RIP Mr Mousie

You may have seen on my facebook page that yesterday I had a bit of a mishap with a mouse!

As mummy and I were walking through the park we veered off the path and went alongside the children’s playground. Usually there are a lot of leaves by the fence and I love to have a good sniff round there, but today something moved! There were at least two mice and they were lost, so I tried to do a good deed and point them in the right direction. But they were so scared and one of them ran beneath my paws and I sort of…well…I accidentally squished him! He was making so much noise that I got a little excited and may have squished him more than once…whoops. I really did mean to.

RIP Mr Mousie

RIP Mr Mousie

Sorry Mr Mousie. I really didn’t mean to squish you. Mummy is also sorry that she didn’t pull me away sooner, but she didn’t realise what was happening until it was too late.  And to make it worse Daddy didn’t want any kisses when he got home cos he said I had mousebreath:-(

I think I’ll go back to chasing pigeons from now on!


78 Comments on “RIP Mr Mousie”

  1. Accidents happen my friend…you were trying to do a good deed. I am sure you have been forgiven.

  2. fozziemum says:

    Oh Misaki how upsetting for you,even after you tried to do healing paws and CPR( Canine poking resuscitation) RIP Mr Mousie..may you come back as a doggie so Misaki can play with you 😉 xx

  3. Zena says:

    These little creatures are difficult to help Misaki. You did your best. It sounds rather like the incident of the parrot in the house which I tried to help find the door :-/

  4. stanze says:

    Mousebreath, that made me laugh so hard. Good that it wasn’t a skunk. I bet you wouldn’t have gotten a cuddle or kiss for quite some time.

  5. Ann Staub says:

    Oh what a sad event Misaki! I was going to consider hiring you to maybe get rid of these voles and mice here, but sounds like maybe you aren’t much for hurting them 😉

  6. CATachresis says:

    Your enthusiasm got the better of your, Misaki! I am sure the mousie won’t hold a grudge!! 😉

  7. Wow a mousie. No worries Misaki we know you probably didn’t see it in all the commotion. Me I’d have deaded it with my mouth and then try and kiss my peeps because I would be so happy, LOL I am naughty. My peeps would ruin my fun given half the chance. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. These things happen in the heat of the moment!

  9. Accidents happen! Hope todays walk isn’t as adventurous.

  10. I think that mouse had a really tiny brain getting under your giant powerful paw. Where can I get a mouse? Mom says that mouse breath would be an improvement for me!

    Love and licks,

  11. Well Misaki I’m sure that mousie is enjoying mousie heaven now so maybe you did him a big favor????? Too bad Daddy couldn’t appreciate your mouthbreath kiss! Hmmmfft !

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. OMD, you got a real Mousie..gonna tell Alfie, he couldn’t catch one if his life depended on it, pawhaps you can give him some lessons 🙂 Love yesterdays photo’s that nose trap looks funny.Bawahwaww xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. aww Misaki, it isnt yoor fawt. sometimes small furries meet a messy end when they get too close to stronger species like ourselves.

    it not yooz fawt!

  14. Emmadog says:

    Oh boy…poor mouse. I’m sure you did not mean to hurt him but these things happen.

  15. finnhoward says:

    Uh oh. That’s ok. That happens to me sometimes, I get really excited to play with spiders and things and I pounce on them and they don’t seem to be able to play anymore…

  16. Now the Mousie is on the way to the pink Mouse Ranch – I would like to kiss you – mousebreath is the best smell ever!

  17. p.m.terrell says:

    Aw, poor little Mr. Mousie! I hope the other little mouse found her way home and meets a new Mousie Mate.

  18. carraig1 says:

    If you’re interested in a date, several of my cats would like to talk to you 🙂

  19. Poor Mousie and poor Misaki, not getting any kisses when all you were trying to do was be helpful. Mistakes happen. Bet Dad has made them himself but will not admit it to you.

  20. Madi and Mom says:

    Misaki…bless your heart…let’s hope Mr. Mousie #2 was watching and learned from #1’s mistake.
    hugs madi your bfff

  21. Poor little mouse, I know you didn’t do it on purpose Misaki. Accidents do happen sometimes!

  22. It happens Misaki! Sometimes we just get too excited. Wooooowoooooo, Ku
    p.s. Did you see my reply on my blog. I’m so sorry, Mama made me go to bed and I forgot to nominate you for the award. Please accept please pretty please. Woooowoooooo!

  23. Kyla says:

    You need to get mousebroken.

  24. Will and Eko says:

    Can’t blame ya, I’m sure you were just investigating and got a little too worked up. Hope dad gave you some dog breath mints!

  25. Ooooh, good show Misaki! I love a good vermin hunt! And why wouldn’t dad give you loves? You stepped on the mouse, you didn’t eat it.

  26. speedyrabbit says:

    Never mind Misaki accidents do happen and I’m sure you’re forgiven.xx Speedy

  27. Ooopsie Misaki don’t beat yourself up about it accidents happen. =^.^=

  28. Oh, oops. These things happen… Rita accidentally killed a bird here once. She was just trying to play with it. She thought it might enjoy a little game of hacky-sack/toss. Sadly, it did not. 😦

  29. Awwww…those things happen.

  30. Gizmo says:

    Aw I know you were just trying to do a good deed…My sweet Misaki would never squoosh a mousie on pawpose 😉

  31. Oskar says:

    Poor little dude. You were very nice to help him try & get home. I hate to say it, but I woulda probably tried to eat him!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mousiez dat poor mousie must wunder what happened to himself?? Sumtimez it iz hard to help da ittybitty 4 leggedz…hope you iz all right Misaki!
    Lub Nylablue xo

  33. We forgive you, wag wag. Max & Bella

  34. Flea says:

    Misaki, you really should come to my house. Our chickens attract lots of mousies. They need a good squishin’.

  35. You didn’t MEAN TO?! Oh gurl, now I know your not a terrier!! BOL
    That is what we are put on the earth to do!!! Dead the rodents!!!! Oh, that mousie would have been down the gullet in one bite!! hehehe
    Just sayin’….

  36. Oh well, those things happen. Now we won’t tell you what happened to a certain furry critter that Lightning found and actually invited in the house:( Mom just about freaked out. And it was a lot bigger than a mousie.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  37. Misaki…woofies can’t help it if little furry creatures are so attractive to you. It is in your nature like we kittehs can’t help wanting to snatch crunchy birdies from the ground or grab gophers and stuff. Mom’s Sibe, Crusty, was walking with Mom once and a baby bunny, probably one some kids let loose after Easter, was hiding under a small hedge and Crusty dived under that bush and squished the bunny before Mom could even pull him back. And he was on a short leash. I’m sorry that happened to you Misaki and sorry for that mousie

  38. Dianda says:

    Accidents happen!

  39. Poor mousie.. but at least you didn’t chased it…

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