My humans are on holiday this week and have decided to ‘work’ on the garden, which seems to actually mean destroying it ><. I’m not really sure they know what they’re doing, so yesterday I decided to help out. I started off by supervising, but ended up doing all the hard labour. For my troubles I got muddy paws and before I could clean up, I got dumped unceremoniously in the bath! So rude!

They did some more work today, but I took a more laid back approach in my advice – did not want to end up in the tub again! They didn’t get very far as they kept having to go out and buy more tools. I checked their purchases regularly, but they forgot to get anything for me!

It also started raining and as they lack any kind of weather proofing (unlike me) they ran inside and hid. So the poor garden is in a sorry state. I hope they get their acts together soon and finish it off so I can play out there again.





3 Comments on “Gardening”

  1. So Misaki, your humans seem a tad shy of posting photos of the sorry state of you or the garden – shame!

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    I know how you feel. I got banned from gardening!

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