And the winner is…

RAFFLES from Princess Tails !!!

How scary is that! Congratulations Raffles on being crowned Scariest Boy in mine and Mollie‘s halloween costume competition!!! I’ll drop you an email shortly so I can arrange to send out your prize!

It was a VERY close battle as everyone submitted such amazing costumes. Thank you for taking part, you are all winners! I hope you will all accept this little badge:

If you want to find out who won the coveted title of Spookiest Girl, please head over to Mollie‘s for the results!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Now that Sammy’s pumpkin contest is over I guess this means I can eat the pumpkin. Woohoo!

Hmmm where to start…?


Don’t forget to vote!

Just a quick reminder to say that voting ends for the costume competition tonight at 10pm (UK time) so get your votes in quick!

To see all the boys entries and to vote, see yesterday’s post

And don’t forget to vote for the girls over at Mollie’s. I’m not allowed to vote, but personally I favour a certain band of trick or treaters, they look rather fearsome to me! But as always the choice is yours. So don’t delay, vote today!!

On a more serious note, the news is showing some terrifying photos of Sandy’s path of destruction. I hope all my US furiends and their peeps are safe and well xxx

Let the voting begin!!

Mollie and I have had some amazing entries into our costume competition, thank you all for entering. We have two categories for you to vote in: scariest boy and spookiest girl

Below are the boys entries. To see and vote for the girls you need to head over to Mollie’s.

You can vote ONCE for each category, all you need to do is write the name of which boy you’re voting for in the comments below. Then head over to Mollie’s to vote for the girls.

The winners will be announced on the 31st and they will get a REAL prize each, no matter where in the world they live.

So without further ado, here are the fantastic entries for the boys:

Baggy from the Hailey Chronicles

Basil from Hutch a Good Life

Buddy from Hutch a Good Life

Dakota from Dakota’s Den

Dante from The Dante Diaries

Echo from Husky’s Life

Easy from Easy’s Blog

Goose from Gospel of Goose

Link from Husky’s Life

Nibbles from Hutch a Good Life

Nin from the Hailey Chronicles

Nutty from Hutch a Good Life

Old Man Squirrel from Under the Oaks

Prince Caspian from First Puppy

Raffles from the Princess Tails

Ranger from The Adventures of Ranger

Sammy from One Spoiled Cat

Snoopy from Snoopy’s Dog Blog

Speedy from Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny

Weasley Tubby and Ping from Urban Hounds

Zaphod from the Hailey Chronicles

Good luck choosing just one! Don’t forget to vote for spookiest girl over at Mollie‘s.

Come back on the 31st to find out who the winners are!

Pumpkin treats

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, mummy made me some pumpkin treats! Mummy NEVER cooks, not even for daddy – unless it’s something she can bung in the oven! In fact the last time she wanted to make me some home-made treats she cheated and bought some from Mollie‘s mummy instead! And incidentally if you’ve never tried any of Mollie’s mummy’s treats you really should get your humans to buy some as they are nomalicious!

Anyway, mummy found a  recipe which was a bit more complicated then it first seemed (well complicated for her anyhow!) These treats were made from potato, pumpkin, flour and sausage meat. An odd combination to say the least, but I’ve had (and enjoyed) ice cream with carrot before so I’m clearly not fussy BOL.

They are supposed to be crescent shaped

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  Will I like them??

blurry eating shot

Yes! I gobbled them down so mummy declared it a huge success! And there’s rumours of left-over mixture too…!

Do your humans make you treats??  And if so, what’s your favourite?

Sorry I haven’t been by all your bloggies lately, I’ve been busy getting everything ready for our Halloween costume competition – voting coming soon!

ps don’t forget to vote in Sammy’s pumpkin competition!

Mummy and I have just come back from a nice walk along the cycle tracks, doesn’t it look pretty with all the leaves scattered about?

I’m now chilling and waiting for her to start baking – yes you heard me correctly! Mummy, who NEVER cooks, has decided to use our spare pumpkin to make some treats for me!! Depending on how they turn out I’ll be reviewing and critiquing those later!

In the meantime, the pumpkin that did get carved is now up for show in Sammy’s pumpkin competition. It seems that Litchi’s gremlins have hot-footed themselves over to Sammy’s poll and my entry has disappeared. It is featured separately though but if you want to vote for me you need to say so in the comments. Check it out, there are some seriously good entries!

Have a good sunday!

Laser light

My daddy is loosing it. He seems to think I’m a cat and bought me a laser light! Er… daddy did you forget that I’m a dog?!

But because he’s obviously getting old and senile, I decided to humour him by playing along. I think I did a convincing job, don’t you? Sorry it’s a bit shaky, that’s mummy’s dodgy camera work.

This is…Friday!

So today Doggy has kindly featured me in his ‘This is Friday’ spot. Do pop over and see what he has to say about me, I’ve been BOL-ing ever since! I’ve linked it below:

This is…Friday!.

Don’t forget to enter mine and Mollie‘s Halloween costume contest! You have till the 28th to submit a photo. Your costume can be real or photoshopped.

You can catch up on the details here

Can’t wait to see your entries!

Thursday things

Doggie class was interesting last night. I got to play off lead with Lady again and then while everyone was doing their recalls, Finn and I had a bit of a snog! I’ve been on cloud nine ever since<3 As you know, I’ve always liked Finn, but I backed off when I realised he was with Lady. Obviously this complicates things and my friendship with Lady could now be in the balance. I’m not sure what I’m going to do!

Anyway, while I contemplate the muddled state of my lovelife, don’t forget to enter mine and Mollie‘s Halloween costume contest! You have till the 28th to submit a photo. Your costume can be real or  photoshopped.

You can catch up on the details here

Can’t wait to see your entries!

Pumpkin Fever!

Daddy came home with some pumpkins so I had to check them for quality and size.

i suppose these will do

The plan is that mummy and daddy are going to help me carve one each. Once finished, I get to decide the best one to enter in Sammy’s pumpkin carving contest!

The thing is in the whole time mummy and daddy have been together daddy has NEVER carved a pumpkin. Mummy on the other hand does one every year. She was very proud of her (rather basic) Jack Skellington pumpkin:

Mummy’s Jack Skellington pumpkin from last year

Until she saw this online:

NOT mummy’s pumpkin

So she really needs to up her game this time!! But most of all I hope they both manage to keep all their fingers!

In the meantime, don’t forget to enter mine and Mollie‘s Halloween costume contest! You have till the 28th to submit a photo. Your costume can be real or  photoshopped.

You can catch up on the details here

Can’t wait to see your entries!

Mollie and Misaki’s Halloween Costume Competition!!

Halloween will soon be upon us so Mollie and I are co-hosting a costume competition!! So dust off your broomsticks, raid mummy’s makeup bag and send in a photo of yourself  looking like you just stepped out of a horror movie!

Update: we are happy to accept photoshopped pictures too!

To send your entry to me, email your photo to d_m_gibbons at yahoo dot co dot uk (obviously you’ll need close the gaps and add in the appropriate symbols). Please title your email ‘halloween costume contest’ and make sure you include your name and your blog name in the email. You’ll need to submit your photo by the 28th October if you want to take part.

Voting will commence on the 29th October and the winner will be announced on the 31st! There will be two prizes, one for the spookiest girl and one for the scariest boy.

To get you in the mood, here’s a pic of my best werewolf impression!

Feed me or I will eat you!

Good luck!