The other day Something Wagging wrote a post about training cues and I thought I’d share a few of mine with you:

Tree – this is mostly used when I’m on a long or extendable lead and we’re approaching a tree or lamp post, as you can see below:

Daddy, you've tangled us up again!

Daddy, you’ve tangled us up again!

Daddy says ‘tree’ as we walk up to whatever the obstruction is to remind himself to walk on the same side as me. But he still gets this muddled up and often walks on the WRONG side!! Maybe one day he’ll learn *sigh*

Careful – this is also a cue for when I’m on the extendable lead, mostly used by mummy. She says this as I dart ahead to chase a squirrel or pigeon and am coming close to maxing out the lead. She says ‘careful’ to remind herself to be wary in case I decide to pull forward taking her with me. She tried to explain that this was a warning for me, but that’s just silly!

Wee-wee – When I was being toilet-trained, mummy and daddy would encourage me to do my business in the garden by saying ‘wee-wee’. They didn’t think it out very well though as now when they let me out before bedtime or if they want me to go outside before training class, they have to say ‘wee-wee’ – how silly do they sound!! Sometimes I sniff around a bit and drag out the process so they have to say it when people are walking past – hehehehehe!

Do you have any funny cues for your humans?

90 Comments on “Cues”

  1. My Humom’s the same, in the garden at night, shouting out ” wee wee’s Mollie , come on, hurry up Mollie ” I do what you do, take my time and have a good sniff around. Silly Humoms xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Clowie says:

    That’s a good trick with the tree. If you follows you round the tree, you should keep walking round it and see how long it takes him to notice, woof!

  3. Ditto Mollie at night. I go and duffus in the garden which annoys peeps as it is dark and cold and I sure take my time. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We hate it when our people say “do your pee-pee, poo-poo”. We will do it when when want. We also think the “no pulling” is just a stupid thing to say. We will pull when it is necessary.

    Have a great day. Lee and Phod who are trying to train their people.

  5. Humans are so hard to train Misaki 😀 Glad to hear you are putting effort and regular routine into trying though.

  6. katiebblogs says:

    Keep training, Misaki, they will get it sooner or later!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  7. Cat Forsley says:

    Keep doing what You do best beautiful Misaki 🙂 You show those humans 🙂 xo

  8. barkandchatter says:

    When Finn gets caught up in his leash… or I should say, when I get Finn caught up in his leash, I tell him to lift his leg (to get untangled). This is a phrase that doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone! 🙂

  9. I agree – training humans is a tough job. They can be so SLOW sometimes even when we are making ourselves PERFECTLY understood! The only cue I use to great effect is when I want my Mom’s attention for ANYTHING (and I mean anything) – I just have to say “MaMaMaMaMaMa” endlessly and amazingly enough she knows I need her to come let me out, or clean my litter box, or give me a treat, or sit in her chair so I can hop up on her lap…..OR……well, you get the idea!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  10. emma says:

    I have a few in German but in English I use obstacle to keep mom from wrapping herself around an obstacle with the leash…it works pretty well.

  11. Oh Misaki…our two-leggeds are so hard to train. Mine (SHE)…is a perfect example. When SHE asks if I want to go out, that means to do my business…I’m not excited and I sometimes hide in my condo. But when SHE says “let’s go” that means HER and ME are going somewhere…silly girl…don’t ask, just go with me!

  12. catchatcaren says:

    for my humans? Yeah…bark in their face 🙂

  13. kolytyi says:

    To train humans is very-very exhausting. They are slow in their reactions, movements and thinking alike. But don’t give up! Your paw rents seem to be cooperative and tame!

  14. raisingdaisy says:

    Haha I like your perspective Misaki!

  15. p.m.terrell says:

    We love your commands, Misaki! Our mummy says “pee-poo” when she wants us to go potty and that sounds even worse than “wee-wee”! Humans are funny creatures, aren’t they? Lots of love from Mattie the foxhound, Simone the collie, and Eddie & Lucy the JRs. Oh and our peep.

  16. Roxy the Traveling Dog says:

    For Torrey, mom says “come here”, then Torrey knows to stand and wait for her to catch up.

  17. I’m the same wee-wee – fella: I sniff around, watch the moon, bark to invisible enemies and meditate about the world while my staff is turning into icicles… but haste makes waste, so I think they are still in my back yard , probably frozen on :o)

  18. scienerf says:

    ‘Wait’ is my mum’s favourite one whether it’s at the back door when I tell her I want to go out or when I’m off the lead and she thinks I’ve gone a bit far away, oh and ‘Come on little man’ when I’m taking my time at a good sniff at something but she wants to get going. That’s with the usual ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘paw’, ‘other paw’, ‘turn’ (that’s my signature move where I do a 360 turn bol), ‘Come’, ‘leave’ (she’s good with that one and only uses it for things that are bad for me usually)….my mum loves the commands 😛 Wags and sniffs, Toby xox

    • You sound like you’re a very good boy Toby. Hope you get lots of treats for doing those!

