Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all my lovely bloggy friends:-)

new-year-from MisakiI hope this year brings you health, wealth and happiness:-)

Apparently it’s traditional to make some resolutions for the new year. So here are mine:

  • Help mummy and daddy get fit!
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Learn about personal space (not sure this is achievable!)
  • Figure out how those evil birds keep getting in the house and destroying my toys!
  • Practice jumping so I can reach the top of the freezer (where my treat box is!)

What are your resolutions for the new year?


70 Comments on “Happy New Year!!”

  1. Zena says:

    Not be cajoled into playing with the pup until he’s asked very, very nicely. So far I’m winning 🙂

  2. Happy new year dear friend xxx

  3. Misaki & Family
    Happy New Year.
    May 2013 be a good one for you and your loved ones.
    Best Wishes Molly

  4. Renée de Bruin says:

    Happy New Year, Misaki and family!

  5. Happy New Year my furiends xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Emmadog says:

    Happy 2013, Misaki! Sounds like we both have some challenging resolutions to work on, good luck to us both!

  7. Dianda says:

    Happy new year, Misaki! 🙂 Good luck with the resolutions.

  8. Those are some great resolutions, Misaki! Can’t wait to see if you can make it to the top of the freezer. We have faith in you!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  9. We posted our resolutions on our blog. Yours sound great.

    Happy first day of a new year!

    Lee and Phod

  10. speedyrabbit says:

    Happy New year Misaki!xx Speedy

  11. May I help you with point N° 4? Have a wonderful 2013!!! I try to be more tolerant about the Mischiefs of my staff… that’s a great offering, I think ;o)

  12. Kaci says:

    I have to stop getting my peeps up at 2am and 6am to go potty outside in the cold.

  13. Personal space? What’s that? I have no resolutions, but Mom is making a resolution to teach me to fetch. It’s going to be a long year for her!

    Love and happy new year licks,

  14. Kyla says:

    I have to stop begging for food so much-this one will never stick.

  15. p.m.terrell says:

    We love your New Year’s Resolutions,Misaki! Ours is simple: party like someone left the gate open!! Lots of love and Happy New Year’s from Mattie the foxhound, Simone the collie, and Eddie & Lucy the JR’s. Oh and their peep.

  16. Great resolutions. The jumping on the freezer might be the hardest one to achieve though. Happy New Year.

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR my beautiful Misaki. I guess I should make some resolutions… after my headache goes away.

  18. Cat Forsley says:

    Happy new year Misaki xx You are such a beauty xx
    all the best to your mom and dad too xxx
    Cat xx

  19. catchatcaren says:

    Our resolution is to keep reading your blog! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  20. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) says:

    Happy New Year sweet Misaki. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. MOL! I so wanna see you practicing those jumps to get to that treat box!! Happy NY to you and family, paw hugs, Savannah

  22. rubytheairedale says:

    Oh, those are some good resolutions Misaki! I guess one of my resolutions is to stop ‘talking’ so much…yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s NOT gonna happen!
    Have a great New Year Misaki, and I am so glads to have met you this year!

  23. rumpydog says:

    Happy New Year my friend! I can’t believe how you’ve grown up right before our eyes!

  24. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! And good luck with the resolutions and keeping those hoomans in line!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  25. Hey Misaki, Jet here.

    A well constructed list my friend… lovely badge. 🙂

  26. Hey, Misaki…when you figure the jumping bit out will you send me directions? Thanks!!!
    Happy New Year!!! Love to all, Poppy

  27. Happy New Year Misaki!

  28. Happy New Year Misaki!

  29. Jessica says:

    Happy New Year, Misaki!! One of my resolutions is to have Taylor socialize more with other doggies! She is such a social butterfly, and she regrettably has not had enough opportunities to spread out her wings!

  30. Ann Paws says:

    Happy New Year Misaki! Good luck on your resoultions 🙂

  31. Dalton says:

    You’ve really thought about those resolutions, good luck with them all!

  32. HAPPY NEW YEAR from Herkules, Charlie and our MOM! We had a great New Year with lots of eats and treats and cuddles. But MOM had the laptop off so I was unable to post until now. Yesterday she didn’t switch it on either- just lay vegetating on the couch with movies such as Ivanhoe and The Wizard of Oz! Happy to be online today!

  33. Personal space is overrated anyway Misaki concentrate on the jumping! Much better use of your time! I’m nearly purrrrfect so I’ll be helping the humans with theirs! Bisous Bailey

  34. Madi and Mom says:

    Hi Misaki
    Your resolutions are quite admirable!! WTG
    I have made one to date….I resolve to nap 23.5 hours a day this year!
    Hugs madi your BFFF

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