Sunshine photo competition – reminder

Just to remind you all to submit your fun in the sun photos for my competition!

It might be raining outside, but hoping a few sunny photos will brighten us all up and remind us that we had a few brief days of summer!! To get you in the right frame of mind, here’s a pic of me rolling round in the grass and basking in the sun:-)

All welcome: Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses and even dragons 😉

Please send your photos to me at d_m_gibbons @ yahoo dot co dot uk

Looking forward to seeing your entries!

Thanks, Misaki


Sunshine photo competition

I’ve never done this before, but I’d like to take a leaf out of Sammy‘s and Mollie‘s books and host a photo competition!

What I’d like to see is photos of you enjoying the sunshine. For example, here’s a pic of me in the field bouncing through the long grass. I was particularly happy cos I was running towards my mummy who was holding some cheese nom nom BOL.

me enjoying the sunshine

Your photo can be of you playing, sleeping, sunbathing…whatever really as long as you are having fun in the sun 🙂

Please send them to d_m_gibbons @ yahoo dot co dot uk then I’ll post them and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to set up a poll so you can all vote for your favourite!

I’m not sure what the prize will be, but I’m sure bonios will be involved somewhere 😀 But that doesn’t mean its exclusive to doggies –  cats, piggies and any other furries are welcome too.

Looking forward to seeing your entries.



Crazy Sleeping Singles competitor

I haven’t been involved in that many Blogville Olympic events but I did enter the for the Crazy Sleeping Singles over on Oscar’s Blog

For the complete list of events go to Pet Blogging Games


Daddy ordered a pizza, but didn’t give me any. What a meanie!

Where’s mine??

Cat flap dog

I would love to be friends with this dog. He spends his days hanging his head out the cat flap watching the world go by, I think he has life pretty sorted.

The weird thing is, his garden backs on to ours but I’ve never actually met him. He doesn’t seem to go to the park (or at least I’ve never seen him there) and the few times mummy has gone over to say hello he’s either growled or ran inside.

I bet he has some stories to tell about the things he’s seen. Hoping that one day we’ll be properly introduced. In the meantime, here’s to cat flap dog. You’re awesome!

It’s a dog’s life

And they say cats have it good…

budge over daddy, you’re taking up too much room 😉

Scooter competition reminder

Hi all,

Just a few more days til the Facebook Scooter competition finishes, and just wanted to remind/beg/plead with you to vote for me, if you haven’t already.

My entry looks like this:

The tagline for the photo is ‘my beautiful Misaki’ and you can vote by clicking here

Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Misaki xx

Lovely blog

The very wonderful Long Life Cats and Dogs have kindly passed on the One Lovely Blog Award to me. Thank you very much! If you don’t already read this blog do please stop by and say hello

Rather than nominating individual blogs for this award, I’d like to take a more open approach and offer this award to everyone who reads my bloggy. I appreciate every click, like and comment. You are all lovely. Please have a bonio, think of me and help yourselves to this award ❤

Lots of slobbery doggy kisses,




Noms :-)

My new friend Dalton (who has the coolest job EVER) was kind enough to send me some treats the other week to aid me in my hunt for Mr Bear. They are delicious and I came close to scoffing the lot as daddy left them on the table instead of putting them in my treat box BOL.

hmmm should I chance it?

Unfortunately mummy was a bit more on the ball and hid them away 😦

She’s also been very generous with my treats and has been taking them out on our morning walks. Several dogs have had their noses in her pocket as we’ve walked round the park, so quite a few of my walkies friends have benefitted from Dalton’s kind gift too.

I guess I can’t complain though as I often do that to their mummy’s BOL.


Ages ago in my posts  Gardening and Gardening update I mentioned that mummy and daddy were trying to tidy up the garden. Well, its sort-of done now. It could do with some finesse but its a lot better than it was. To give it a bit of definition, mummy decided to border off the flower bed from the grass (who knew that flowers sleep in beds??)

Anyway, this border was wonky, mummy even said so herself. So as a surprise I decided to straighten it up for her 🙂 Only it was a bit harder than I expected and my efforts went a bit awry … I broke it a little. Do you think she’ll notice??

think i got carried away…