadian nomads – they just drove from the west coast of the US to the east coast and camped out every night. Google that and you will find their blog. One awesome adventure for them!!

  12. I’m with your mumma … I can’t stand the idea of creepy crawlies, no flushing toilet and no comfy warm bed! I’m sure she’ll have fun though 🙂

  13. Nikitaland says:

    Hey Misaki! Have you ever seen those tents that look like little houses? Yeah, they are really cool and have “rooms” to go into! We have never been camping, but our first thought for taking a dog camping is….make sure you pack a doggie medicine pack with Benadryl in case you get stung by something, wipes to clean your paws, lots of bottled water, and anything else in case of an emergency since you are away from home. (I vote for the red tent too!)

  14. Sorry we know nowt about camping Misaki but we are sure you will enjoy it this Summer. Hope you find somewhere near by for a practice run. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. I wish I had any tips, but last time I went camping was 10 years ago.
    I wanna go on a road trip with Doggy and camp around the country side.
    I’m looking forward to see how your adventure goes.
    PS: Don’t eat little kids Misaki.

  16. Emmadog says:

    I would so love to go camping, how fun! My mom is not a camper either. Her idea of camping is a bad hotel. Good luck and enjoy. Maybe if you get all wet and shake yourself off in the tent it will please your mom???

  17. No help for surviving camping. Sorry. I am so not a camping kind of gal. I have tried but I need my a/c and the bugs drive me crazy! And my own private bathroom is a must.. 😀

  18. I think it is genius of your Daddy and Mum to take you to see the tents ahead of time. That helps you to be more familiar. Do you follow the blog “Roxy The Traveling Dog?” If not, you should. They live in an RV and travel all over (and I believe she often uses tents as well) She has 2 dogs. I bet she could give you some amazing tips. Tell her Dakota’s Mom sent you! Let me know how it turns out.

  19. Mom used to camp, but she didn’t like it. Something about dirt, sweat, bugs, darkness, bats, and no hair dryer. She says to be sure your parents cook bacon in a cast iron pan, and make bacon and butter sandwiches for breakfast.

    Love and licks,

  20. Frankie and Ernie says:

    Does the tent have a nice comfy BED??? Does it have AC??? You need your creature comforts you know. Does it have a Cold Box fur keeping YOUR FOODS in?
    We think you need a back up plan…. THINK MOTEL…

  21. We go camping occasionally. At the beach. I love camping at the beach! The sand and the salt water everywhere. and the dead fish to roll in. And then cuddling in the tent or camper with the folks. And bacon! Cupcake got it right on that one! I don’t know of any places for y’all to go over where you live, but I’m sure everyone will have a nice cozy time!

  22. No tips from me but I hope you will enjoy the BBQs!
    Have fun and watch out for ticks hiding in the bushes and tall grass…

  23. No camping tips from our tribe. We’re city bums, BOL. Your momma can stay with us, while your dad goes camping, BOL. Max & Bella (endorsed by Paulette the biped).

  24. Fizz says:

    PAWsome. You should have got them to buy a caravan, we had a great time in ours. It was our first time too. Mummy says to make sure they buy a stake & chain or rope to tie you up to so you can’t wander off, other people might not like it if you stick your nose in their tent. We had a great time in Wales, it was just a small site, but there were lots of walks, a pub & a lake to swim in. Hope you have a great time, IU’m sure you will love it.

    • Misaki says:

      Mummy would much prefer a caravan but daddy hates them (he likes the tv shows where the caravans get blown up lol)
      Thanks for the tip about the stake, we’ve seen them in the camping store so will deffo pick one up

  25. Momma doesn’t camp. Ever. So I don’t have any practical advice for you. But I figure there must be SOMETHING to it. They’re called “pup tents” for a reason, right??

  26. Kyla says:

    It looks like fun, but I don’t know if the peeps I have are smart enough for it.

  27. stanze says:

    Some tents have mosquito nets inside and that helps a lot against the bugs. Weather is crucial for camping. If the tent gets flooded by rain your mummy will never want to go camping again. You could visit us and go camping on the pasturage (Normandy is exotic but not far away). Would have to ask the bosses though. They are coming tomorrow.

  28. I think you will love camping Misaki! Mama wants to take us on a backpacking/camping trip some day when we have all the supplies. She says you might prefer to be tied to a tree outside the tent at night or have your leash around your mummy or daddy’s ankle or arm during the night just in case. Nalle says you should just crawl into their sleeping bags where you will be nice and warm and safe! Woooooowooooooooo, Ku

    • Misaki says:

      Thanks Ku, I hope so. Think we’ll have to wait till its a bit cooler though, we put the tent up yesterday and it was like an oven BOL

  29. speedyrabbit says:

    Make sure you have comfy airbeds for your mummy and daddy to sleep on and that have a comfy bed too!xx Speedy

  30. Will and Eko says:

    I’m thinking of taking Eko camping as well, so I’ll definitely be checking the blog for tips. Good luck!

  31. GizmoGeodog says:

    I think you’re going to love camping Misaki…Just think you’ll be with Mum & Dad the whole time and there’ll be tons of great new things to sniff and lots of walks in the woods…and maybe new furriends too! Momz sez her best advice to you is NOT to try to make furriends with a skunk…One of her dogs did that and it was not a good thing at all and required many baths…Other than that you’ll have fun

  32. We have a lot of space, you could put your tent up here, but Lady says it is far away. Our lady won’t camp either. She did a lot as a kid and says she is done that fun. We hope you like it, it sounds fun! Lee and Phod

  33. cecilia07 says:

    Mom does not camp either. She Is afraid crawly things might get in bed w her

  34. FleaByte says:

    Oh what fun! My dogs LOVE to go camping! When we tent camp, we take their blanket beds and put them next to our blow-up mattress, just like at home. Cozy.

  35. Well, I’ve never been *sniff, sniff*, butts I’m sure there are TONS of pups here that can give you some FABuolous tips!! It sure does look like funs
    Ruby ♥

  36. dougalldog says:

    Those are some pretty cool looking kennels!

  37. Oh Misaki, you are going to LOVE camping! I just love sleeping in the “big crate” (the tent) with Ma and Daddy-dog. ma is an excellent campsite chef as well so if you need some yummy but easy recipes, give me a shout and we will share them with you!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    • Misaki says:

      Hey Oz, I’d love to hear your recipes. Daddy was talking about buying these yucky packet meals – mummy is not impressed:-(

  38. Good luck Dad!!! Has Mummy been told about the “toilettes”…if there are any at the camp site? Or if not, about the shovel and why she will need it??….ROFLMFTO!!!!

  39. South Bound says:

    I think I’m with your Mummy on camping – why sleep outside when there are perfectly good hotels, or even caravans???

  40. Happy camping Misaki 🙂

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