Silly sunday

Daddy decided to pick me up, which is pretty impressive as I now weigh 33kgs 🙂

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Have a good sunday everyone!



I went over to Mollie‘s blog this morning and looked what happened bol

How scary is that!!

If you want to be spooked too, swing by Mollie’s. But we warned, you might get the fright of your life muhahahaha!



What makes a good bed?

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I started to think about where and why I sleep where I do.

I’m not one for comfy cushions or soft beds, I have enough fur to compensate for those. And although I’m allowed on the sofa, I prefer to snooze on the carpet. At night, I always head upstairs with mummy and daddy and often make myself comfortable on the bed with them so they can cuddle me before I’m pushed off I get too hot and head to the floor. I have a cushion in their room but I don’t like it much so tend to stay on the floor at the foot of the bed until my daddy’s snoring becomes unbearable and I head downstairs.

I have an actual bed down there which doubles as a travel cage/crate, but its filled with my toys and I only go in there when the garden water snake comes out and I need a safe place to hide. Instead I prefer sleep on an old leather armchair in the conservatory. It’s Misaki-sized so I can curl up comfortably, plus it’s cool and far enough away from mummy and daddy’s room so I’m not disturbed by the snoring – seriously it’s like a chainsaw hitting a pipe!

I love sleeping in my armchair:-)

How about you? Why do you sleep where you do?

Not me!

I’m over at Mollies today checking out her naughty competition. I’m embarrassed to say that mummy has exaggerated the truth and entered me. But luckily everyone else’s stories are far naughtier than mine!

The very picture of innocence

So now i just need to decide who to vote for…


As I’ve mentioned on countless occasions, Mr Bear is my BFF (Bear Friend Forever). I was distraught when he went missing (see Mr Bear MIA)

But I’d been so caught up with the disappearance of Mollie that I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t really paid much attention to Mr Bear of late. I had noticed that he was looking a bit worse for wear the other week when mummy washed him along with all of my other toys. I suspect one of those evil birds pecked at him when he was hanging helplessly.

Mummy suggested that with all he’s been through of late he needed a spa day and would pay for him to have a bit of pampering. And as I said, I was preoccupied and hadn’t given it much thought until he came home from his trip yesterday. But I’m not convinced he’s MY Mr Bear. What do you think??

Have you dyed your fur, Mr Bear??

CSI – Canine Service of Investigation

The recent incident with Mollie has made us grateful for having such brave and heroic friends who were prepared to drop everything and travel across the world to help find Mollie in her time of need. The fact that she wasn’t really in any danger makes no difference, everyone involved was fantastic

And it got me thinking. Our kitty friends have the FBI – Feline Bureau of Investigation to help them in times of need. But what about us doggies? We don’t have anything like that. So Mollie and I have decided to start the CSI – Canine Service of Investigation. An agency which recognises those brave dogs amongst us, and also offers a helping paw to our fellow canines when they need it the most.

We would like to initiate the following dogs into the CSI due to their recent courageous actions:




Princess Zena

Welcome the CSI!! We hope to welcome many more agents in the future.

back to reality

The past few days have been drama-filled! And Mollie has kindly recognised everyone’s efforts by giving everyone involved in mollie-gate this lovely badge of honour:

In the meantime, Doggy the conqueror has rather kindly divided up the world and given me rule of the newly dubbed Misalia – which is essentially the south of England. I plan to rule in peaceful harmony with the piggies whole rule the Northern territories, as long as everyone pays me tribute in bonios – muhahahahaha!

Anyway, in an attempt to relax after all the stress, shocks and general upheavals of the past few days, I took some time out to play with my new toy. Its a hemp chew and tug toy that’s supposed to be long lasting. This is me playing with it, how long do you think it will survive??

Mollie kidnapping – the plot thickens!

It seems that Easy‘s high speed chase to help save Mollie was all a ruse! If you look closely at the box in his boat, you can just see the tip of a familiar blond head…!

What caused Easy to dognap Mollie? And what was he going to do with 1000 lobsters?? We – Alfie,  Litchi, Sammy, Ruby, Princess Zena  and I – set off in a hot air balloon to France to find out.

But when we got there everything we thought we knew was WRONG!

Follow us on our journey over at Easy‘s to find the thrilling conclusion to this epic drama that has rocked the blogisphere and kept us all on the edges of our keyboards!

Quick reminder

Just taking a quick time-out from the search for Mollie to remind you to vote in Poppy and Clover’s dramatic photo contest. There are some great entries, so good luck choosing your favourite! It closes tomorrow so get your votes in soon!

Right, must get back to the search now! Will keep you posted on our progress.

Desperately seeking Mollie

The search continues for Mollie. If you need to catch up, you can stop by any of these blogs to pick up the story:  Mollie, Doggy, Litchi, the piggies, Sammy, Easy and Princess Zena

This ransom note has been received so at least we know she HAS been dog-napped and not trampled under one of Doggy’s elephants:

With everyone’s help we have amassed a huge search party and we are off to Spain to retrace Mollie’s steps

Sammy guiding the way

Me, Ruby and Alfie are off to spain

Meanwhile, Easy is speeding around in his boat and Doggy is threatening let loose his dogs of war.

Alfie is newly initiated in the FBI (Feline bureau of investigation)  and we have Ruby‘s super tracking skills, so between us we will hopefully find her soon.