Off to the seaside

We’ve had beautiful weather this bank holiday weekend, so much so that mummy (who is permanently pasty white) has actually caught some sun! Today we decided to head to the seaside. We’re about an hour’s drive from the sea and mummy had been told about a beach with no dog restrictions, so we were pretty excited about the trip. However, when we arrived there was a big sign saying no dogs on the beach between 1st May and 30th Sept! So the trip didn’t quite go to plan.

The photos below are a bit deceptive, they make it look like we had the place to ourselves. That couldn’t have been more further from the truth: the whole area was packed with sun seekers, and every other person had their dog in tow. We managed to find a few quieter spots for a dip but I must confess I was a bit suspicious of the sea. Daddy bravely waded in to encourage me but I wasn’t too sure.

I hope I get to go back to the beach again but maybe next time we can find somewhere quieter without any restrictions.

How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

82 Comments on “Off to the seaside”

  1. Hello Misaki. I lovs your beach. The beach is the best. Some many great smells. You got an Ice creamy too. You are one lucky pup.
    Your buddy Ranger

  2. Oh BOY! That looks like so much fun. I hope you enjoy yourself!

  3. It looks like lots of fun!

  4. finnhoward says:

    Is that ice cream?!?! Looks like a wonderful time all around!

  5. The beach looks great, and the ice cream REALLY looks great.

  6. p.m.terrell says:

    It looks like you had a terrific time at the beach! We’re all rather wary of water, too, especially when it goes so FAR. Lots of love from Mattie the foxhound, Simone the collie and Eddie & Lucy the JRs.

  7. emma says:

    How fun! That ice cream looks great too!

  8. I’d say your ice cream might have been the highlight of your beach trip!! 😀 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Kyla says:

    That’s OK-the water was probably too warm for you anyway. Tell Them you want to come back in the winter. The water will be your temperature. No crowds and you can do what you want. Don’t forget the ice cream cone.

  10. catchatcaren says:

    the photos are great and that ice cream sure looks delicious!

  11. Sage says:

    At least you didn’t drink the sea water like I did the first several times we went to the coast! Playing in the surf if F…U…N, isn’t it?

  12. Will and Eko says:

    That is funny – it does look like it was just you out there. Hope you find an off leash beach, they’re the best!

  13. Oh…too bad. I hate that. (As you saw over at my place today.) Looks like you had fun anyway!!

  14. We have the same problem, the best beach is closed for me between may and september. But we have enough other beaches for walking… and you’ve got ice cream… that’s much better than the beach :o)

    • Misaki says:

      Oh you’re lucky Easy, all the beaches seem to have the same restrictions sadly. But yes, the ice cream was really good:-)

  15. I don’t know about bank holidays, but a trip to the beach sounds excellent!! And ice cream to boot! Yum!

  16. Looks like such a nice trip to the seaside!! I got a little sun this weekend too so now I don’t look as pastey:)

  17. Yikes you went to the seaside, bet you just loved it, did you eat any smelly crabs,..So far behind, mail youz in morning 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. barkandchatter says:

    You got an ice cream!! Looks like fun, Misaki!
    Love the new look on your site – it looks great!

  19. Beach, ice cream BOL Misaki you hit the mother load. Pawsome my sweet pal. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  20. Chancy and his cats says:

    Oh, we can tell you had a fabulous time at the beach….and you got ice cream!!! What better way to top off a beach day than licking a yummy ice cream cone. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. speedyrabbit says:

    that looks like fun!xx Speedy

  22. Madi and Mom says:

    You did have beautiful weather for your long weekend and we are thrilled as we know sometimes the UK weather can be rather weepy
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  23. Dogs N Pawz says:

    That looks like so much fun and lucky you…you got an ice cream cone! Yummy!

  24. Marcie says:

    No dogs there starting May 1st…you were so close…just a few days past. Oh well, at least it looks like you guys got a yummy snack! 🙂

  25. cat says:

    I can recommend some place Misaki. Just hop on over to mine bloggy for some ideas and bark if you want more info. If you ever come down to Devon, I’ll show you around! x

  26. We didn’t have a holiday. You are lucky to go somewhere so cool! Lee and Phod

    PS love the new design

  27. Whee had fun in the sun and Mummy’s burnt her shoulders.


    • Misaki says:

      I bet you guys had a great time running round the garden:-)
      Hope your mummy has some aftersun, my mummy hasn’t and looks like a lobster BOL

  28. Looks like you had fun, in spite of that evil sign. What can possibly go wrong when you have a whole entire ice cream cone to yourself??! Yum!

    Love and licks (which I wish we’re ice cream licks),

    • Misaki says:

      Oh Cuppycake, I’d love to say I’d share my ice cream with you, but I’m afraid I don’t share food. Well, unless it started off as someone else’s and they shared it with me hehe! But I hope you get some ice cream too!

  29. CATachresis says:

    I bet the ice cream almost made up for it!!

  30. urban hounds says:

    lovely pictures and I like your new blog header! Ice cream too lucky you

    urban hounds

  31. How glorious you lucky Misaki. 🙂

  32. So you are allowed when the water is freezing cold (not that it’d be any different on May 1st), they want dog popsicle.
    Doggy doesn’t eat icecream 😦 He’s special with food, he likes his food and meat and some treats.
    The pics are great!

  33. We had a very wet weekend and we weren’t at any beach:( Maybe you can go back there again in the fall so you can be off leash. At least that ice cream cone made it a super day.

    Love the pics. Mom really misses being close to the ocean.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  34. awww! Looks like you had so much fun Misaki! The ice cream is a nice topper to a perfect trip!

  35. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says:

    You were very brave Misaki – Was the water cold? My Mum says she’s never known it to be warm water in the UK, but your coat might keep you nice and warm?

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  36. Papoe says:

    I hope that salt water doesn’t ruin your nice fur 😉

    By the way, we really like your new avatar.

  37. rubytheairedale says:

    Wowsa! You sure had a great weekend! AND ice cream???
    Lucky duck…oh, I mean DOG.

  38. ilovecats says:

    What lovely photos! Don’t worry sweetie you’re not the only one who is suspicious of the beach. The boyfriend just wants to hide under an umbrella.

  39. Dougall says:

    The beach AND icecream! Lucky!

  40. tylersat99 says:

    We didn’t have a holiday and it rained all day. Misaki that looked like a great place to just jump in and have fun. You got to just jump in and swim, Mica and I have such fun and its really not scarey at all 🙂

  41. Doggies do love to be beside the seaside 🙂

  42. Penelope says:

    Wow! My Hairy Slobbery sister Cinnamon went to the beach with mommy and Daddy on the weekend too! And shes gots ice cream! When she gots home she told us all about it and wes was a little jealous.

  43. Nylabluesmum says:

    MMMMM ice creem!!!! Dat iz da best part!!
    Me waz out in me Condo…it waz a regular day here….wif Sunshine 🙂
    Lub ya Nylablue xo

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