Another river walk

Daddy was out today, so nanny and grampy popped over and I took them and mummy for a walk down by the river. This time we went in the other direction. We saw canal boats and ducks. Plus I got nice muddy paws:-)

On top of that Grampy snuck me some of his meatballs at lunch and I managed to score some biscuits when mummy wasn’t looking. All in all it was a good day:-)


62 Comments on “Another river walk”

  1. What a great day and I love your pictures!!

  2. You got walks and foodables Misaki! Wow luck you. Have a super dooper Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  3. I love river walks there the best, especially when I’m off lead and can go for a swim.


  4. Oh Misaki! River walk, mud, ducks AND meatballs all in one day? Sounds like you had a MOST wonderful Sunday…..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Wow!! Looks like you have a great time Misaki!! Hopes a b.a.t.h. wasn’t waitin’ for you when you gots back to your estate! BOL

  6. I’d say you did have a good day. And, you are so lucky to have managed to get a few meatballs and biscuits too!

  7. Arrrrrrrrrrrrooooooo. I love your riverwalk Boats and birds…. it doesn’t get much better than that.

  8. That looked like a fun walk, M. A fun walk with meatballs. Mmmm.

    Love and licks,

  9. What a beautiful day Misaki! Happy Sunday to you all!

  10. A Husky Life says:

    Looks like you had beautiful weather, too! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  11. Sounds and looks like a pawesome day Misaki! Bisous Bailey

  12. emma says:

    Lots of nice mud and puddles to get into! We just have snow and everything frozen…in a few weeks it will be a nice mess out there for me to get into!

  13. catchatcaren says:

    what fun! You take the BEST walks!

  14. Jen says:

    It looks like you had such a lovely walk!

    (and have such a nice Grampy, who shares things like meatballs with you!)

  15. Zena says:

    You can tell how cruelly I am treated. I don’t even know what meatballs taste like!

  16. Madi and Mom says:

    Grampy is my kind of grampyz,

  17. Kyla says:

    Are you really, really certain that you don’t want to enter the Iditarod this year. If you really are waiting for next year, Kaci and I will represent Blogville this year, with your blessing of course.

  18. rumpydog says:

    What a lovely place to walk!!!!

  19. Spoiled all round then! A day to savour 😉

  20. River walk plus meatballs & biscuits? Woo Whoo what a day you had with your two-legged family!

  21. What a lovely day you’ve had Misaki!

  22. Clowie says:

    That sounds like lots of fun. The pictures are great.

  23. Oh… a swan… I’ll bet he is yummy ;o)… and a ship too – wow that was an interesting walk, Misaki ;o)

  24. WOW, what a fun place for a walk!!

  25. Oh, Misaki, these made me smile inside out. 🙂

  26. speedyrabbit says:

    You have such fun walks Misaki and to spend time with grand parents is always good…hehehe…for extra treats,xx Speedy

  27. Will and Eko says:

    Your riverwalks always look so serene! We are seriously looking forward to spring.

  28. writetowag says:

    Your pictures are so lovely…what a great day to spend together!!!!

  29. onebluedog says:

    What a day, Misaki! These meatball things sound especially delicious 🙂

  30. Dianda says:

    I’m reallu curious: How do you get those pictures set up in your post so pretty? Misaki, what’s your secret?

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