      • scienerf says:

        What other reason could there be for me to do them!? Well for the fancy ones anyway that are obviously just for me to entertain my mum 😉 I bet you can do some fancy stuff too! Hmmm I wonder if I can wangle a late night treat 😛

  19. Those are wonderful cues, and they seem to be working well for you. Perfectly, in fact! I can tell by the tree picture….. Mom’s favorite cue is named, “Don’t you dare eat that.” …Buzzkill.

    Love and licks of goose poop,

  20. Our human sure could use some of those training lessons. She can barely manage us on a six foot lead and even then she ties knots in it to shorten it – you may have seen all the knots in our walking pics.

    A couple of us were trained with “go potty” and like you, Mom wishes she had used a different word:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. cafall says:

    We’ve got the “Go Pee” and “Go Poo” command. We love it especially when we are traveling.


  22. Kyla says:

    Kaci and I do the Northern Cross. If He is to the right of Her, I bolt left and Kaci goes right. Then we both go back. It takes time for Them to extricate Themselves.

  23. Nikitaland says:

    When Bella get too worked up and needs a time out, we say the word “box” and she knows to walk into her box and takes a five minute rest. After five minutes, she walks out, calm.

  24. catfromhell says:

    Mommy is laughing as my hairy slobbery sisters has the same training (except Mommy says, “Pee Pee” not “Wee Wee”.)

  25. Will and Eko says:

    “Don’t even think about it!” for those few times I see the rabbit before Eko does!

  26. My humans say, “DROP IT!” Or “LEAVE IT!” when they are jealous of what I have. I feel sorry for them and I’m super generous so I graciously comply. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for them to find their own treasures.


  27. onebluedog says:

    Maybe you just need to give your mom and dad some extra tasty treats to help them learn “tree” and “careful” a little better 🙂

    One of my favorite cues is when mom says, “Okay, go on,” which means I can walk ahead on a long leash and smell things for a long time if I want.

  28. When I’m playing rough with Aunty D, she says “Play Nice”. I think that means I have to let her win at tug-a-war.

  29. BOL “Tree!”. I love it. It’s too bad your dad hasn’t learned that one yet; hopefully he will get the hang of it soon. And ah, yes…the old “wee-wee” in this house is “pee-pee-potty” which I make mom say in front of people all the time (so she looks like an idiot). As if I don’t know that when she takes me for a walk I am supposed to do my business. Puh-lease.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  30. OMD! Misaki, that was sooo funny! I have yet to train Ma abouts the ‘tree’ things. She is ALWAYS messin’ up!! BOL The wee-wee thing is funny!!! It’s always funs embarrassing your peeps, isn’t it?! Ma says ‘go ahead’. Boring butts effective.

  31. stanze says:

    I’m saying “car” (‘Auto’) and then everybody is trying to stay on the road. *sigh* When I say “stay” (‘bleib’) to Bach he is jumping like a bunny but with his butt close to the ground. This was not the desired effect but makes me laugh nevertheless.

  32. White dog: for when a white dog comes, means I have to move out of the way or Doggy would eat it.
    My boy is a bigot, don’t know why 😦

  33. CATachresis says:

    Well I am called Mr Poo!! It can be very embarrassing!! >^,.^<

  34. Hehehe! This reminds me of my 3 German Shepard cousins! They are all rescues and they are STILL ‘learning’ after years! But I think they are super clever because my mums parents run around for hours after them when they don’t come back to their recall! They are lucky to live on a farm so they have lots of hidey places. You keep up the good work Misaki! Bisous Bailey

  35. LifeOfBun says:

    Hahaa weewee 😀 nice

  36. spittythekitty says:

    Pretty much anything my Human says is a cue for me to ignore her.

  37. Sorry to hear your humans have trouble learning their cues. Maybe if you gave the Dad a treat whenever you approached a tree so he remembered to walk on the right side. 🙂

  38. Nylabluesmum says:

    MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Misaki we iz laffin here!!!! Mum thought the ‘wee-wee’ cue waz so funny!!!
    Altho me iz a KAT me haz trained Mum wif werdz too. She now tellz me ”to go potty” (like I don’t know when to go??? 😉
    She also sayz “Bee carefull” when yer jumpin Nylablue” which meanz she iz post-to bee watchin me to make shure me iz safe!!!!
    Her new one iz “Ta-Ta”…what da MEOW doez DAT mean??? Not a clue….what you think Misaki?? Me can’t figure dat out at all…
    Lub Nylablue xo

  39. Gizmo says:

    “Tree” is my favorite…you look like you respond well to this one…I know what Momz means when she sez “NoBark” but that doesn’t mean I stop BOL!

  40. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Here it is “Chancy go do business” It is an every night routine before bed. Hugs and nose kisses

  41. Dianda says:

    Haha, trees and lanterns were always a trouble here! My parents’ dog will always walk around it. 😉

  42. speedyrabbit says:

    hehehe sometimes they are a bit slow,xx Speedy

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