Noms :-)

My new friend Dalton (who has the coolest job EVER) was kind enough to send me some treats the other week to aid me in my hunt for Mr Bear. They are delicious and I came close to scoffing the lot as daddy left them on the table instead of putting them in my treat box BOL.

hmmm should I chance it?

Unfortunately mummy was a bit more on the ball and hid them away 😦

She’s also been very generous with my treats and has been taking them out on our morning walks. Several dogs have had their noses in her pocket as we’ve walked round the park, so quite a few of my walkies friends have benefitted from Dalton’s kind gift too.

I guess I can’t complain though as I often do that to their mummy’s BOL.


11 Comments on “Noms :-)”

  1. Dalton put on a nice competition on his blog.
    How did you like the treats?

  2. Mollie says:

    I’m off to Daltons, treats Yum Yum

  3. Finding owners with treats at the Dog park is one of my major past times. Whenever I do smell one out, I’m there. Sitting at their feet, gazing up with wide, innocent eyes and making it very plain that I deserve a reward for being so well behaved and well mannered. And it always works….. unless Beloved is near and then she scuppers the plan!
    Ah well……… I win some, I lose some.

  4. oh My Cat!!! I so wish I liked treats!!! I just don’t care…mostly I just like my prescription hard food as a treat…I get canned food Am and Pm…and hard, a teeny bit in between…

  5. Dalton says:

    It is right I do have the coolest job ever, although I does not be getting as many treats as I would like! They was your treats sent to you for nomming when you wanted to get you through a hard time so tut at your mum and dad for monitoring your treat intake!

  6. Cool treats. I wonder if I can enter these competitions for SA?

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