Keeping cool

Well today the temperature hit the highs, but luckily our house is cool. My humans have been so worried about me overheating they’ve been doing everything they can to keep my temperature down. But so far, I haven’t been too bothered about the heat. We have the fan on at night and I like the way it ruffles my fur:-) I’ve worked out if I lay on my mummy’s side of the bed I can feel it the most. But I have to be quick and pretend to sleep before she gets in, otherwise she tries to move me off the bed – so rude!


4 Comments on “Keeping cool”

  1. Sounds lovely. Its hot where we are too. Our Mummy’s Aunt freeze dog biscuits in ice cube containers and then pops them out in the hot weather. Maybe your Mummy could try that. It will keep you cool, hydrate you AND get you an awesome treat. Depending on your size, your Mummy may need to freeze the ice in something bigger than an ice cube tray though, othetwise you might swallow it whole and miss out on all the fun!

    Stay cool

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  2. Ha Ha Ha…pretending to be asleep…we four-leggeds have that down to an art form don’t we! Works almost every time…

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