the wrong treat

On Thursday I made a bit of a mistake – yes hard as it is to believe, it’s true. Although not entirely my fault. My humans went to work as usual and had left out what I thought was a treat. Well, when I say left out, it was in a place I had to reach for, which obviously was an attempt to engage my interest, make me use my initiative and ultimately think outside the box. All good skills to develop and I do enjoy a challenge:). So I stretched up on my front paws and used my nose to nudge the treat forward, and my teeth to finally catch it.

It turned out to be green and squishy, kinda like what I gather jelly to be like. It looked like this. I must admit, it didn’t taste of much, but sometimes you have to get to the middle to get to the good bit, so I kept chewing. I have to say it was quite unsatisfying as treats go, and it wasn’t long before I had an awful tummy ache. What were my humans thinking leaving me this??

It wasn’t till the next day that my humans started looking for something they called a sponge, apparently they use it to wash up their dishes (they are so lazy, why don’t they use their tongues?!) It turns out that it wasn’t a jelly treat that I ate, but in fact the sponge. Whoopsie. But I guess my insides are all nice and clean now!


2 Comments on “the wrong treat”

  1. The sponge! Love it. Thanks for the follow. These guys get into our hearts, don’t they? Nice work.

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