Awards :-)

I’m very flattered to learn that I’ve received the You Make me Shine award from Bassas Blog 🙂

And also the Reader Appreciation Award from The Ralphie Chronicles


Here’s what I have to do:

1.  Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

The Questions…

1. What is your favorite color? pink

2. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Water, it does the job.

3. What is your favorite animal? humans 🙂

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? twitter

5. What is your favorite pattern? the paw prints on my favourite ball

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? Getting them, especially if they are dood-related 🙂

7. What is your favorite number? 3

8. What is your favorite day of the week? Sunday cos I get to spend all day with my humans:-)

9. What is your favorite flower? Anything tasty

10. What’s your passion? Food!

I’d like to nominate a couple blogs that I find enjoyable and fun to read!

Hutch A Good Life

Mollie and Alfie

Bassas Blog

Clowie’s Corner

The Dante Diaries

Thank you all very much for the awards and for reading my blog.

Slobbery doggie kisses,

Misaki xx

10 Comments on “Awards :-)”

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Congratulations and thank you! 🙂

  2. Clowie says:

    Congratulations! And thank you – is your tail out of control like mine is? It just won’t stop wagging! I think I may have to chase it like a puppy.

  3. Mollie says:

    Wow! Big happy waggy tails to you 🙂 Treats all round Hay!!!! 🙂 Those awards will look real cool on your blog. I see our name at the bottom, does that mean one day we might get one? 🙂
    So happy for you.
    Big licks and cuddles
    Mollie and a Purfect kiss from ” furball ” too! x

    • Hey Mollie, thank you. By nominating you, it means I’ve passed the award on to you – congratulations! Just copy and paste the logo and the award instructions to your blog, answer the 10 questions and then choose some of your favourite blogs to pass it on to. Enjoy!
      Doggy kisses xx

  4. Mollie says:

    Oh Misaki, I’m woofless, my eye’s are wet! I’ve never won anything before.You are truly my bestest furriend.
    Thank you 🙂
    Biggest kisses in the world xx
    Mollie, Award winner 2012 ! 🙂

  5. Mollie says:

    Hi Misaki, mummys sent you a grown up email 🙂 I think it is Help mail!! 🙂

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