OMD I think we’ve had a break-in!!

When I woke up from my snooze I found one of mummy’s books ripped to shreds!! I can only imagine that a bird got in through the window and decided to use it to make its nest…Look at the mess its made!

I’ll have to be in my guard from now on in case it comes back. I don’t want mummy to think it was me!!!



47 Comments on “Break-in??”

  1. Of course it was not you. Once when I was a little puppy I chewed up all my sister’s homework that she had carelessly left on the coffee table. I took it out to my play lawn and had a good old chew on all that lovely soft white paper. For some reason my family yelled at Me and said I was a bad boy. Mummy really had to ring my the teacher and say that the dog eat sister’s homework. Mummy says it was a pity she forgot to take some photos. Love Nellie and Jasper who are still rather grubby.

  2. RA says:

    Careful of those rouge birdys mate!


  3. RA says:

    er rogue birds that is BOL!

  4. The OP Pack says:

    Lightning thinks this is the bet post he has read. Thanks for the great idea, Misaki.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. How terrible!
    There’s obviously someone trying to incriminate you and get you in trouble, hope you get to the bottom of it.

  6. Uh-oh. Gulp. Once we had a break-in like that. The “bird”ate the rent bill and only left a tiny corner triangle for Mom to mail in with the check. She was embarrassed and very angry with the “bird” for doing that naughty. Hope your mum isn’t too angry.

    Love and licks,

  7. My word, that’s quite some bird that managed to do that!

  8. Mollie says:

    Yoz been busted.!.Cos mommy mentioned that yoz attacked one of her ROMANTIC novels ages ago 🙂 I hopes that wasn’t 50 shades of Grey..bol 🙂 HeeeAwwww.
    Luv’s youz guy’s xxooxx

  9. Kyla says:

    The same thing happened to me.

    I bet that your perp has an evil twin over here.

  10. Oh noes! It wasn’t birds Misaki, it was SQUIRRELS!!!! Those tree rats always break in here and de-stuff ALL my toys! They are sneaky little devils. You are not to blame…right?



  11. OMC!! how could anyone ever dream it was you Misaki…(whispers behind paw…look cute) paw pats, Savannah

  12. Okay – you could go with the bird story or you could blame it on the cat. if you don’t have a cat – get one – this is what cats are for! You can rescue one easily.
    I have The Princess, she is almost as good as a cat, and a very innocent face.
    If you can’t get a cat then I’d practice the innocent face in the mirror and hope the bird story flies 🙂

    • There’s a cat a few houses down. When mummy and daddy first moved in, daddy left the back door open all night and it left paw prints in the paint. After that it keep trying to move in with them, so they nicknamed it stalker cat. But they got me instead. Maybe it was stalker cat and not the bird!! I like your thinking Zac 🙂

  13. Wow. It must have been a pretty big and scary “bird” to do that…. xD
    But of course, there’s no way it could have been you….

    Piggy kisses,

  14. Emmadog says:

    Do you have a cat? I would say it looks like the work of a cat or a cat burglar! A dog like you would never do such a thing! 🙂

  15. Oh dearie me……well, I’m SURE a cat would never do that – we’re peaceful animals – but perhaps some wild dog or HUGE bird made it through that window and tore that book to pieces……I have no doubt that your Mummy would NEVER, EVER think it had been YOU to perform such a horrid deed!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  16. stanzebla says:

    The evil “bird” ate my mobile phone in spring. Paperwork and cables get usually eaten by lambs and sometimes even adult sheep. They think books are some kind of squareshaped thick grass and it’s possible they think cables are snakes and must be killed to keep me safe. I can’t be angry with them.

  17. Whoever it was, it is a fabulous idea to eat a book insted reading. You can make sure all the wisdom of a book is inside you now …

  18. Paws To Talk says:

    We agree with Easy!

  19. The only question that needs to be asked is ‘had Mom finished reading said book?’ If the answer is yes, then very probably the ‘perpetrator’ might not be so hotly sought 😉

  20. Those same intruders must be making the rounds of my house and all my best buds too! Watch out…they are trying to blame it on us four-leggeds!

  21. Dalton says:

    Looks like a very big bird did that – we have them at our house too!! I think you are very brave to offer to fend off the massive book killing bird and should get extra noms for your hard work!! BOL

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