Why is it that just when you get comfortable on the sofa watching TV and almost on the verge of sleep, humans decide you need to be brushed? I admit I do like to be brushed, when my fur gets loose it sometimes itches. My humans have a good comb that helps to get rid of the excess hair and I always feel better afterwards. But seriously, pick your moment people!

They also have a habit of dabbing me with this gooey liquid which I definitely do not like. Its cold and slimey. They say it stops me from getting fleas, but its so sticky and horrible I’m sure its more likely to attract them!

I don’t think I’ll ever understand humans, I just hope I can train these silly habits out of them!


10 Comments on “Grooming”

  1. Clowie says:

    I like being brushed so much that I don’t mind when they do it – but they say I didn’t always like it so much.

    My bipeds sometimes wake me up to tell me it’s time to get ready to go to bed – now that’s just ridiculous!

  2. bonesdiary says:

    Skins (as I call them because they have only patches of fur – must be cold) are the strangest and most complex animals on the planet. Don’t try to understand them, it will just tie you up in knots!

  3. Our Mummy does that. We’re having a perfectly nice snuggle and whee begin to doze off, then she starts brushing.

    It’s worse if you actually fall asleep because she grabs her camera then says in a loud whisper “Now you stay asleep for this pigture!” Then she is surprised when you wake up!

    What silly creatures hoomans are.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  4. Paws To Talk says:

    We are lucky because our daddy brushes us every Sunday morning so we know when it is coming. We’re sorry your humans are misbehaving. They’ll learn soon:)

    Bella and DiDi

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, yours is really unique!

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    They do that because you are quiet and calm. If you happen to see them reaching for a brush start running around like crazy! They will soon change their mind 🙂

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