Feeling better

Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday. I am feeling a little better today and I’m sure all your good wishes helped.

Mummy slept on the sofa last night and I stayed on the floor as close to her as I could get. I’ve also perfected the art of whimpering, which seems to get her attention:-)  So far it’s gotten me lots and lots of cuddles and kisses.

I’ve slept most of this morning and mummy knew I was feeling better when I rolled into my favourite position: on my back with my legs in the air:-)


I’m trying to sleep here mummy!

I’m still feeling pretty dopey, probably cos I’m on three types of medication. Unfortunately one of those had a child-proof cap which silly mummy can’t open so I have to wait till daddy gets home to take it!

I’m really behind in both replying to your comments and visiting your blogs, but I hope to be able to get round to see you all later today.


Best Laid Plans…

As you know, I had my BIG GIRL OP today. Mummy and daddy arranged for me to have it by keyhole surgery to reduce scarring, pain and recovery time. They dropped me in to the vets in the morning, confirmed all the details, kissed me goodbye and off they went to wait for the call to say they could pick me up.

But things didn’t go to plan. During my ‘routine’ op a needle broke inside of me. The surgeon said that has never happened before. And of course he was unable to retrieve the broken needle. So guess what? Yep, they had to open me up to get it! Meaning that mummy and daddy’s well thought-out plans to avoid a me having big scar failed miserably.

I’ve been scalped, I’m on antibiotics and I keep being told ‘no’ everytime I try to lick myself. I’m ridiculously close to having to wear a cone of shame:-( The only plus point is that I’m on a diet of chicken and rice -yum!

Hopefully i’ll be back to normal soon. In the meantime I’m going to go head back to sleep. Night all.

Dog faming and naughty lists!

I’m not around today, so I thought I’d point you in the direction of some great competitions happening in blogville. First of all, Mason over at Big Stinky Dog is hosting a Dog Faming competition celebrating the wonderful things us furbuddies do. How cool is that!

My entry

Meanwhile Sammy of One Spoiled Cat is hosting Santa’s Naughty List contest. I’m not sure if I’m eligible to enter this, I don’t think I’m naughty enough!! But as I LOVE entering competitions I’ll have to think up something to submit:-)

Have fun! Catch you all tomorrow.


Last night mummy and I were having a cuddle and she thought I looked so cute she picked up her phone to take a pic. But it came out too dark to see, plus I moved. She changed the settings to ‘action’ to counteract my last-second evasion technique and took it again. It turned out like this!

Misaki or Orthrus??

Daddy tried to recreate what she’d done but his came out normally. Did mummy capture my inner demon??

Apparently in Greek mythology two-headed Orthrus was the brother of Cerberus and was slain by Hercules. Or was he?? Perhaps ‘he’ was really a ‘she’ and escaped to live in the UK??

All I want to know is: if I have two heads, does that mean I get twice as many treats??

Tongue fun Tuesday:-)


Today mummy didn’t go to work, instead she took me to the vets – I can hear some of you cringing already! But it was just for a check-up and my vets is in Pets at Home so I love going because I get cuddles and treats, and maybe a new toy on the way out:-)

The main reason for the visit is that on Thursday I’m having my BIG GIRL OP and I had to be checked over. Mummy explained that this means I won’t be able to have puppies. But I’m still a puppy myself and I’m far too young to be a mummy, so that’s fine with me! Some of mummy’s friends tried to talk her into breeding me (yuck!), but mummy thinks there are already far too many doggies in shelters looking for good homes and if they want a dog they should adopt one.

If I did have puppies and mummy couldn’t find decent homes for the mini-Misaki’s we’d have to keep the unwanted ones and they’d probably try to sleep on my armchair, play with my toys and eat my food – oh the horror!! Plus mummy and daddy only have two hands each, how will I get my fill of bellyrubs and ear scratchings with 6 or 7 mini-Misakis’ taking up their time and attention??

Mummy says there are also lots of health benefits for me ‘being done’ but most of all it means no more seasons and therefore no more being stuck under house arrest. Sounds good to me!

So please keep your paws crossed for me on Thursday. Mummy says it’s all very standard and I should be back to normal within a couple of days. And best of all she’s taking a few days off work to stay home with me while I recover. Overall I can’t complain!

Have you had your big girl or boy op?

Santa Paws

Last year I was only a few weeks old at Christmas time and was too busy sleeping and playing with my brothers and sisters to know what was going on. But this year I’m a bit more clued up about this whole Christmas thing and would like to share a few things I’ve learned.

First of all, Santa’s sleigh is said to be pulled by reindeers. In their dreams! Anyone with half a brain knows that this is a massive lie put out by the reindeer community to make them look cool. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Man in Red’s sleigh is obviously pulled by mallies and sibes. It’s just common sense! How else would Santa get round the world so quickly?!

Secondly, in order to get the right gifts for the right people, Santa Paws likes to speak to people about the presents they want, whether at fetes, bazaars, markets and shopping centres in the lead up to Christmas. However, as he’s also busy replying to letters and making last minute gifts he doesn’t have a lot of time. So to help him out he employs a select team to represent him at some of these events and report back. This is where my Grampy comes in. He’s a Santa agent! Today he’s at a church bazaar on a recon mission for the big man himself. How cool is that! As my Grampy has Santa Paws’s ear I’m hoping he’ll put a good word for me so I can be part of his sleigh team!!

I was hoping to get a photo with Grampy all dressed up, but mummy says I have to stay home, apparently no doggies allowed:-( So instead here’s a picture of him on his own.

Grampy the Santa agent

He looks just like the real thing, doesn’t he?

What are you hoping Santa Paws will bring you for Christmas? If you tell me, I’ll let my Grampy know:-)

Have you got yours??

Look what’s arrived! It’s my lovely Christmas bandana from Mollie! Isn’t it pretty?

So the question is: have you ordered yours? If not, there’s still time! Just head over to Mollie’s so you can get one too!

Have a great day everyone!

Thanksgiving Thursday

I might not live in the US but technically I’m Alaskan so feel that I should celebrate thanksgiving. And hopefully get some turkey too!

I have lots of things to be thankful for, but mostly am thankful for my mummy and daddy who have given me a good home.

I’m also thankful to all of you for reading my bloggy.

Don’t eat me bol

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Failed watercolour wednesday

Every Wednesday Stuart (or Stu-Art) over at the Scottie Chronicles hosts Watercolour Wednesday.  I love checking out his artworks as they are always beautiful.

Inspired by Stuart’s creativity, Mummy tried to draw me. But she’s not that talented and it came out as a big mess!

Are you serious mummy??

So instead she’s made a fake watercolour using photoshop.

That’s cheating mummy!

However, if you’d like to see the real thing, pop by to see the extremely talented Stuart and find out what he’s created today.