Early morning trip

Every morning at 6.30am mummy’s alarm goes off and that means breakfast time:-) But this morning it went off early. Daddy was also home, which was odd cos usually he leaves for work when mummy is still snoring. Something was definitely up!

Anyway, after a lot of rushing around they unceremoniously bundled me in the car without any explanation. It wasn’t until we stopped that I realised where we were: daddy’s office. He’s on holiday this week \o/ and decided to take me in to introduce me to his work friends. I got lots of cuddles and gave lots of doggie kisses:-) Mummy was going to take some photos but as everyone was in their work clothes daddy thought it might get him in trouble being that doggies aren’t really allowed. So we have to keep it a secret ssssshhhh!

Then afterwards we went on a nice walk where I chased butterflies.

Keep up!

OK I’ll wait for you *sigh*

Butterflies where are you??

Spotted one!

What a great morning, unfortunately mummy had to go to work, so we couldn’t stay out long. Hope we get to go again, those butterflies are very elusive!

23 Comments on “Early morning trip”

  1. How lovely – and it wasn’t raining!

  2. What fun to get to see where your Dad works. Tell him he should take you at least once a week – it’s good for staff moral.

  3. Mollie says:

    What a fun morning, sometimes Daddy takes me to work in the van ( tomorrow I’m going) Did you catch any futterblys?? 🙂

  4. RAHUSKY says:

    Harrooo huskerboo! Sounds like a great morning, sometimes #1 sneaks me in at work, that;s the best! Play bows,


    • Hey RA!! That’s an awesome name btw.
      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be heading over to see you soon.
      Hmm…maybe daddy could fit me in his bag? Either way, going to work with him was super fun 😀

  5. Rama's Mama says:

    Oh what a lovely surprise! Looks like such a great place to visit!

  6. Were you allowed to punt into practice the driving lessons?

  7. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    What a fun morning you had sweet Misaki. That was cool you got to go meet your dad’s co-workers. Chasing butterflies is fun and the butterflies are so beautiful. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Dalton says:

    You should come here, I am allowed to gon to work with Dad everyday!

  9. Bassas Blog says:

    What a great morning! 🙂

  10. nice walkies Misaki! hope you get lots and lots more

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