I’ve been bad and am in the cat house!

This morning there was no one in the park, so my human mummy let me run around and chase the pigeons, which I love to do ❤

As I was jumping about in the grass, I noticed some dogs I seen out walking before, and decided to rush off to greet them. Now the thing is, mummy doesn’t like me running off so when she sees another dog she puts me back on my lead. But I hate that, so I was sneaky and ran to them when her back was turned.

One of the dogs is called Peggy and she’s my frenemy – that is, I want to be her friend but for some reason she doesn’t want to be mine. Every time I see her I try to be extra friendly and playful but she barks and growls, jumps up at me and tries to bite me round the neck. I have to admit, I find it kinda funny: she’s almost the same size as some of my chew toys so I can’t take it seriously. But Peggy’s owner was shouting at her, and then my mummy came rushing over, put me back on the lead and told me off too.

I’m fairly sure if we could just spend some time together, Peggy and I could be friends, but it seems like we’re not allowed. Its so not fair! And now mummy is angry with me too. I must remember to give her my best puppydog eyes when she gets home from work so she won’t be upset with me anymore.


8 Comments on “Bad”

  1. Andy Gibbons says:

    Oh Dear Oh Dear Misaki, it does sound like you have been a bit naughty but then again puppies of your are meant to be a bit mischievous, I am very sure that by the time your human Mummy gets home from work She will have forgotten all about your naughtiness and will just be pleased to see you….

  2. You are too cute to be mad at.

  3. It’s alright. Do the puppy dog eyes and grovel a little. She won’t be able to resist!!! 🙂


  4. Paws To Talk says:

    We hope you out of the cat house.:)
    Bella and DiDi

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