Friday is the best day of the week

After weeks and seemingly endless weeks of being kept in captivity like Rapunzel in the tower, the best thing that could possibly happen happened. OK I had to go through the indignity of having a bath (oh the horror!), but ultimately it was worth it:

The reason mummy is laughing is because I forgot to put on the brakes and crashed right into her.

Have a good day friday all!!

26 Comments on “Friday is the best day of the week”

  1. Zena says:

    Why do they do that? Laugh when you crash into things!
    I ran out or the front door barking yesterday. There was something passing, I forget what it was now. At the last minute I remembered the front gates and put the brakes on but I wasn’t fast enough and I didn’t quite stop. fortunately my face almost fits through the spokes so i didn’t injure myself but it was a little undignified, especially for a Princess. And she laughed! Laughed!
    And don’t get me started on the baths……..

  2. Clowie says:

    You looked pleased to be out again!

  3. Mollie says:

    Yay..FREEDOM . xx00xx

  4. So much fun! Running around like a nut is the best.

    Love and licks,

  5. Emmadog says:

    I have to agree with you that bath time is a horror! Swimming anytime but bath – no thank you! Have a fun Friday!

  6. Freedom! BOL I crash into my peeps all the time. Great buffer. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I’ve only had one bath in my 13 years Misaki (I prefer self-bathing you know!!) but I’m glad it hasn’t been repeated. You, however, look quite elegant and fluffy after your bath and congratulations on making it through your “confinement period” bravely!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. ..oh a bath…h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. but you survived, that’s the main thing…otherwise your coat looks gorgeous!!!!!

  9. Kyla says:

    I don’t get yelled at as much if I run into a wall than when I run into a peep.

  10. Run free like the win!!
    Find that fox poo and roll!
    You are free!

  11. catchatcaren says:

    no wonder you didn’t put the brakes on! You couldn’t wait to get out of there!

  12. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning says:

    YAY!!!! Free at last – wish we were there with you to run and do zoomies.

    We too are worried about Mollie – hope there is some news soon.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Jen says:

    Hah, Elka crashes into me too sometimes!

    Friday is definitely definitely the best day of the week!

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