Ice cream :-)

Mmmmm yummy!


Awards :-)

I got an amazing surprise yesterday when I discovered I’d been given two awards, both by the lovely piggies at Hutch a Good Life!!!

The first of these is the Sunshine Award

These are the instructions for earning this award…

Link the award to the person who gave it to you: already stated Hutch a Good Life

  • Answer the questions that come with it
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it

Here are the questions and MY answers:

Favorite number: 3

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Water, does the job!

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter

My Passion: Food, simple but true

Favorite pattern: the paw prints on my favourite ball

Favorite Day of the Week: sunday cos I get to spend all day with my humans:-)

Favorite Flower: Anything tasty

In no particular order, my nominations for The Sunshine Award are:

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On the Road with Animal Couriers

The Lonely Dogs


Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven

Cupcake Speaks

Yoga Dog

Bones Diary

A Teddy Bear’s Journey

Nala’s Dog Days

Thank you all for keeping me entertained

The second award is . . .

1. Link back to the person who nominated you: Again its from those adorable piggies at Hutch a Good Life

2. Nominate five (5) bloggers who have less than 200 followers (if you can tell).

The Lonely Dogs

On the Road with Animal Couriers

Yoga Dog


Bones Diary

3. Let nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.

4. Post nomination image on this blog.

Thanks for reading!! Love and doggy kisses, Misaki xxx


This weekend has been filled with glorious sunshine, and despite my reputation of being a snow dog, I’ve discovered I really like sunbathing. My humans think I’m mad, but I’ve really been enjoying myself basking in the garden – heaven 🙂

The grass has shrunk again though!  There was a funny noise in the garden and when I went out there, the grass was really short. I don’t understand why it keeps happening. I love rolling in the long grass, why does it go away?? I’ve heard that aliens make something called crop circles, but this is a square and there aren’t any patterns in it, so I don’t think it can be aliens – right? Its so weird! Hope I figure it out one day.

My human daddy is on holiday this week, which I’m really excited about. I hope he’ll play football in the garden with me – I can now get the whole ball in my mouth so I should be able to keep him from getting it. But its fun letting him try 😀

Keeping cool

Well today the temperature hit the highs, but luckily our house is cool. My humans have been so worried about me overheating they’ve been doing everything they can to keep my temperature down. But so far, I haven’t been too bothered about the heat. We have the fan on at night and I like the way it ruffles my fur:-) I’ve worked out if I lay on my mummy’s side of the bed I can feel it the most. But I have to be quick and pretend to sleep before she gets in, otherwise she tries to move me off the bed – so rude!


Love it:-)

funny dog pictures - I never wantz  to go back to Alazka.


I’ve been bad and am in the cat house!

This morning there was no one in the park, so my human mummy let me run around and chase the pigeons, which I love to do ❤

As I was jumping about in the grass, I noticed some dogs I seen out walking before, and decided to rush off to greet them. Now the thing is, mummy doesn’t like me running off so when she sees another dog she puts me back on my lead. But I hate that, so I was sneaky and ran to them when her back was turned.

One of the dogs is called Peggy and she’s my frenemy – that is, I want to be her friend but for some reason she doesn’t want to be mine. Every time I see her I try to be extra friendly and playful but she barks and growls, jumps up at me and tries to bite me round the neck. I have to admit, I find it kinda funny: she’s almost the same size as some of my chew toys so I can’t take it seriously. But Peggy’s owner was shouting at her, and then my mummy came rushing over, put me back on the lead and told me off too.

I’m fairly sure if we could just spend some time together, Peggy and I could be friends, but it seems like we’re not allowed. Its so not fair! And now mummy is angry with me too. I must remember to give her my best puppydog eyes when she gets home from work so she won’t be upset with me anymore.

new ball

My human mummy came home with a new ball for me:-)







But I kept loosing it, so my daddy lent me his glasses lol

Monday again!

What a busy weekend! I took my human parents to training on Saturday and saw my friends and we had a good play about, plus my humans learnt a few new things, so that was all good 🙂

Then on Sunday we went to dinner at my human daddy’s dam and step-sire’s. I played with my daddy’s cousin’s who are really young so we ran round playing ball, and later raced up and down the garden. Towards the end I got tired and only ran half way, then waited for them to catch up and followed them back. My mummy said I was cheating, but my daddy said I was clever and being strategic, whatever that means. But I was so tired when we got home, I flopped straight down on the carpet, and didn’t even wake up when my daddy left for work this morning.

I’m sad its monday now though. I wish it was always the weekend.


I’d like to take a moment to get a bit serious and talk about Lennox, a poor dog who’s been held in captivity for the past two years because he vaguely looks like a pit bull, which he’s not. More details about Lennox’s case can be found here

Anyway they are doing an ‘Each One, Reach One’ event this weekend, which basically asks everyone to spread the word about Lennox and their anti-BSL campaign. More details here:

I really hope that Lennox can be returned to his family. As weird as my humans can be, I wouldn’t be without them.

Thanks for reading.



Why is it that just when you get comfortable on the sofa watching TV and almost on the verge of sleep, humans decide you need to be brushed? I admit I do like to be brushed, when my fur gets loose it sometimes itches. My humans have a good comb that helps to get rid of the excess hair and I always feel better afterwards. But seriously, pick your moment people!

They also have a habit of dabbing me with this gooey liquid which I definitely do not like. Its cold and slimey. They say it stops me from getting fleas, but its so sticky and horrible I’m sure its more likely to attract them!

I don’t think I’ll ever understand humans, I just hope I can train these silly habits out of them!